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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Meet Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a brave man, a USMC Vietnam vet, an American of Jewish ancestry and someone devoted to the security of the United States at any cost.   Ask any Jew what it takes to stand up against the most powerful and ruthless group in the world, the Israeli lobby inside the United States.


YouTube - Veterans Today -


Sabrosky has been calling for a new 9/11 investigation for some time.  What makes him unique is that we have a Jew who can hardly be called “self-hating” or “anti-Semitic” or against Israel.  He is consistent in everything he says.  His point is that you are an American or you are an Israeli but you can’t be both, especially now with Zionism turning Israeli foreign policy into a “runaway train.”  9/11, as Sabrosky sees it was the watershed in a relationship between America and Israel that has gone from bad to unsurviveable, especially for America.  He contents that AIPAC exercises near total control over the electoral process in America through the ability to outspend any other group and destroy anyone who stands against them.

The unwillingness of the US to stand with the international community on humanitarian and war crime issues where Israel is found in continual violation is, to Sabrosky, a critial issue.  In discussion the US and her lack of support for the Goldstone Report, Sabrosky says:

US criticism of the HRC resolution should be disregarded, as Washington only parrots Israel’s wishes here…

… it might have been better to have included Goldstone’s condemnation of Hamas offenses as well, but it is legitimate as it stands for five reasons: (1) Israel committed the great majority of the violations; (2) Israel had an overwhelming preponderance of military power; (3) Palestinians suffered almost all of the death and destruction; (4) Israel has a long, sordid history of ignoring UN commissions and resolutions, and of attacking UN facilities and killing UN staff, as when the clearly marked UNRWA facility in Gaza was bombed; and (5) the HRC focus is properly on the actions of the oppressor (Israel) and not on those of the oppressed (the Palestinians).

Another is that it did not accord Israel the right of self-defense. But Israel’s claim to self-defense in its savaging of Gaza is specious, because Israel — like all occupiers and oppressors — has no inherent right of self-defense against its victims. Who, for instance, would have accepted Nazi Germany’s assertion that its brutal reprisals against the Czechs for their assassination of a Nazi commander named Reinhard Heydrich was an exercise in self-defense? No one, and no one should accept Israel’s claim, either.

A third is that holding Israel accountable for its actions will somehow endanger the Middle East peace process. But there is no peace process, simply meaningless discussions to the dead end (for Palestinians and the rest of the region) of Israeli hegemony, and under Netanyahu or any electable government in Israel, there is not and cannot be one. There will be an enforced peace imposed from outside of the Middle East, over the objections and obstruction of Israel, or there will be none at all.


This is how Sabrosky describes the nature of Jewish nationalism as described within the term we call “Zionism”: 

The differences between Jewish nationalism (Zionism) and that of other countries and cultures here I think are fourfold:

1. Zionism is a real witches’ brew of xenophobia, racism, ultra-nationalism and militarism that places it way outside of a “mere” nationalist context — for example, when I was in Ireland (both parts) I saw no indication whatsoever that the Provisional Irish Republican Army or anyone else pressing for a united Ireland had a shred of design on shoving Protestants into camps or out of the country, although there may well have been a handful who thought that way — and goes far beyond the misery for others professed by the Nazis;

2. Zionism undermines civic loyalty among its adherents in other countries in a way that other nationalist movements (and even ultra-nationalist movements like Nazism) did not — e.g. a large majority of American Jews, including those who are not openly dual citizens, espouse a form of political bigamy called “dual loyalty” (to Israel and the US) that is every bit as dishonest as marital bigamy, attempts to finesse the precedence they give to Israel over the US (lots of Rahm Emanuels out there who served in the Israeli army but NOT in the US armed forces), and has absolutely no parallel in the sense of national or cultural identity espoused by any other definable ethnic or racial group in America — even the Nazi Bund in the US disappeared once Germany and the US went to war, with almost all of its members volunteering for the US armed forces;

3. The “enemy” of normal nationalist movements is the occupying power and perhaps its allies, and once independence is achieved, normal relations with the occupying power are truly the norm, but for Zionism almost everyone out there is an actual or potential enemy, differing only in proximity and placement on its very long list of enemies (which is now America’s target list); and

4. Almost all nationalist movements (including the irredentist and secessionist variants) intend to create an independent state from a population in place or to reunite a separated people (like the Sudeten Germans in the 1930s) — it is very rare for it to include the wholesale displacement of another indigenous population, which is far more common of successful colonialist movements as in the US — and perhaps a reason why most Americans wouldn’t care too much about what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians even if they DID know about it, is because that is no different than what Europeans in North America did to the Indians/Native Americans here in a longer and more low-tech fashion.

Sabrosky is one of the few Americans who sees the nuclear threat of Israel as it is, blackmailing the United States, not only in how it could be used to draw America into an unwanted war, but how it could actually be used at some point to attack the United States itself.  Only recently, Israel put Western Europe on notice that it would be attacked if its actions threatened Israel, attacked by nuclear weaons from Israel without warning.  Martin van Creveld’s threat combined with Sabrosky’s analysis of Israeli intentions and culpability for 9/11 brings to mind something Sabrosky had once written.

