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Dan Benishek Just Became the Most Popular Republican in America

You've probably never heard of Dan Benishek, but he's a Republican running against Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi that is believed to be the decisive vote to pass ObamaCare.

More than 1,700 people have already joined Benishek's Facebook page.

Liberty First PAC has added Stupak to its target list, and Stupak is probably going to be on a lot of other lists pretty soon.


Sissy Willis| 3.21.10 @ 6:31PM

Wait a sec.

Just after I finished writing out a snail check to the totally social-networking-clueless Benishek this afternoon, I discovered there's a second Republican who's thrown her hat in the ring:

Deanna| 3.21.10 @ 8:21PM

I agree. Benishek isn't our only option. Linda Goldthorpe is a true Conservative and she's from the UP. Two great reasons to give her a look. Don't jump on a bandwagon until you know the candidate , folks.

Dee| 3.22.10 @ 3:23PM

Linda Goldthorpe is spam

james| 3.22.10 @ 11:03PM

linda goldthorpe, supposed conservative.... attacked sarah palin as not being a true pro-life person... idiotic and stupid letter... sarah palin not a strong enough pro-lifer? because she encouraged Stupak a week ago to stay a no vote? this linda is pretty stupid (she is ardent Ron Paul supporter) and if that is how she thinks, why support her? here is link...

RAC| 3.23.10 @ 10:02AM

I don't have a dog in this fight since I do not live in her district but I read her letter twice. Your conclusions are utter nonsense. She did not attack Mrs. Palin's pro-life credentials but her belief that Stupak was a pro-lifer and would vote against ObamaCare. WRONG!

politicaljules| 3.21.10 @ 8:31PM

I would be very careful with this lindaforcongress. They tried to spam twitter with this IMO plant funded by unions. The union/dems scrambled something together when they heard Benishek was getting popular. DONT FALL FOR IT. They are spamming the internet now.

Andrea| 3.21.10 @ 11:08PM

Seriously? The Democrats and the Unions scrambled to put something together, but a guy who doesn't even have a web page or the capability to accept credit cards isn't? When are you people going to realize that the GOP is at war with the TEA Party, too?

MCNS| 3.21.10 @ 8:31PM

Just checked her site ~ She's a Ron Paulite ~ Caveat emptor.

DG| 3.21.10 @ 8:33PM

YEP, just saw that myself. NO thanks, ms. Paulite.

JimH| 3.22.10 @ 8:57AM

I don't understand this virulent antithapy to Ron Paul by some conservatives. Republicans I understand. The business of the party is to perpetuate the party. Not promote any particular agenda unless it will get people elected. I get that he is not likely to succeed on the national stage. There is not a lot of charisma. But he is more about principles and positions and showing the RNC how strongly these are supported by the rank and file. There is very little for a paleo-conservative or libertarian to disagree with in Paul's 'the government should just leave me alone' politics. For the Republican party to succesed it has to be won back from the neo-cons and Theocrats (Huckabee supporters and the like).

David Norris| 3.22.10 @ 10:49AM

I live in Ron Paul's district. first, he is a lousy congressman. he does not do much constituency support at all. secondly, he is all theory. We are not about to dismantle the financial institutions overnight. You need a path to get where he wants. he needs to understand the steps it will take to be there. you need to be a politician. Influence, coax, even manipulate. None of this he really does. So, Ron talks a good story but he doesn't do his job or know how to really get there.

David| 3.23.10 @ 9:36AM

Ron Paul's philosophy is NOT to do much for his district. That's not what he thinks Congress is about. He is an ideologue that forces the rest of the party a little further right.

Sandy| 3.23.10 @ 2:50PM

Ron Paul is one of the biggest Earmarker's in Congress, yet he says he is a fiscal conservative. He adds his earmarks out the wazoo, and, then votes no on the bill containing them, knowing all along that it will pass.

