DS File Encryption Programs Comparison dsCrypt WildCrypt SureCrypt DSE
Cipher AES AES Rc4 AES
Mode CBC CBC (stream) CFB-128
Key Size 256 bits 256 bits up to 512 bits 256 bits
Key Type password or keyfile keyfile (with optional password) keyfile keyfile (1)
Max Target File Size 2GB theoretically (less on Win95), 100MB practically (5)(2) 2GB theoretically (less on Win95), 700MB practically (5) unlimited unlimited
Processing Speed fast with relatively small files (2) very fast with relatively small files always fast (4) always fast (4)
Multi-file Processing YES YES NO (3) NO (3)
Verified Data Processing YES (CRC+) NO YES (CRC) NO
User Interface GUI and CLI GUI GUI and CLI GUI and CLI
OS Compilation Windows Windows Windows, FreeBSD Windows, FreeBSD
Windows GUI File Size 25kB 22kB 9kB 18kB

(1) includes optional password-to-keyfile converter function
(2) 2GB practically and always fast with CLI version
(3) possible with CLI version
(4) the best performance is achieved when source and destination files are on physically separate drives
(5) depends on available RAM