He has always seen Moshe Dyan as a hero.  Dyan saw Israel’s military role as that of a “junk yard dog,” ready to bite without warning, attack anything and anyone.  Sabrosky notes that, eventually such an animal is always put down or as he puts it,  ”the preferred response of everyone else is to kill that mad dog before it can decide to go berserk and bite.”


Sabrosky makes a case, not just for a coverup of 9/11 but goes much further.  He points out as do so many that the physics of the attack are unworkable.  He, however, is one of the few to point to a conclusion many find obvious but few have the nerve to admit, that it would have been impossible to stage 9/11 without the full resources of both the CIA and Mossad and that 9/11 served the interests of both agencies quite well.

There was nothing they could have wished for more.

Sabrosky also makes a point involving media coverage of 9/11:

Finally, we need to take a hard look at why the mainstream media (MSM) have paid more attention to Sarah Palin’s wardrobe than they have to dissecting blatant falsehoods, discrepancies and inconsistencies in the US Government’s treatment of 9/11 and its aftermath.


The inescapable point isnt the 60,000 Americans killed or wounded in a war started out of treason or the world it threatens to destroy.  Americans have been looking away from these glaring realities the way they looked away from Vietnam.  Sabrosky leaves Israel and her American Jewish supporters who he sees as traitors with a warning:

If these Americans and those like them ever fully understand just how much of their suffering — and the suffering we have inflicted on others — is properly laid on the doorsteps of Israel and its advocates in America, they will sweep aside those in politics, the press and the pulpits alike whose lies and disloyalty brought this about and concealed it from them. They may well leave Israel looking like Carthage after the Romans finished with it. It will be Israel’s own great fault.

Do we take Sabrosky seriously because he is a Marine or a Jew?  Do we wonder why the things he says reach so few?  Is American in a shooting war where our biggest enemy sits behind us, killing us off, robbing us blind and whispering gently in our ears how much they love us?

It would seem so.

YouTube - Veterans Today -



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  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for posting it. His video could get a lot of attention, including from military personnel due to Alan’s background. The popular informationclearinghouse.info website has this on its main page today: 9/11 – The US Military Knows Israel Did It By Dr Alan Sabrosky.

    The video is also being discussed at numerous forums and will probably spread to other websites. Hopefully former military personnel that know about the Israeli government 911 connection will be inspired to speak up about this very important issue.


    • Jeffrey Mead says:

      The question comes down to whether you believe Jewish Americans are loyal to America in the relationship with Israel or when push comes to shove their loyalty is to Israel. There is a legitimate fear of being left vulnerable if they choose Israel over America; however, Jewish people are a leading edge force in America so loyalty matters.

      • Gordon Duff says:


        It is an issue more of being misled, even in Israel, than disloyalty. Israel is killing the cow because it thinks it can get its milk from Russia, India and China when we are gone.


  3. Lese Majeste says:

    Is truth stranger than fiction?

    Joel C. Rosenberg is the New York Times best-selling author of The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Epicenter: How the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your World, with more than one million copies in print. He is also the founder and president of the Joshua Fund, a nonprofit charitable and educational organization that provides humanitarian relief for victims of war and terrorism in Israel and the Muslim world.

    As a communications strategist, Joel has worked with some of the world’s most influential leaders in business, politics, and media, including Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…

    The first page of his first novel-The Last Jihad-puts you inside the cockpit of a hijacked jet, coming in on a kamikaze attack into an American city, which leads to a war with Saddam Hussein over weapons of mass destruction. Yet it was written before 9/11, long before the actual war with Iraq. When published, The Last Jihad spent 11 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, reaching as high as #7. It raced up the USA Today and Publishers Weekly best-seller lists, hit #4 on the Wall Street Journal list, and hit #1 on Amazon.com.

    His second thriller-The Last Days-opens with the death of Yasser Arafat and a U.S. diplomatic convoy ambushed in Gaza. Six days before The Last Days was published in hardcover, a U.S. diplomatic convoy was ambushed in Gaza. Thirteen months later, Yasser Arafat died. The Last Days spent 4 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, hit #5 on the Denver Post list, and reached #8 on the Dallas Morning News list. Both books were optioned by a Hollywood producer.


    Wadda guy!

    Jerusalem Countdown: Christian Zionists and the New Israeli Government By Bill Berkowitz

    Three of the top Apocalypse-watchers of the Christian Right have big love for Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu.

    In early April of last year, at a conference in Jerusalem of American evangelicals organized by Pastor John Hagee, Benjamin Netanyahu told the audience that Israel had no better friends than America’s Christian Zionists. “This is a friendship of the heart, a friendship of common roots, and a friendship of common civilization,” Netanyahu said.

    Now, nearly a year later, with Netanyahu cobbling together a ruling coalition in Israel, three men of the US Christian Right, Pastor John Hagee, Michael D. Evans, and Joel C. Rosenberg—all of whom have had long-term associations with the prime minister-to-be—may feel like they’re about to be handed the keys to the Promised Land.

