Not Your Average Software Company

At Baydin, we think the future of search is... not having to search.

Baydin has a different philosophy about how to build great collaboration software because we come from a different background than most software developers. The founders of Baydin were electrical engineers by training, so we understand the frustration that comes with software that won't get out of the damned way so we can get back to designing circuits.

That's why Baydin might feel a little different to you. We've tried very hard to streamline Baydin so that even though what it does is very complex, it feels very natural. We hope it saves you many hours of frustration.

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What's the name mean?

It's not just a made up word! Baydin means "foretelling the future through magic" in Burmese. Baydin feels very connected with the Burmese people - one founder is ethnically Burmese, and the other has spent the last 5+ years in a relationship with someone from Burma (though he still can't make mohinga right to save his life).

Baydin believes that improving education is the key to improving the lives of the Burmese. We will donate 5% of our profits (if we ever generate any!) to support educational efforts in Burma.

a beautiful picture of burma

Baydin is proud to be Boston-based

Baydin is proud to be part of the growing Cambridge/Boston Massachusetts startup ecosystem. Our participation in this exciting entrepreneurial community enables us to learn from and lean on companies around us that are also working hard to create great products. We can recommend services to sell video online, schedule email reminders for folks NOT on Outlook, scan and manage documents, find the highest-quality lessons, share interesting web content more easily and more!