Randy| 3.23.10 @ 6:40PM

Oh really? Could you please give an example? Just one?

vd| 3.23.10 @ 1:21PM

We are in this mess partly because our congress people do not do what is best for the country; rather they do what is best for their district. Same for the Senate.

Brian Withnell| 3.22.10 @ 7:48PM

If the only business of the party is to perpetuate the party, then we should kill off the party in order to get a party that has its business to have a central ideology. If the only business is the perpetuation of the party, then we should all just be one party and forget having two parties at all.

Randy| 3.23.10 @ 6:43PM

"I don't understand this virulent antithapy to Ron Paul by some conservatives."

Ignorance runs deep on both the 'left' and the 'right'. Paul is a libertarian (small 'L'). Libertarians are neither left nor right.

midnoon| 3.24.10 @ 7:11AM

What's wrong with Ron Paul? He's smarter than Palin.

Politicaljules| 3.21.10 @ 8:34PM

Benishek is working on his web site with online donations here:

code| 3.22.10 @ 12:39AM

Who Cares! The president will thank whoever beats Stu... Stupak (that's probably what the pres. thinks of Stupak for buying his Executive Order lie and burying Hyde Amendment in one fell swoop) out of the Congress for him.
Way to go Republicans, beat each other up in the primary so there will be nothing left for the Democrats to do but roll over our candidate come general election time.

BC| 3.22.10 @ 11:43AM

Goldthorpe served on Ron Paul's campaign. 'nuff said.

Cotton Picker| 3.22.10 @ 3:01PM

1700? Last I checked this AM it was almost 15,000 fans and supporters. This stupendous event must have Stupac the stupid defecating in his pants.!

2009 Video of Stupac saying he intends to vote for the HC bill no matter what.

Dr. Benishek MD. is also a UP resident, born and raised there and is also a long standing surgeon in the UP.

On, your Linda is a dem and union plant inserted t muddy the waters.

Dee| 3.22.10 @ 3:28PM

Dr. Benishek is up to nearly 16,000 and rising by the minute.

James| 3.22.10 @ 10:53PM

would be wary of this woman... any conservative that would question Sarah Palin's pro-life credentials sounds a little wacky to me... could it be because she is a Ron Paul supporter? still, taking a shot at Sarah Palin on her credentials as a pro-life person is pretty slimey

Pingback| 3.21.10 @ 6:31PM

Late Zombie Health Care Updates: Executive Orders, Whip Counts, Slurs, Epithets and links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…Fun! UPDATE: Stupak SELLS OUT! Yoest Declares ‘PRO-LIFE EMERGENCY’ ! Posted on | March 21, 2010 | 7 Comments Please visit our LIVE CHAT! UPDATE 6:30 p.m. ET : Just posted this at the American Spectator blog: You’ve probably never heard of Dan Benishek, but he’s a Republican running against Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi  that is believed to be the decisive…

RickS| 3.21.10 @ 6:38PM

Please send contributions to:
Benishek for Congress
802 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Pingback| 3.21.10 @ 6:41PM

Gateway Pundit links to this page.

Kim| 3.21.10 @ 6:45PM

Send your donation to Benishek but send a copy of your donation receipt or check (black out your account number) to Stupak! Politicians HATE to see the money stream flow away from them. The symbolic pink slips mean nothing, but doing the math on the donations you're not getting is priceless!

Renagle| 3.22.10 @ 1:24PM

I live in Europe and emailed via his website, a Paypal receipt for $25 to Benishek this morning. Hope my email was one of the first they saw in the office being 7 hours ahead!

Renagle| 3.22.10 @ 1:26PM

Let me add I am American, just live here for the job. Having Russia breathing down our necks makes this vote even sadder that so many Americans willing and belligerently threw our freedom away.

Dan Adamini| 3.24.10 @ 1:33PM

Best idea I've seen (sending a copy of the check to the opponent)... good to see action vs nasty commentary... we truly are a party of better ideas!