    All three have had bestselling books related to the Middle East and apocalyptic theology, have raised significant amounts of money for Israeli charities (although how much of that money reaches the poor and needy has been questioned), lobbied heavily in support of policies advanced by Israel’s right wing, and opposed The Road Map to Peace. To one degree or another, they are all leaders in the broad movement known as Christian Zionism, now estimated to be about 40 million strong.


    “Gimme that old time religion, that old time religion, the one that says we gotta nuke Muzzies, that’s for me!!”

  4. Tom Dillman says:

    Hi G. Compelling. But have the dots actually been connected, or is it all ‘heresay’ by true believers. Anyway, thanks for the post.

    Tom D. Army Vet, Houston.

  5. Rex Carlson says:


    Thanks for following this story.

    Outing Zionism is a singular objective.

    Tom D.: A few places to start:

    1. “Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!”

    (This began as a post on The Info Underground on May 2009, yet the comments plus added material goes straight through today: March 19, 2010)

    2. “Complete 911 Timeline: Israel” at History Commons

    3. Google search “Israel did 911″ (19,100,000 hits! today)

  6. Rex Carlson says:


    I forgot one.

    The following is an EXCELLENT – and now classic – video on the subject.

    It’s WELL worth watching!!



  7. Mel says:

    Amazing interview and amazing writeup, Mr Duff!

    Thank you!

  8. Thank you “Veterans Today” and thank you Mr. Duff for a very fine article Dr.Sabrosky is a great American. He tells it like it is the Veterans and many in uniform today will get the truth out about the MURDER of my mates on USS LIBERTY June 8 1967 by Israel and 911 will shake America to it”s core when the truth be told.
    Thank all of you for your service I am proud to be part of our Love of country.
    Phillip F Tourney
    Three Time President Liberty Veterans

    • Azeddine says:

      When disaster fell upon the USS LIBERTY and its crew, attacked by the Israeli Air Force and Navy, killing 34 Americans and wounding 134, including the Captain, I was only 23 years old and I remember that the matter was discussed among my fellow students at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Nobody could understand the lack of response from the USA. McNamara was then the US Defense Secretary… The coverage of the issue in the Danish newspapers was very sparse (Recently we discovered that the Head of the News Department of ‘POLITIKEN’ during many years, HERBERT PUNDIK, was up to 1970 an Israeli mole-agent planted in the biggest Danish newspaper.
      As a man who loves the sea and sailing, I sought more information about the incident and since then I have been collecting everything I can find to better understand WHY the Government of the USA accepted first got a denial and later an apology, but no sanctions have been ever taken against the murderers…
      Today I know better: The Zion-Talmudists rule America and they have done so since they were allowed to own the Federal Reserve and to print ALL the money they want, not supported by any tangible assets, in order to bribe politicians and buy their silence to the point that a Rogue State (Israel) and its agents now can operate at will on American soil, are represented in Congress-Senate and have moles positioned in every institution or agency, even the staff of the president Obama (Rahm Emanuel and others) shaping domestic and foreign policy, manipulating public opinion, collaborating with the Criminal State of Israel against the interests of the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE and funneling the US taxpayer’s hard earned money to the Zionist State, on top of carrying False Flag Operations, killing innocent Americans, right in the USA and benefiting from government cover-up. One might rightly ask: Who rules America and the world? Is the USA a sovereign Nation anymore or is it an appendix of Israel?

  9. vietnam vet says:

    I would have liked to have heard some in depth questions to Sabrosky, but most of the time was wasted by the interviewers having a circle jerk. What a waste!

    • michael mazur says:

      `vietnam vet` would be a sayan doing hasbara work, being outwardly American with an assumed Vietnam war service attempting to sow dissension and despondency from within for Israel.

  10. stevor says:

    I’m still waiting for Obummer to “change” from the path that Bush and most previous presidents were doing. What are odds? (I wonder which side Goldman Sachs is betting on/against)

    • Dan says:

      Perceptive point, watching Goldman Sachs’ preemptive actions based on inside geopolitical information. To claim it would be otherwise is incomprehensibly ignorant and cowardly.

  11. Mark Glenn says:

    Thank you Mr. Duff for running the piece featuring the interview conducted by USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney and me with Dr. Sabrosky. To say Dr. S is a great American is an understatement, as well as ALL the vets of this nation who are trying to save what is left of our great country.

    As far as the poster before me saying the interview was “ruined” by my co-host and me “wasting time,” I don’t know what he is complaining about, to be honest. Out of the 10,000 emails I have received in the wake of the interview, there has not been even ONE that had anything but praise for it.

    I guess the lesson is that you can’t please them all, there will always be one rotten apple in the barrel.


    • Gordon Duff says:


      We get some angry people both reading and posting here. I only start deleting them when they are offensive or discussions become a real “circle jerk.” We are curing alot of ignorance. At some point, I would like to see the USS Liberty survivors invited to Israel to discuss what happened. Oddly, I could probably get a network to film it.


