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Slash : A genre of Fanfiction that consists of same-sex (homosexual) relationships.

If you want more information on that, I strongly suggest you read the Fanfiction FAQ, as it would take far too much effort for me to explain.

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Man From Uncle


Stand Alone


Eternity in an Hour -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- There was a flavor to jealousy, a chemical reaction on the back of the tongue that was as unpleasant as biting into foil... NC-17

The Metamorphosis of Sexually Explicit Paper Cranes -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Paper cranes and sex. Dedicated to Sithdragn, the evil one who pimped me into MfU to begin with. NC-17

Mulch Ado About Illya -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Written for Barbana's birthday. NC-17

Call Me Sweetheart -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Budget cuts and the troubles they cause. NC-17

Practice Makes Perfect -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Partners need to make sure they keep up with their training. R

The Measure of Silence -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- A short fictlet concerning Illya and Napoleon's relationship. R

silent mahogany and blues -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Even in a cemetery, there was never silence. PG

Frozen -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- The Napoleon Curse strikes again.

Tell Me No Lies -- (Napoleon/Illya) -- Coffee, conversation, and please, please, don't tell me lies. NC-17

A Week of Sundays -- Seven Sundays that should have happened. NC-17

Coveting Luxury -- This is the ficlet for mrlnpndrgn. I was apparently in a weird mood and this is what happened. ;) NC-17

Presents -- Written for Sithdragn's birthday. NC-17






Shelved  -- Written for the Illya's past challenge.  PG

Picture Window -- Written for this challenge here. PG

Kaleidoscope -- Written for the 'red' challenge.  NC-17

Bitter Snow -- Written for the 'red' challenge. R

The Wall -- Written for the muncle #6 challenge here.  PG

In Stitches -- For the 'Black' challenge on muncle. So I'm a freak, so sue me. *G* NC-17

Beggars Would Ride -- Written for Challenge #21 on muncle -- Write the boys in their middle age, au, whatever.  PG



Disclaimer: These stories are fantasy and are not intended for any purpose but entertainment for the readers. Thank you. If you aren't sure what RPS is, I suggest you enjoy the wonder that is Wikipedia first. 


Letting Go series
(David M./Robert V.) Overall rating NC-17.

Just Friends

Missing Pieces

The Origin of Storms


Stand Alone

Chivalry -- (David M./Robert V.) -- based off a photo I saw of fans attacking David and Robert fighting them off. Hey, it was cuuute. ^_^ NC-17

Mags -- (David M./Robert V.)  -- based off another photo shoot, I'll link to them if I can find them. *G*