Dod, Lott

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    Galactic Senate, Trade Federation

From the Movies

Lott Dod was the Trade Federation representative in the Galactic Senate during the events of the siege of Naboo. A filibustering blowhard of a politician, Dod would use bureaucratic wrangling to further the Federation's aims and hinder the efforts of those who would expose their chicanery.

Despite testimony to the contrary from Naboo's representatives, Dod vehemently denied any wrongdoing on the part of the Trade Federation. He demanded that an independent commission be sent to Naboo to ascertain the veracity of Queen Amidala's claims. This stalling maneuver was seconded by the delegation from Malastare, and Valorum was set to accept the suggestion. Queen Amidala countered by calling for a Vote of No Confidence that removed Valorum from his post.

From the Expanded Universe

Despite his best efforts, Dod could not stop the Senate from placing stiff tariffs on outlying trade routes, an event that precipitated the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo.

Dod wore the deep purple robes of a Trade Federation official, complete with a lavender supreme representative mantle, and a pointed Neimoidian senatorial miter capped with a diplomatic ploov.

Behind the Scenes

Lott Dod's pointed miter first appeared in development sketches for Rune Haako's character. Like the other Neimoidians, Dod was first designed to resemble an organic version of the battle droids, suggesting that the Neimoidians crafted the droids in their own image. The Art Department instead redesigned the aliens to be realized by animatronic masks rather than by computer-generated imagery.

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