  12. Mr. Vietnam Vet Calling the Murder of my Mates a CIRCLE JERK is way out of line. If you want more information it is very easy to find go to USSLIBERTY.WORDPRESS.COM Perhaps you also served in the IDF that makes your comment more on line with your country being Israel not the USA lot of you guys around.
    Phillip F Tourney
    Combat Wounded Vitenam Veteran

  13. Daniel says:

    Here is a link you might want to read.


  14. Wendel Watt says:

    “All 9/11 potential witnesses should start making information sharing home videos and stash copies with relatives and friends with the instruction to mail to specific news outlets and webmasters (preferably) should the potential witness be demised by an untimely ‘accident’ or ’suicide’. Then let the perps know that you have made this video. Just a simple life-assurance policy.”
    – Taken almost verbation from another patriot’s post at another forum.

  15. alllie says:

    What this leaves out is that it was done with the knowledge and cooperation of the American President, Vice-President, Sec of Defense, and CIA Director. They used Israeli assets because they knew they wouldn’t be able to find enough American who would do it and keep their mouths shut. But it wasn’t treason for an Israeli. Since Bush and Cheney knew, Israel was just our agent. While I want us to divorce Israel I think our anger should be aimed at the American officials who were involved.

    • Nelson_2008 says:

      Although it’s really no excuse, some of the people involved may not have known the whole story.

      For example, Bush himself may not have known that the whole thing was orchestrated by Israel. Bush may have been told that Israeli intelligence happened to discover an Arab plot to fly hijacked jets into the WTC, and his job was to let it happen, and subsequently prevent any serious investigation into it, lest they all be discovered to have “let it happen”…as it would be better in the long run for both Israel and the U.S. to then go after the “terrorists” and the “countries that support them” blah blah blah.

      Thus Bush may not have known that any Arabs involved (if there actually were any in the first place), were patsies, and that the planes were electronically guided into their targets.

      • alllie says:

        Since when could the the Arab patsies or even the Israelis stand down NORAD?

        • Nelson_2008 says:

          I didn’t imply that they did.

          As I said, the involvement of team Bush was most likely to “let it happen”; and by that I was obviously referring to the facilitation of the attacks by standing down defenses, assisting in the cover-up, etc.

          In any case, you are disagreeing with Dr. Sabrosky. You are saying that 9/11 was planned or “Masterminded” by team Bush, and Israel was merely acting as an “agent”.

          That assertion simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. That seems to be standard position of the Zionist gatekeepers; e.g., Noam Chomsky; every evil thing that Israel does is somehow somebody else’s fault.

          You state: “I think our anger should be aimed at the American officials who were involved.”

          Sorry to rain on your parade, but since team Bush and team Obama themselves are products of our completely-Zionist-controlled political process here in the U.S., there really are no “American officials” involved. For purposes of 9/11 culpability, Bush and Obama are Zionist agents, put in power by the “people” who masterminded 9/11.

          • alllie says:

            Naw, if you hire someone to murder your wife and are caught, you will both go to jail, but you will get the heavier sentence. So, even though Israel, I believe, was involved, it was involved with the approval of a few (very few) American officials at the highest level.

            The Israelis involved betrayed our friendship and I’d like to repudiate that friendship but I don’t want to kill all Israelis! Though those involved should be tried for the crime of murder.

            Hundreds of American Jews died on 911 and the Israel government no more cared about them than Bush and Cheney cared about them or about any other Americans killed. The people involved should be punished, not those who knew nothing about it and would be, will be, horrified when it comes out that parts of their government were involved.

            I don’t blame innocents for the acts of the guilty just because they live in the same country.

    • kiboshon says:

      >unable to find enough American who would do it and keep their mouths shut.

      of course. But most importantly it had to be done by someone who could not be subpoenaed.

  16. Ty Davis says:

    God Bless You Gordon.

    You are a TRUE Patriotic American.

    • Gordon Duff says:


      I am only a real combat vet. I am told you have to be a highly paid stooge of an unfriendly foreign government to be a true patriot. I may hold off on assuming that title then and stick with “stupid veteran.”


  17. Rex Carlson says:


    I was finally able to locate a revealing clip (3.5 minutes) that I was looking for for you. While not funny at ALL, due to the seriousness of the topic, it is pretty entertaining.


  18. wixif says:

    This is an amazing interview. I attended a talk by Liberty survivors at a library in Rockland County, NY about 2 years ago. I was appalled by the response of the Jewish members in the audience. It was definitely another attack, this time on the Liberty survivors. I tried to signal a double “thumbs up” to them while the Jews were yelling at them. There was no way to “outscream” the ugliness being hurled. On behalf of those who attended the talk, my apologies and a wish for you to have the strength to keep up the good work.

