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Policies that The Vegan Society would like Political Parties to Adopt

The Vegan Society have launched a Vegan Manifesto, with some key policies which we would like to see all political parties adopting. The policies which we propose would spread the benefits of veganism through improvements to product labelling, commercial and public catering, local government procurement, health services, medical research, agriculture, international development, education, information gathering and entertainment. If you support these policies, please ask our Media Officer, Amanda Baker: how you can help us to promote them.

Vegan Society Vegan Manifesto for All

  • Work towards better vegan catering in hospitals, schools, care homes, prisons and other publically run places under the terms of the Equality Act. This includes ensuring that local government is procuring vegan food for these establishments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help food security and ensure healthy diets.
  • Ensure animal-free medication and food supplements including infant formula are available as required by the Equality Act.
  • NVQ in catering to include section on catering for vegans.
  • Help the farming industry move towards stock-free, plant-based farming to reduce greenhouse gases and help global food security.
  • A legally accepted definition of the word vegan leading to better labelling.
  • A policy promoting sustainable plant-based diets in international development work.
  • Fund and develop alternatives to animal experiments.
  • The National Curriculum to include:
    • Consideration of different ethical approaches to human-nonhuman animal relations, including veganism and rights-based approaches.
    • Honest education about the consequences for nonhuman animal well-being involved in the production of meat, fish, eggs and dairy foods.
  • To end animal suffering in the name of sport or entertainment.
  • Add a dietary preference question to the next census.

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