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Voices of Young Life
I have never really had a relationship with God until I joined my local Young Life group. Thank you, Young Life! - John, Maryland

Keeping Kids Safe

The safety of kids is a priority in Young Life. Our staff and volunteer leaders know they are responsible for modeling lives of hope and integrity.
Young Life’s Human Resources department has developed missionwide policies and procedures to ensure that kids are protected when they are with Young Life staff and/or leaders as well as when kids are part of Young Life-sponsored activities.

Listed below are the standard practices Young Life employs to keep kids safe:
  • All Young Life staff and volunteer leaders go through a careful screening process that consists of an application, interview(s) and character references. Criminal background checks are completed on all staff and volunteers.

  • As part of the screening process, staff and volunteer leaders are given access to our Staff Resources Site to read Young Life’s Faith and Conduct Policies. The policies include Young Life’s:
  • The Faith and Conduct Policies are followed by an acknowledgment page where staff and volunteer leaders indicate they have read, believe in and agree to support the Statement of Faith and Mission Purpose Statement. This agreement also indicates they understand and agree to abide by the Misconduct, Sexual Harassment and Guidelines for Conflict Resolution policies.

  • Applicants also complete a Background Questionnaire in which staff and volunteer leaders must disclose, as permitted by state law, any criminal convictions, unlawful misconduct allegations regarding children or sexual misconduct as well as any dismissal or reprimand from a church, denomination or other religious organization because of sexual misconduct or inappropriate, immoral behavior.

  • Young Life is structured so that field staff and volunteer leaders all have trained supervisors.

  • The Human Resources department trains new Young Life field staff on maintaining appropriate boundaries in relationships with kids. The Human Resources department also trains area directors on how to screen and train their volunteer leaders.

Keeping Kids Safe at Camp

Young Life camping is a significant part of the mission of Young Life. Young Life’s priority for kids at camp is to keep them safe. Below are standard practices Young Life employs to take care of kids at camp:
  • All campers must submit a Health Form signed by their parent or guardian before arriving at camp.

  • Once at camp, no camper is allowed to leave the camp without written consent to leave from their parent or guardian. No one under the age of 21 can pick up a camper from camp.

  • Each camp has procedures and guidelines for visitors at camp.

  • All camps are staffed with at least one licensed medical professional. All of Young Life’s camps — with the exception of two — are 30 minutes or less from a hospital. Therefore, these two camps are staffed by two physicians and one emergency medical technician.

  • When a camper is at the infirmary, he or she is never privately examined. Any camper visiting the infirmary is accompanied by a Young Life staff person or volunteer leader for the entire duration of the examination.

  • Young Life staff assigned to serve at the camps during the summer receive comprehensive training for their roles at camp.

  • Work crew and summer staff, which are groups of high school and college students who volunteer to serve at the camp, complete a Background Questionnaire that requests the disclosure of misconduct. Criminal background checks are also run on those volunteers who are over the age of 18.

  • Each camp is equipped to execute general safety plans and crisis management plans when necessary.

  • The presence of between 100 and 150 caring adults on camp during any given week ensures that the activities of kids are closely monitored.