    I have another question, which I seem unable to find the answer. Has anyone heard of A.C. Griffith? He was interviewed by the “Power Hour,” available on youtube. He’s former intelligence (NSA?), and was warning about EMF weapons. He stated the Russians have developed EMF weapons which could destroy the U.S., and that Israel was able to block EMF attacks. At one point, he said “Thank heavens for Israel.” My question is: is this true? I know EMF weapons are real (see HAARP, Russian Woodpecker, Tesla), but how true is it that Israel, and not the U.S., has the technology to stop it? I’ve seen way too many ugly statements by Israeli elites about how they control the U.S., and always wondered how they got away with their murderous agenda. If this EMF technology story is correct, and it’s a big IF, is this why Israel has such power over America.

    Sorry for the long comment, but these interviews evoked a lot of thought.

  19. Soap Box says:

    The ultimate distracter.

  20. Jack Rabbit says:

    For those questioning the facts – and calling people “true believers” – perhaps a bit of study will help you to make up your own mind. Hard work has been done – by American citizens – when their own government – specifically the FBI – refused to do the same analysis on the evidence from the crime scene.

    Check out this slideshow from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and be educated so you will know that the sophistication involved in this crime has to point directly to the perps:


  21. Nelson_2008 says:

    I hope this can get some international traction. The U.S. government needs to be confronted about 9/11 in the international arena BEFORE our Masters get a chance to start WW3.

  22. Nelson_2008 says:

    When you think about it, Barack Obama seems to be in a very unique position.

    It seems he could either go down in History as possibly the greatest American that ever lived, by launching a real investigation into 9/11 and taking the necessary steps to round up the traitors and stop this Zionist madness before it ends the world as we know it, or to go down in History as the traitor that could’ve saved America and the world, but instead sold out to the Madmen and let everything go to hell.

    I don’t think there will be any middle ground for Obama.

    • Soap Box says:

      Obama a passenger in the bus

    • Brian says:

      Obama is controlled by Zionists and the Israeli government. The Zionists lurking in his administration won’t allow a 911 investigation.

      G. J. Neuberger on Zionism:

      One most vital point deserves mention. A former president of the World Zionist Organization has stated explicitly that a Zionist owes unqualified loyalty to the Zionist state and that, in the case of a conflict, the first loyalty of a Zionist must be to the Zionist state. According to Jewish law, however, a Jew owes allegiance and loyalty to the country of which he is a citizen, and, of course, no faithful Jews owes any loyalty or allegiance to the Zionist state which has been condemned by the foremost rabbis of our age.

      Let me state also that the battle against Zionism must be waged first, not on the shores of the Mediterranean, but in Zionism’s most powerful bastion the USA.

      In the long run Zionism is nothing but a passing aberration in the long history of the Jewish people and of the world.


      Is Rahm Emanuel and other highly placed Zionists in our government loyal to Israel?
      Rahm Emanuel joined the Israeli army but not the US Army.

      • Nelson_2008 says:

        I agree with you that Obama is a Zionist agent, just like Bush was.

        Sometimes I wonder though, if the puppets ever “daydream” about doing the right thing, i.e.,. acting independently, in a morally proper way, even for purely selfish reasons.

        At some level he must realize that it’s within the power of his office to save what’s left of the U.S. He could cut off aid to Israel tomorrow, announce an investigation into 9/11, and start rounding up traitors, etc. In doing that, he’d probably become the most popular American President of all time. Then, he’d have real power…and he wouldn’t have to sell out his country to madmen to get it.

        • Brian says:

          I agree.

          When it comes to the Israeli Lobby Obama is probaly thinking about the next election:

          Thanks in part to the influence Jewish voters have on presidential elections, the Lobby also has significant leverage over the executive branch. Although they make up fewer than 3 per cent of the population, they make large campaign donations to candidates from both parties. The Washington Post once estimated that Democratic presidential candidates ‘depend on Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 per cent of the money’.


  23. Girlfriend of A Vet says:

    Kudos to Dr.Sabrosky for his whistleblowing courage!

    Kudos to Gordon Duff as well for posting this.

    This video needs to go viral. Everyone needs to circulate this far and wide, to family to friends and to other blogs, even the mainstream media!

    Poster Allie makes a very good point: What this leaves out is that it was done with the knowledge and cooperation of the American President, Vice-President, Sec of Defense, and CIA Director. They used Israeli assets because they knew they wouldn’t be able to find enough American who would do it and keep their mouths shut. But it wasn’t treason for an Israeli. Since Bush and Cheney knew, Israel was just our agent. While I want us to divorce Israel I think our anger should be aimed at the American officials who were involved.

    And we need to show our anger to the Obama administration, complicit by their silence and unwillingness to launch any meaningful investigations.

    Bush and the traitors in his administration should be hung by the balls…

    9/11 has US government complicity written all over it, especially given the strong neocon presence in the Bush Administration, the ties to the Carlyle Group, Saudi connection…

    God Bless the men from the USS Liberty!

