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Memcached is an open-source client/server standard used to accelerate dynamic Web applications by caching data to reduce database load. However, traditional Memcached throughput is limited by memory capacity, multi-core scalability, and network bandwidth, and is a single point of failure.

Web services are becoming increasingly dependent on Memcached for performance and availability of mission-critical applications.

The Schooner Appliance for Memcached leverages Intel® multi-core processors, enterprise-class flash memory, and high-performance networking to achieve significantly higher throughput, capacity and availability. The result is up to 8x caching capacity improvement over traditional Memcached servers and a 90% reduction in downtime. Schooner appliances can replace ordinary servers at a ratio of up to 8:1, providing both immediate and ongoing cost savings. This consolidation drives up to a 60% reduction in overall TCO compared to traditional servers. The Schooner Appliance for Memcached can reduce unacceptable response times due to a significant increase in the required database access rate, which can consequently lead to cascading failures. The Schooner Appliance for Memcached provides a complete set of high-availability features to enable a consistent user experience through both planned and unplanned outages.


  • Designed to offer up to 8x caching capacity over traditional Memcached servers, replacing ordinary servers at a ratio of 8:1
  • Designed to be 100% compatible with existing Memcached applications and management tools
  • Instantaneous and transparent data persistence, replication and failover, and back-up and restore
  • Multiple containers, allowing separate Memcached domains on a single appliance
  • Cache mode or persistent key/value store mode for each container
  • RAID-5 for SSDs
  • Plug-and-play auto configuration
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