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[Exclusive] Smith’s ‘A Couple of Dicks’ New Title Revealed, ‘Inception’ Trailer For Christmas

Untitled Cop Movie

Thanks to some information posted on Warner Bros. exhibitor’s website the trailers that are going to run with Sherlock Holmes and some other holiday films are known:

Trailer Placements: 12/25/09

* Sherlock Holmes: (ATT) Clash Of The Titans (TR1) / Inception (TR2) – COMBO RT 2:30 – New Trailers
* Sherlock Holmes: (ACC) Cop Out (TR1) New Trailer
* It’s Complicated: Valentine’s Day (TR3)
* Nine (Expansion): Valentine’s Day (TR3)
* Up In The Air (Expansion): Edge Of Darkness (TR1)
* The Road (Expansion): Edge of Darkness (TR1)

Look at the second trailer on the list. It was known that Kevin Smith’s new film was getting a title change. It was announced that the first trailer would run with Sherlock Holmes. So it looks like the new title is Cop Out. Not nearly as cool as A Couple of Dicks but it works – and is a helluva a lot better than A Couple of Cops. The trailer is looking to be premiering in front of Sherlock Holmes and if you check out the first item on the list, we will be getting a new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception as well. It was previously thought than an Iron Man 2 trailer might be attached, but according to this information it looks like it may not be the case. Will it be in front of Avatar instead?

Update: It looks like also came across this information so I’d like to give them credit for uncovering the Inception trailer coming on Christmas.

Cop Out (if that is the correct title) opens February 26, 2010.

Inception opens July 16th, 2010.

What do you think of the new title?

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  • agent M
    Kevin totally crippled one of his best films by stubbornly sticking with "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." So, this "Cop out" shows some maturity, I think.
  • MapleBoy
    Zack and Miri Make A Porno was Smith's top grossing film yet, I would hardly say that he crippled it.
  • It was his highest grossing by like 2 million dollars. I respect Smith for sticking to his guns on the title but I think he should of just changed it and had a better ad campaign. It's not like the film would of been any different.

    P.S. I like the title I just think it was a poor ad campaign.
  • Yeah, this news was uncovered by iMDB and officially reported by Nolan Fans. This is hardly an exclusive.
  • There was not a single other site online at the time of posting that had information regarding Cop Out as Smith's next film. As previously stated, I was sent this information and deduced the title and was first to post.
  • billy22
    Check out the timestamp on the Nolan Fans article:

    December 12th, 2009 at 1:13 am

    They win.
  • Nice. Looks like what we uncovered came from the same source material. Unfortunately they didn't figure out the Cop Out title stuff first. I wonder about the trailer length though. Isn't it a new Clash of the Titans trailer?
  • Glass
    So, it's not an exclusive.
  • Jenna
    of course it's an exclusive. No other site online had the Cop Out info. Great job TFS!
  • 1-7
    Only half of the report is an "exclusive".

    Something either is an exclusive or it isn't.

    In this case, it isn't.
  • Updated the post, gave credit to Nolanfans for finding out about the Inception trailer!
  • Thanks a bunch!
  • luke_test
    I would hardly call this an 'Exclusive'.

    The trailer information was a direct copy and paste from IMDB and other forums which all posted this nearly a day before you're 'exclusive'.
  • The information was sent to me and not a single other film site had the information up and especially nothing related to the new title for Kevin Smith's film.
  • jp7
    "I would hardly call this an 'Exclusive'.

    The trailer information was a direct copy and paste from IMDB and other forums which all posted this nearly a day before "you're 'exclusive'.""

    You are exclusive? That doesn't make sense. Try harder.
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