Pingback| 3.21.10 @ 6:53PM

The most popular Republican in America links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…to its target list, and Stupak is probably going to be on a lot of other lists pretty soon. Please send contributions to: Benishek for Congress 802 Pentoga Trail Crystal Falls, MI 49920 from The American Spectator Share Leave a Comment Name * E-mail * Website Previous post: We will NOT submit Get updates delivered to your inbox. Enter your email address Categories Alternative Media (1) American…

RickS| 3.21.10 @ 7:01PM

Benishek is a general surgeon. Strange how so many doctors are in the GOP (well, I guess it's not that strange, come to think of it).

Mike| 3.22.10 @ 12:27AM

Comforting, actually, as opposed to the number of Constitutionally deviant liars in the Democratic Party! ."..we make things up.." --Rep. Hastings (D)

Jobe| 3.22.10 @ 8:26AM

When a congress person is asked to stand upon his/her beliefs and integrity, this is what happens - sellout. This congress will go down in history with the idiots who passed prohibition.

DavidP| 3.22.10 @ 6:58PM

I would prefer a representative body made up of many doctors than one comprised of many trial lawyers.

Carol Waltman| 3.22.10 @ 10:56PM

Ditto that!!!

Dan Adamini| 3.24.10 @ 1:36PM

Excellent point... Doctors help people, republicans help people... only logical that they'd be on the right.

Pete| 3.21.10 @ 7:05PM

I'd be thinking about a career change right now if I were a doctor.

Missy| 3.21.10 @ 8:13PM

What's going to happen to YOU, Pete, if enough doctors change careers?
This is a disaster.

Pete| 3.21.10 @ 8:55PM

My point exactly. I will be starting a savings account so I can fly myself and my loved ones to wherever the good doctors (who aren't yet near retirement age...they will just retire) relocate. This is an epic disaster for number and quality of doctors as well as medical innovation in general. It might be worth sending a smart family member through med school in a free country and then just have him cover a community of friends without entering the federal system.

Missy| 3.21.10 @ 9:19PM

This will tear us apart. Our country is fundamentally changing right under our feet.

Pete| 3.22.10 @ 12:51AM

Mutating is more like it.

Lullaby's, Legends and Lies| 3.21.10 @ 9:21PM

Missy: What a dark day in American History, for all of us, huh? Just yesterday, I was "a glass half full" type of guy, but right now? I'm feeling really, really dehydrated!! I guess the next major battle for us all, is coming in November?

What the hell happened to the America I thought I knew? When did we become the next Communist? I hate the Commies!! I always have!! And I always will!! Was I just too busy, and caught up in my own little world, that I just didn't notice this change in our collective philosophy? When the hell did we become a "People", who need a "Daddy" to solve all our day to day problems? I don't remember this? I remember us being the Country that won the "Great Wars" , and planted our Flag on the friggin Moon, that's what I remember!! Well I've got to tell you, I've already got one Dad, and I'm not looking for another one, who needs to fix all my day to day problems. I don't need it, and I don't want it!! And if the American People are really against this Healthcare Bill (soon to be law), as the polls have shown for sometime now, well then this November is going to be much worse, than has already been predicted, now that the Democrats are about to sell us all out tonight. Much worse!!

We cannot, I repeat, we cannot forget what they're doing to us tonight in Washington. The Democratic Party tonight, is about to say, "F" you America, we don't care what you think!! We don't work for you!! We don't have to listen to you!!

We have to avenge ourselves for this most unjust insult!! Please join me, in our upcoming Battle, we must now save ourselves, from the most ruthless Domestic Enemy our Nation has ever faced,... The Democratic Party!! Or as they should be called from now on, simply The Communist Party (pardon the shorthand)!! If Ken (Old Texican) doesn't mind me borrowing a line from him?

Alright, I'm feeling better now, the glass is half full again, thanks for listening!!

Missy| 3.22.10 @ 12:36AM

I'll never give up. My strength comes from my God and no one can take my freedom or my dignity away.

