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Taipei, Taiwan

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  • World's tallest building for five years

    Since 2004, Taipei 101 has been a significant feature of Taipei's skyline. 

    It held the title of the world's tallest building until January 2010, when Burj Khalifa assumed the title.

  • Services

    • Cladding wind loads
    • Structural wind loads
    • Emergency ventilation system for social plaza area of building
    • Design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of tuned mass dampers (TMD) for the building and its pinnacle
    • Design of monitoring system to provide ongoing assessment of the structure and TMDs
  • Benefits

    Wind Studies

    • Testing of various corner designs lead to saw tooth shape, which showed reduced crosswind oscillations for building
    • Detailed wind loading information contributed to optimized structural and cladding design
    • Need for supplementary damping was determined

    Ventilation Study

    • Confirmed adequacy of ventilation system for atrium

    Supplementary  Damping

    • Building Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) shown to control wind-induced lateral motions for occupant comfort
    • Pinnacle TMDs (two) shown to reduce cumulative fatigue damage to structure due to wind-induced motion
    • Monitoring System provides ongoing health assessment of the structure and the TMDs
  • Resources

    Project Profile: Taipai 101 - Motion