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Welcome to AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics

After the AHDS

Funding for the AHDS will end on the 31st March 2008. At this time, some of the services currently offered by AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics will cease. However, certain services will continue to be made available to users from the Oxford Text Archive (see below).

In the period until the end of March 2008, AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics will continue to offer its advisory and repository services to users. We will continue to accept resources for deposit in the archive. Users are encouraged to continue to get in touch to discuss the creation and use of resources, to discuss Technical Appendices of applications to the AHRC, and to negotiate the deposit of resources.

Long live the Oxford Text Archive!

AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics is hosted by the Oxford Text Archive, part of Oxford University Computing Services. The OTA has been in operation for more than 30 years, and will continue beyond the current funding period of the AHDS.

The Oxford Text Archive will continue to archive, preserve and distribute literary and linguistic resources. Building on our position within the University of Oxford, and our international standing, we look forward to a vigorous future in the expanding areas associated with digital resources and infrastructures.

From April 2008 the OTA will continue to preserve and make available the resources which have been deposited in the archive. However, for users outside of the University of Oxford, the services which will we now provide, such as advice on the creation and use of electronic resources, advice to applicants for research grants from the AHRC, British Academy and Leverhulme Trust, and the accession and preservation of new resources, will be subject to a charge.

We are happy to discuss costs for ongoing consultancy and data curation services with data developers. Please get in touch at

Extending the European Infrastructure - the CLARIN initiative

The Common Language Resources and Technology (CLARIN) initiative is committed to establishing an integrated and interoperable research infrastructure for language resources in Europe. The Oxford Text Archive is one of the leading organisations behind the inititiative. Martin Wynne, head of AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics, is one of the four co-ordinators organising the project, and co-ordinating the UK activities of this network. This initiative has been inspired by the success of the AHDS in the UK, and can be seen, in part, as an attempt to extend the AHDS framework to the European level. Funders and decision-makers in all European countries now see the importance of infrastructure and strategic planning for participation in advanced research involving electronic resources.

Research groups or academic departments who are involved in archiving or sharing language resources, or associated technologies, are welcome to get involved with the CLARIN initiative.

For more information on CLARIN, and other AHDS activities in the field of linguistics, please visit our linguistics webpages.

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