I will fight; I am my father's daughter, after all.

Anytime, LLL; I'll always listen.

dee| 3.22.10 @ 3:30PM

Many are.

Opaobie| 3.21.10 @ 7:17PM

Now that Bart "Caveman" Stupak has confirmed he is not a statesman and is unfit for public office either because he is corrupt or he is so dumb he is easily duped or ignorant of the facts and the law, which of the two opponents has the better chance of beating him AND has the better credentials with respect to honoring the oath of office and NOT contracting "Swamp Fever" or "Potomac Poisoning" or "Beltway Blindness" from exposure to the toxic environment in Washington, D.C.?

Dan Benishek

Linda Goldthorpe

Dee| 3.22.10 @ 3:34PM

I agree. If he didn't know the paper the EO was written on, then he is too stupid to be our representative. If he caved and was fully aware that the EO was useless, then he is too corrupt to represent us. Either way, he's OUT!

Wethal| 3.21.10 @ 7:18PM

Stupak got pork for his district on 3/19/10.

David| 3.22.10 @ 10:51AM

Was this his "payoff"? Seems he is pretty cheap.

DrTomVoter| 3.21.10 @ 7:19PM

He's up to 3,600 FB Friends since this was posted here an hour ago. He sounds like somoene worthy of support regardless of what BS Bart did today.

Pingback| 3.21.10 @ 7:33PM

Stupak Gone! | Brees List links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…to see how new and fresh he is .. then follow the link to his Facebook page. He also is on Twitter. Lets get him moving .. let’s make sure Stupak is GONE. The American Spectator rates Benichek as the most popular Republican in America right now. Posted by admin on Sunday, March 21, 2010, at 6:51 pm. Filed under November election, american life, freedom. Tagged abortion, Dan Benishek, healthcare bill,…

Nick Kasoff| 3.21.10 @ 7:45PM

4,654 FB friends at this moment.

richard from michigan| 3.21.10 @ 7:52PM

Heres another conservative candidate for Stupaks seat...become a FB fan

Teri| 3.21.10 @ 8:01PM

I think I will look for Stupak's site and donate to him!

Smitty| 3.21.10 @ 8:15PM

Who's stopping you, moron? You're probably on welfare, though, so you're just BSing.

bcorp| 3.21.10 @ 8:16PM

Teri-Good for you he is going to need it. You will get more enjoyment out of just burning the money. He will go up in smoke. Hey how has the economy risen in MI since Obama was elected. I hear Detroit is half empty, I'm in Calif. and our economy is in the tank too, one thing we share in common, we have commies in control of our states. Now they control DC.

Lil Nemo| 3.23.10 @ 7:51PM

Not only have I heard that Detroit is half empty but that areas are being turned into farm land. What had been a major industrial city is becoming a rural farming community - not that there is anything wrong with that since the independence of farmers is what created this now once great country.

Warrior| 3.21.10 @ 9:57PM

Teri: It's not really necessary. All you have to do is type up a piece of paper and advise him you are ordering a bank to give him money. He seems to work well with these quazi IOU's.

Dee| 3.22.10 @ 3:31PM

Love it!

princeliberty| 3.22.10 @ 5:44AM

I'm sure the check he got for the vote on healthcare had all the zeros he'll need for life.
Of course the last guy got paid 30 pieces of silver.

Stupak's money won't mean anything. Stupak is now totally defined as the lowlife that he is.

around the track| 3.21.10 @ 8:12PM

Moderate Democrats? Has always been a media lie. It's like saying moderate Arab leader!

Smitty| 3.21.10 @ 8:16PM

I agree--democrats are the party of Alinsky now.

princeliberty| 3.22.10 @ 5:45AM

The myth of the blue dogs is now totally exposed as a complete and utter lie.

keyboard jockey| 3.21.10 @ 8:20PM

I gave you all a shout out he is past 5,000 now and growing I have been updating his contributions are pouring in.
Hey Michigan's 1st District Looking For A New Representative to Replace Stupak?

