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Pot Pies

Hungry FDA Official Orders Massive Pot Pie Recall 04.02.08

The FDA is urging all Americans in possession of flaky, delicious pot pies to turn them in to FDA headquarters as soon as possible. more»

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Massa Insinuates He Was Forced Out

Young Woman

"It seems unfair that Republicans get to use public bathrooms for anonymous sex and Democrats just get berated in the shower by Rahm Emanuel."

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Pip Dawkins

Oi! The Americans 'ave Picked A President!

Well bless my 'eart and call me Cromwell! The yank election 'as come to an end at last. Isn't it wonderful? A new leader...

T. Herman Zweibel

The Cauldron Of History

It has been brought to my attention that another flag-bedecked, bunting-encrusted electoral pantechnicon has been brought...

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