  24. kiboshon says:

    Dr. Alan Sabrosky is wrong on the NAZIs. There were 2 criteria Germans used to test as to who is a Jew and who isn’t. The first was a list of Jews, members of Jewish ethnic organizations, provided voluntarily to the Germans by Judenrat (Jewish council). Possibly, because they never heard of “Mein Kampf”, nor did they want to give up control over 200k+ adherents. The other was circumcision.

    The reason most of the educated Jews survived was because they were NOT members of Jewish ethnic/religious organizations, such as Bund, synagogue, etc…

    So, as long as Sabrosky kept his name off member lists of Jewish organizations he would NOT have had to wear a yellow armband. His genealogy was irrelevant to the Germans as long as he kept it to himself.

    • Gordon Duff says:

      Always wonderered about Europa….circumcision wasn’t that unusual among germans either

      odd premise


      • kiboshon says:

        Circumcision among Gentiles in Europe was and is an absolute NO, NO. Ever since St. Paul (Saul) it was considered barbaric by the Greeks first, then North Europeans. Europa Europa (1990) by Agnieszka Holland is the proof of that. Anyone circumcised had to go underground or be taken for an Arab or a Jew.

  25. Gordon Duff says:


    You do realize you have gone much further than any holocaust denialist. Your comment is offense.


    • kiboshon says:

      Well Victor, sorry to break it to you, but you’ve never heard of Juderat. Try an excellent novel called “The Wall” by John Hersey. Here is an account of what power hungry Jews do to brain washed Jews. And, it was written by a philo-semite in 1947, just before Jewish whitewash took hold.


    • michael mazur says:

      Holocaust Denialist, Gordon ? When people are not prosecuted and jailed for 5yrs at a time there won’t be anyone bothering with that term anymore because open televised discussion by all who have a interest in the holocausts of that period will prove that the Exterminationists have fabricated everything to the point that not even 1% of the Official Holocaust Number is true.

      • Gordon Duff says:


        I have maps of the camps and subcamps. I spend a few days a year finding what is left in obscure areas others ignore. What I suggested to someone yesterday was to get the diaries of Victor Klemperer, a Jew married to a German woman who spent the war in Germany. His status was special due to his marriage but his description of day to day live in Nazi Germany is sobering.

        Truth has to be the goal, not an agenda. The number is not important, not really. Anyone using the holocaust to justify criminal acts, if this is being done, needs a smackdown. I also hear the talk about Jews and money but see kids killed, taxi drivers…and it is all insane. It would be better if all those who died were included and the lesson be peace and respect for life rather than games.

        There is no good place to go with holocaust denial. Restoring history is a must but it won’t alter the crimes. Are the old victims becoming the new criminals? Is victimhood leading to criminality? This is what we need to ask ourselves but nothing will happen unless everyone is prepared to listen.

        We have lost our way. We have forgotten the value of human life again.


      • kiboshon says:


        One doesn’t have to analyze the numbers to have doubts. It would be enough to ask how on earth is it possible to round up a quarter of a million Jews in few months and lock them up in a walled ghetto?

        For the sake of mental experiment assume that the Mexican Army invaded California and occupied the city of San Diego. Next, this foreign army in a couple of months figured out, all by themselves, who is a Jew and who is not. Then, without a hick-up moved 200k people from all over San Diego to Clairemont and then build a wall around it. I’m not saying it is impossible, I’m asking how can it be done.

  26. Soap Box says:

    The path we need to pursue is crystallizing, thanks to people with gutzpa & dedicated commitment to honor and truth, no matter what the price.
    They serve as example for us all.
    Thanks G.

  27. MK says:

    Dear Gordon,

    Thank you for posting this article. For those who don’t want to believe that the Bushes (one and all) knew about what happened on 9/11, go search for the Novaheid laws passed under Bush Sr.

    There are many voices speaking out on this subject now. This may be stunning to Americans, but the Europeans have known since about 2002 that the entire event was fabricated. Many members of European intelligence spoke out right after 9/11 and revealed that they WARNED Bush in person that there was an event planned. There were a number of books including one by an American general that revealed that many people in the military-intelligence services believed that 9/11 was engineered and that the source had something to do with the Israeli art students arrested for dancing shortly after the towers collapsed.

    Those of you who are paid to post disinfo, know this…the money is running out. The Germans just discovered that they got some of those fake gold bars just like the Chinese. The guy who was paid to falsify the vaccination studies that proved that “mercury” was not harmful has disappeared with $2million dollars. Studies of the deaths in Japan related to the swine flu and vaccination campaign have concluded that the vaccine caused more deaths than the virus. Tests performed on exudate from “chemtrails” (persistent contrails) has determined that the 7 viruses and heavy metals found in them appear to be created to cause genetic damage. What does all this signify? That the game is up. Disinfo people will be the first to lose their jobs, because if the people are skeptical, your jobs are immediately obsoleted. Next, you will be held out to us as the “cause” of the problems not merely the spin masters. If I were you, I would be running as fast as possible as you aren’t going to be included in any long range plans.

    For those who have served and are loyal to this country, it is time to stop the insanity. We cannot let the destruction of this country continue. Right now, people who fight, who grow food, who make the things that have made our lives easier are suffering from poverty and want. Those who produce no food, make no goods, provide few jobs and are, generally speaking, parasites who create wars to make money from their weapons companies HAVE ALL THE MONEY. What is wrong with this picture? Why should all the money go to those who do nothing more than figure out how to cheat others? It is not just wrong, it is a strategy that will doom the world.

    The people who provide safety, food, housing and loving care to others are the ones that we should be treasuring and rewarding…not those who create shortages, war and misery. Think about it.


  28. WD says:

    where’d the top video go?

    • Gordon Duff says:

      They ended up being the same…


      • Tony says:

        While people explore these facts and possibilities, I ask for rationality and care. Many things seem to be jumbled together on these posts. First off, to think Israel is running the USA instead of there being a mutual collaboration between the elite of all countries and corporations is potentially juvenile thinking. For example, President Johnson refused to let commanders strike back during the attack on the Liberty. Why is this left out completely? And who has benefited the most via 9-11? I’d say the US military industrial interests and the BushBlaming Israel for everything once again is a very high price for them to risk; and this is not even discussed here. The all powerful conniving Jew is an image that has never gone away and is very close to the surface in many minds. Saying Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld are all pawns to a small club from Tel Aviv muddies the larger picture of a class of elite that cares more about their summer parties in the Hamptons and finding a cure for death (their own aging) than it does for the rest of “us.”

        • Nelson_2008 says:

          Thanks for sharing your carefully considered opinion. Now you’d better get back to your Talmudic studies.

        • Gordon Duff says:

          This would be valid and should be were we living in a rational universe. I suggest you look at http://www.criminalstate.com. Jeff has done an excellent job of addressing your question. Yes, it takes a “non juvenile” approach to solve any problem. With no accurate information to work with because of a controlled press, you may find you are at step 1 in that process.

    • Gordon Duff says:

      it was removed by youtube at the request of….our israeli friends…replaced now

  29. D Costa says:

    Thank you Dr Alan Sabrosky for telling the world the truth as the truth should be told which requires outstanding honesty and courage. You are a true hero that we all can be proud of and God bless you. Your credentials and who you are have been a great asset. I thank God for you.

    I also like to recognize other truth tellers and say thank you all: Michael Collins Piper, Mark Glenn, Victor Thorn, Phil Tourney. The books you have written are excellent. Phil Tourney and other USS Liberty survivors I thank God for you for it was a miracle that you survived which enabled you to tell us your story. Gordon Duff thank you for writing this article.

    It is time to get rid of America’s foremost enemy and parasite: Israel and apologise to our troops, their families and to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and bring our troops home. It is also time to get rid of all politicians that pander to Israel after being bribed by AIPAC and to boycott people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and other warmongers.

    We have to say enough is enough to all false flag operators, liars, deceivers, traitors and criminals that are destroying the country we love.

  30. reamonnk says:

    The video featured in your article was edited by me and posted on my youtube channel reamonnk@youtube. Youtube has pulled the video for “inappropriate content”

    Fortunately other people copied this vid and uploaded it. Here is a copy that you can post in your article.


    Thank you for writing this important article.

  31. Azeddine says:

    Surfing the web, I found this interesting article (courtesy http://www.the7thfire.com/9-11/Pastore_Investigation_of_%209-11/chapter_7–Zionist_power_structure_in_America.htm):
    NOTICE: Please Read!
    by: Dr. Albert D. Pastore PhD.
    Now that we have established the ruthless and criminal nature of radical Zionism, one more lesson needs to be understood before we return to the five dancing Israelis of 9-11 and other related stories. Even the Zionists themselves have never denied that they have long exerted great influence in America. But what we must understand is that the Zionists do not merely influence United States policy….they dominate it! It is this domination that enables them to pull off monstrous crimes and then conceal them from the general public.

    The observation that Zionists dominate the American media, government, academia, and Hollywood has been made by many prominent Americans and is easily verifiable by public information.

    HENRY FORDHenry Ford said this:
    “If after having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of “scandals” and “investigations” and “impeachments” for the removal of the disobedient. Usually a man with a “past” proves the most obedient instrument, but even a good man can often be tangled up in campaign practices that compromise him. It has been commonly known that Jewish manipulation of American election campaigns have been so skillfully handled, that no matter which candidate was elected, there was ready made a sufficient amount of evidence to discredit him in case his Jewish masters needed to discredit him.” (1)

    Charles Lindbergh said this:
    “Their greatest danger to this country lies in the Jewish ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.” (2)

    ADMIRAL MOORER Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan said this:
    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” (emphasis added) (3)

    While a guest on ABC’s Face the Nation, William Fulbright – US Senator and Chairman of the US Foreign Relations committee – once said this before a national audience:
    “Israel controls the United States Senate. We should be more concerned about the United States’ interests.” (emphasis added) (4)

    Nationally syndicated columnist and former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan said: PAT BUCHANAN
    “The United States Congress is Israeli occupied territory.” (5)

    And US religious leader Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon once had the following exchange, which was caught on tape:
    GRAHAM: The Jewish stranglehold on the media has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain”.
    NIXON: “You believe that?”
    GRAHAM: “Yes, sir.”
    NIXON: “Oh boy. So do I. I can’t ever say that but I do believe it” (emphasis added) (6)

    More recently, U.S. Brigadier General James J. David (Ret.), in an article entitled “A Passionate Attachment to Israel”, wrote:
    “Is there any criminal act that Israel can do without being protected from criticism from the United States? If there is I haven’t seen it. And I haven’t seen it from the Bush Administration or from the Clinton Administration or from any administration before them. But when you consider the influence of Israel’s lobby and its political action committees and the more than $41 million they’ve given to Congress and the White House, is it any wonder Israel is shielded from any shame?

    For more than 54 years the Israelis have committed acts that no other nation would dare get away with. But even here in America, where it is not yet illegal to publicly ask the wrong questions, any public figure that does so is subjected to smears, intimidation, and the attempted destruction of his career and reputation by Jewish organizations and by the very cooperative news media.” (7) (emphasis added)

    But enough of quoting others. Let’s look at the facts of Zionist control.

    MEDIA: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, UPN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, Time Magazine, Newsweek, People Magazine, US News and World Report and countless other media and Hollywood companies all have either a Zionist CEO, or a Zionist News President, or are owned by a media conglomerate which has a Zionist CEO. (8) Have you ever noticed how Hollywood movies always seem to portray Germans and Arabs as a bigoted fanatics or terrorists? Now you know why!

    GOVERNMENT: AIPAC (the Israeli lobbying organization), and the ADL are the most feared political pressure groups in Washington DC. Also carrying heavy political clout are well funded and well organized Zionist groups such as JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), ZOA (Zionist Organization of America), and AJC (American Jewish Congress.) By their own admission, these groups are capable of unseating Congressmen and Senators that do not carry out their requests. The majority of Congressmen from both political parties receive large donations from AIPAC. Writing for the Nation Magazine, journalist Michael Massing explains:

    “AIPAC is widely regarded as the most powerful foreign-policy lobby in Washington. Its 60,000 members shower millions of dollars on hundreds of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. Newspapers like the New York Times fear the Jewish lobby organizations as well. “It’s very intimidating,” said a correspondent at another large daily. “The pressure from these groups is relentless.” (9)

    PERLEPENTAGON: The Pentagon is under the control of a hard core group of Zionist moles led by the maniacal Richard Perle”. (Unquote)

    As you can see the problem is age old and the hold of the Zion-Talmudists on the USA is an all encompassing fact (Media-Money-Politics-Government). The Zion-Talmudists(Zionist Jews-Christians-Atheists –and even Muslims, whose money is managed by the Outfit–), methodically are given to applying the Talmudic Laws to the rest of the World, with the aim of ruling-enslaving all GOYIM world wide. They are outspoken very active and work untiringly toward implementing One World Government. Do not confound The Zion-Talmudists with what I call “The Authentic Jews”, who might be religious or not and do want to integrate to the country where they live-make a living and give the Criminal State of Israel a wide berth. The Outfit, managed from Israel has an intricate web of ONG’s and channels, it uses to remind the Authentic Jews that “first they are members of a Tribe with its Head Quarter in Israel and that they should never forget that”, making life miserable for them and using gangster methods to bully them and even ruin their professional and social life, through vicious Media campaigns, apartheid and even murder, if they get out of the laid line and become a REAL threat to the Zion-Talmudists interests.

  32. Nelson_2008 says:

    Here’s an intresting example of an Israel-first Jewish-American Sayanim who makes good in the U.S., and then, on 9/11/2001, somehow gets himself on national TV, introduced as something he’s not, makes a solid effort to deceive the American sheeple about the collapses of the WTC towers, and then flees (i.e., makes “aliyah”) to Israel.


  33. omop says:

    The one comment that deserves if not demands further investigation refers to the implication that (US)”military brass” is now convinced that Israel’s Mossad did 9/11.

    Which US Government agency will undertake to investigate, ie, the Justice Department, the CIA, and/or a commission.?

    This “criminal act” has cost the US billions of dollarsneedless wars, as well as the deaths, as well as the crippling for life of thousands of Americans.

  34. Tom says:

    I hope they don’t try to discredit him by fabricating a sex scandal or other allegations.
    Funny how the US government has shut the 911 chapter very fast and moved to Iraq then now Iran.
    Who is benefiting ? U.S. economy ? US. Soldiers or their families ? US. world reputation ?
    U.S health system ?
    we spent so much money on the wars that we were manipulated in to and on Israel, which we could have used to have the best healthcare system in the world, save our economy and industry.
    Where do we stand now ?
    Who benefited from the manipulation of the american people ?
    ISRAEL !

  35. booglede says:

    a great article as usual. vets are doing a great job trying to tackle the the ‘untouchables’ of us. carry on to restore us to her right credibility/image by informing the citizens about what is pulling down their America!


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