Stupak really knows how to lite a Donation Candle.


politicaljules| 3.21.10 @ 8:33PM

Benishek is working on his web site with online donations here:

reebok| 3.21.10 @ 9:10PM

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Bettie Patriot| 3.21.10 @ 10:50PM

Where are these shoes made???? Ahhhh China you say???? Stick 'em

poptoy| 3.21.10 @ 9:21PM

It is beyond me that Rep. Stupak fell for this bull. An executive order from the Kenyan can change nothing. The Kenyan lied and Stupak bought it. Unbelievable.

John Gault| 3.21.10 @ 9:21PM

Benishek facebook just topped 7,000 fans at 9:20 EST. All want to donate.

Wethal| 3.21.10 @ 9:37PM

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese officers were pleased with their success. Admiral Yamamoto is supposed to have cautioned:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

B| 3.21.10 @ 10:24PM

I will be voting for Goldthorpe in the primary.

Jenn of the Jungle| 3.21.10 @ 10:28PM

10:27 est and he's well over 8,300 fans.

Bettie Patriot| 3.21.10 @ 10:32PM

Benishek currently has OVER 8,000 members and rising by the second. I joined at 4,000 four hours ago...Go Doc.

ef| 3.21.10 @ 10:43PM

And that linda Goldthorpe colored the "gold" in her name yellow.... just a bit... weird or something. Still, I'd take her over stupak.

princeliberty| 3.22.10 @ 5:48AM

Linda seems like the best candidate to me. She seems to have the most thought thru small government principles.

But no attacks on the different Republican candidates in this race. Because no matter who wins the primary - Stupak has got to get what he has coming!

james| 3.22.10 @ 10:58PM

I can not support her because she came out with a letter to Sarah Palin questioning Sarah's pro-life credentials... attacking Sarah Palin on her pro-life stance? how stupid... I know linda is an ardent Ron Paul supporter, but questioning Sarah Palin as a pro-life person? idiotic, stupid and means I can not support her

poina| 3.21.10 @ 11:01PM

jimmy choo for h&m
jimmy choo h&m

Pingback| 3.21.10 @ 11:15PM

No, Not Banacek. | Little Miss Attila links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

No, Not Banacek. | Little Miss Attila About Joy Whittemore McCann Archives Categories Home No, Not Banacek. March 21, 2010 Benishek. And, Darrell, I have no idea if he has a special technique for preparing eggs that involves poached eggs and English muffins—but if he does, it’ll be taking the country by storm soon enough .…

Yosemeti Sam| 3.21.10 @ 11:51PM

My fellow Americans - keep you eyes on the ball!

The GOP Primaries!

The GOP Primaries!

And - vote opposite to those candidates endorsed by Steele and the GOP blue-blood fraternity!

Larry| 3.22.10 @ 1:49AM

Benishek's Facebook page takes credit card donations. From his bio and description, his views appear sound. I am certain the good people of the 1st District can decide for themselves who the best candidate of the two is, but having seen Goldthorpe's website, for now, I'm putting some money on Benishek. There is still time to give more money to the primary winner later. Republicans must unite after the primary to support whoever wins against that creep Stupak.

Lucy| 3.22.10 @ 9:04AM

Given the same politican affilication, I'll take a doctor (Benishek) over a lawyer (Goldthorpe) anyday. Paypal cash headed to Benishek in 3...2...1...

Oseto| 3.22.10 @ 3:24AM

I would like to move to Michigan just to vote for Benishek and against that fraud Stupak

Pingback| 3.22.10 @ 8:06AM

Health Care BS - STUPAK STRIPPED OF PRO-LIFE AWARD links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…case, this probably won’t be difficult. Since his egregious cave-in this afternoon, Stupak’s opponent for Michigan’s 1st District congressional seat has apparently seen a huge spike in traffic to his campaign’s Facebook page . Post a Comment Your email is never published nor shared. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Message « VIDEO: STUPAK DEAL…

alphadov| 3.22.10 @ 8:21AM

Stupak is a disgrace, We must oust all those who do not represent the constitution. John Dingell is the grandfather of this traverty and must be dfeated. A serious candidate and a cardiologist is running against him in MI 15 and needs your support!

