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East Palo Alto cop: Shoot a gun owner, get '2 weeks off!!!'

February 10, 8:20 AMGun Rights ExaminerDavid Codrea
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"And if one of them makes a furtive
movement ... 2 weeks off!!!"
Courtesy Oleg Volk, A Human Right

There's a disturbing, infuriating story in the Daily News about open carriers--or more accurately, about comments East Palo Alto police detective Rod Tuason allegedly made about them on his Facebook page:

"Sounds like you had someone practicing their 2nd amendment rights last night!" Tuason wrote. "Should've pulled the AR out and prone them all out! And if one of them makes a furtive movement ... 2 weeks off!!!"

Tuason even took the opportunity to ridicule the fact that "law-abiding" gun owners can't get concealed carry permits. From the screenshot on the "Oaklander" blog":

Haha that's when you attend one of their meetings and laugh at them cuz they can only dream to have a ccw...

We've seen the "Only One" attitude at its most ridiculous--I developed the meme in response to DEA agent Lee Paige: "I'm the only one in this room professional enough that I know of to carry this Glock .40," he told a roomful of school kids in an anti-gun/drug lecture, then proceeded to shoot himself in the foot trying to holster the weapon.

Now we see it manifest itself in police state elitism that's chilling--particularly the implication that a citizen breaking no laws can be murdered and the state perpetrator will be rewarded with paid time off. And the rest, who are intimidated into defenselessness, are to be laughed at and held in contempt by armed enforcers.

A poster claiming to be Tuason and using the screen name ".45shooter" is a regular at the CalGuns forum. He claims to be pro-gun and says he "should have chosen [his] words better...".

Yeah, no kidding, genius. I don't buy that he didn't let slip a state of mind that has been developed over years in an environment fostering the "us vs. them" divide." So much for "securing the blessings of Liberty".

I understand that many police work under conditions where wanting to go home at the end of their shift can be a real concern. I and my fellow gun owners would like to go home at the end of your shift too, fellas. And our lives are worth a hell of a lot more to ourselves, our families and our children than two weeks leave for you, followed by the standard declaration that official protocols were followed.

Nice job, detective. More of us than you know are disgusted and angered instead of cowed by your words. 

So thanks for the "2 weeks off!!!" slogan. What a useful tool for refuting the myth that creatures like you are the "only ones" we can trust with guns.

UPDATE: Dave Workman weighs in.


Bucking the Bradys in the Cowboy State

Cheyenne Gun Rights Examiner Anthony Bouchard updates his earlier piece about a Starbucks manager in Casper refusing service to open carriers:

A Starbucks Representative contacted me and said "there has not been any policy change and Starbucks follows the laws of the state and municipalities they are located in"

Click here to read more.

Bouchard also writes about a Firearms Freedom Act with teeth as an alternative to one without. He tells me in correspondence:

I have edited the article and included the assigned bill number and link, so it is official. They have already assigned the Miller bill to a committee so we are waiting to see what they do with ours.

Stay tuned.


Speaking of Starbucks...

I'll be talking about that story and more with host James B. Towle today on Trigger Sports Live!

The program starts at noon PST, and my segment has typically been starting around 20 after, but as always, I encourage you to watch the whole show.

Click here to do just that.


"No Sheriff Left Behind" tour update

Today's story shows the critical need for peace officers who understand the Constitution. Sheriff Richard Mack is someone who knows first-hand.

I talked about his Ohio tour the other day. I've since learned that Dayton will be replaced by Cincinnati. Here's an update from Ohio Liberty Council:

1. Tuesday, March 9 – Findlay, OH – sponsored by The Findlay 912 Project
2. Wednesday, March 10 – Columbus, OH – sponsored by Buckeye Firearms Foundation
3. Thursday, March 11 – Cincinnati, OH – sponsored by the Cincinnati 912 Project
4. Friday, March 12 – Marietta, OH – sponsored by The Marietta OH 9-12 Project
5. Saturday, March 13 – Akron, OH – sponsored by The Ohio Second Amendment Group

Click here to read more. I'll put out occasional updates as the time approaches.

For now I want to add that it's great seeing groups working together. My contact from the Ohio Second Amendment Group was concerned with my last announcement because she wanted to make sure all the appropriate people working hard to bring us this tour received credit. Those of us who have been involved in activism for some time have seen the alternative, where some groups want to hog all the credit for themselves. When you see folks concerned with sharing, it's a real indicator you're dealing with good people.

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