Cambrian rabbit falsifies evolution

The discovery of a fossilised rabbit in the Burgess Shale may demolish one of the pillars of modern science, the theory of evolution. The late J. B. S. Haldane famously said that all it would take to falsify evolution is a single Cambrian rabbit fossil, and that is exactly what has been uncovered by paleontologist Dr Wilfred Splenebyrst of the London School of Ergonomics.

“I checked and double-checked the dating, and then checked it again with three independent labs,” said Dr Splenebyrst. “There really is no doubt. This is a 520-million year old rabbit fossil.”

The new fossil, Paleohyrax reprobae, differs from modern rabbits in a number of subtle anatomical ways, lending weight to it being truly a new species from the Cambrian era. “This is definitely not a modern rabbit,” said Dr Splenebyrst. “It was about half the size and may even have been carnivorous. It appears to have been foraging for trilobites in the ancient tidal pools.”

Due to its profound impact, the scientific paper has been released by Nature ahead of next week’s official publication. In a related story, the journal Nature will be renamed Realm from the next volume.

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» Fossil Rabbit said: { Sep 9, 2007 - 01:09:19 }

Haldane said “Pre-Cambrian” you knucklehead.

» Chris Lawson said: { Sep 9, 2007 - 02:09:49 }

Knucklehead yourself. There are many variations of Haldane’s quote online, some referring to the pre-Cambrian and some referring to the Cambrian (including from John Maynard Smith quoting Haldane from his own experience). Any reliable references to Haldane’s original words would be appreciated. It does, of course, make a *huge* difference to the argument at hand whether a rabbit is found in the Cambrian as opposed to the pre-Cambrian.

» doc303 said: { Dec 31, 2007 - 09:12:42 }

Actually, the Phacops Rana exhibited appears to be from the Hamilton Shale – Upper Devonian. I possess several identical specimens in my collection.

Not sure about the hare as my field is paleontological invertebrate anatomy but it is certainly younger than Cambrian – pre or otherwise.

» Horace Flem said: { Jan 2, 2008 - 06:01:41 }

A RESPECTED SCIENTIST discovers a CRUSHING BLOW to Darwinianism, to wit a RABBIT IN THE CAMBRIAN, and you try to “weasel” out of this overwhelming evidence by “claiming” there are Phacops rana in the fossil (although they seem to lack the typical “boggle-eyed” feature of Phacops rana and to me look more like Phaircops guvna). Well, sir, you ought to be “ashamed”. Nay, “‘ASHAMED!!!’” If the Paleohyrax reprobae can appear 500 MILLION YEARS too early for you Darwinianists, then surely the “appearance” of Phacops or Phaircops a “mere” 100 million years out of “sequence” is EVEN FURTHER EVIDENCE of the failure of Darwinianistanism. You, sir, are ALL TOO TYPICAL of the EVILUTIONIST PRIESTHOOD!!!

» doc303 said: { Jan 15, 2008 - 07:01:20 }

Actually, mydear Horace, I was the primary OEC in this retarded portion of NYS. Much to my shame I am – as of yet – the only one. Glaciation has yet to claim any others, slow as it may be.

As for our Phacops Sp. friend, if a Pentalagus furnessi – which this Leporidae undoubtedly is – may transcend 500M years so may a simple Limulus polyphemus forerunner. Ain’t God great?

» Neilo said: { Jan 16, 2010 - 01:01:17 }

Oh jesus christ everyone! THIS IS FAKE!! DR Wilfred Splenebyrst does not exist, neither does the London School of Ergonomics! This is a satire, but unfortunately fundamentalist christians believe it because they are too stupid and gullible to believe otherwise.