Pingback| 3.22.10 @ 8:23AM

We Won! « Blue Collar Republican links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…his intentions as far back as October of 2009 to a group in Cheboygan, MI where he did not know he was being recorded. After this surfaced, his opponent in Michigan soon became the “ most popular Republican in America “. At 11 pm local time last night, people were exhausted, with some feeling ‘beaten’ and ready to give up. It would have been nice if this could have been stopped in the…

former state legislator| 3.22.10 @ 9:39AM

Stupak isn't a dupe--he's a very good actor. As a member of leadership, there were plenty of times I had to arrange for fellow legislators to change their votes to do what leadership had decided should happen. It usually involved some charade to make it look like their issues were taken care of when it was most often just window dressing. Most often I designed the charade, but sometime the member had his own idea of how to play it out.

Did it fool anyone? Most of the time no one was really looking. But it allowed the legislator to fool him or herself into thinking they looked like something other than a total tool of leadership.

Stupak is no different. Whether he designed the play, or the leadership did, it's now only a question of whether people bought it.

janranch| 3.22.10 @ 10:46AM

Stupack is already packing up his family for their move to Washington. He will accept the job O offered him. Be damned with Michigan he has bigger fish to fry. This is the way of dirty politics, Even in Michigan.

orchard| 3.22.10 @ 11:07AM

Rep. Stu"PID" has only helped to expose the large fraud his party represents.....Sorry, Washington state.

Zack| 3.22.10 @ 12:15PM

Stupack won't be who the GOP candidate has to face in the general election. There is no way he escapes a primary after almost torpedoing health reform.

Patriot| 3.22.10 @ 4:27PM

He just pretended to nearly torpedo ObamaCare--the fix was already in.

JR| 3.22.10 @ 4:29PM

All you have to do is look at the tape of his townhall meeting that is all over the net to know that he already had decided to vote for the bill, regardless of the abortion language. His posturing this past week was complete BS.

Pingback| 3.22.10 @ 1:57PM

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Pingback| 3.22.10 @ 2:27PM

The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Dan Benishek Just Became the … capital univers links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…American Pie - Atlas Shrugs American Idol | girlmusic » The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Dan Benishek Just Became the … U PDATE 6:30 p.m. More here:  The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Dan Benishek Just Became the … By admin | category: AMERICAN | tags: america-stupak, benishek, disturbing-trend, ethnic, from-enacting, important-historical, lambert, nancy, nancy-pelosi,…

Pingback| 3.22.10 @ 3:17PM

Credit Scoring: An essential aspect | Bad Credit Score | Credit Finance Wisdom links to this page. Here’s an excerpt:

…is defined by the payment history that accounts for 35 … Go here to see the original: Credit Scoring: An essential aspect | Bad Credit Score Related Blogs on Most The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Dan Benishek Just Became the … most nfl super bowl rings Facebook Files: What Are Your Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 … Related Posts Credit score – reporting your financial health…

BKF| 3.22.10 @ 4:37PM

Tom Stillings is less than 1 week in the race, but is a conservative, business man in the steel industry, with a lifetime of experience ready to beat Bart Stupak. Web site is in process, check him out on facebook Tom Stillings for Congress. He introduced himself to the First District Republicans in Marquette, MI on Saturday. I am conservative and own a Land Surveying consulting Business - Stillings is for real.

Don| 3.22.10 @ 11:12PM

Don Hooper has experience and ran against Stupak before so many began to see what be and the Democrats have in mind for America. Don Hooper saw and knew this years ago and began his quest to remove Stupak. Now is the time to get behind some one who knows how to win a war against corruption. