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Culture and art

On this page:

  • Provision of culture
  • Literature and film
  • Music, dance and theatre
  • Fine arts and Finnish design
  • Grants and awards for culture
  • Honorary titles and decorations
  • The flag and arms

Finnish visual art and cultural activities have a strong national identity. This is apparent from the comprehensive network of cultural institutions and their wide variety.

Finns take an active part in cultural events and in creating culture and art on an amateur basis. There is an abundance of culture on offer in Finland.

Local authorities are responsible for organising public cultural services and art education at the local level, but people are also active in creating culture in clubs, associations and organisations.

The planning of cultural policies comes within the Ministry of Education’s sphere or responsibility. The Ministry aims to provide favourable means for all forms of art and culture to thrive.

Provision of culture

Finnish cultural policies are marked by an emphasis on national cultural identity and the large number of cultural institutions. A wide range of cultural events is organised throughout the country.

The authorities' aim is to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience a diversity of high-quality culture.

  • Information about different forms of culture
    Descriptions of different forms of culture. The role of the state in promoting and supporting culture in Finland.
    Ministry of Education
  • European culture portal
    Cultural activities in European Union countries, funding and cultural cooperation.
    European Commission
  • Cultural events in Finland
    Finnish festivals arranged alphabetically, chronologically and by region and field of art.
    Finland Festivals
  • Equal access to culture
    The Culture For All -service offers access-related
    Finnish National Gallery
  • EU cultural events - Culture 2000
    Description of and application for the five-year Culture 2000 programme. Information on previous EU cultural programmes.
    CIMO Centre for International Mobility

Literature and film

The field of contemporary literature in Finland is dynamic. There is a high ratio of writers writing in both Finnish and Swedish, to the population as a whole. By international standards, people also read a lot in Finland.

Finnish film is unique in both subject matter and style. In recent years its popularity has increased in cinemas as well.

  • Finnish literature
    Information about Finnish literature, authors, translations and translation grants.
    Finnish Literature Information Centre
  • Finnish literature today
    Information about Finnish literature today, reading and the written culture in general.
    Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Modern finnish authors
    Information mainly about Finnish books, authors and publishers.
    Helsinki City Library
  • Agricola Jubilee Year 2007
    The Agricola Jubilee commemorates the 450th anniversary of the death of Mikael Agricola, the creator of the Finnish standard language and literature.
    University of Turku
  • Finnish Film Foundation
    Information on production support granted by the Foundation, new films from Finland, Finnish films at festivals and useful contact information.
    Finnish Film Foundation
  • Elonet - database of films screened in Finland
    Database of films and other visual programmes screened in Finland. Includes general facts and author data, screening data and inspection data for each film.
    Finnish Board of Film Classification

Music, dance and theatre

Many people take an active interest in music, and there are many organisations in the field. Children and adults all over the country are taught music in educational establishments dedicated to music.

Finland has an extensive network of theatres. The Finnish National Opera, the Finnish National Theatre, the Swedish-language theatre Svenska Teatern and the Tampere Workers' Theatre are all of special national importance.

High-quality theatre, dance and music are performed in many summer festivals all over the country.

  • Information centre for Finnish music
    Information about different musical genres and music publications, Finnish music news.
    Finnish Music Information Centre FIMIC
  • Sibelius Academy music resources
    Links to different music sites in Finland and abroad.
    Sibelius Academy
  • Finnish National Opera
    Information on opera and ballet performances in the Finnish National Opera.
    Finnish National Opera
  • Finnish orchestras
    Basic facts about Finnish orchestras: symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, concerts, repertoires, foreign tours and premiers.
    Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras
  • Concerts at the Sibelius Academy on the net
    Siba-TV features concerts at the Sibelius Academy. Watch and listen either live broadcasts or recorded performances.
    Sibelius Academy
  • Finnish dance
    Information about Finnish dance: performances, festivals and various dance events in Finland and abroad. Professional dance education and scholarships.
    Dance Info Finland
  • Theatre
    Information on the programmes of professional theatres. Addresses of theatres and theatre organisations in Finland and abroad, information about festivals and training.
    Finnish Theatre Information Centre TINFO

Fine arts and Finnish design

  • The art collections of the Finnish National Art Gallery
    The collections of the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum.
    Finnish National Gallery
  • History of Finnish design
    Finnish design from the end of the 19th century to this day. The collection includes information on significant artists and their works (for example Arabia, Iittala and Marimekko).
    Design museum
  • Finnish collector coins
    Listing of collector coins minted in Finland. Year, theme, material, face value, designer and mintage.
    Mint of Finland Ltd.

Grants and awards for culture

  • Grants and awards for arts and culture
    Information about annual grants and awards available from the Arts Council of Finland and the Central Arts Council, instructions on how to apply.
    Arts Council of Finland

Honorary titles and decorations

  • Honorary titles and decorations
    Citizens can be awarded honorary titles and decorations by the the President of the Republic. Information on the Title Board.
    Prime Minister's Office

The flag and arms

  • The flag, flying the Finnish flag and the arms
    The rules and regulations concerning the Finnish flag. Using the flag and arms in a trademark.
    Ministry of the Interior
  • History of the flag and arms
    Information about the history of the Finnish flag and arms. Decorations.
    Office of the President of the Republic of Finland

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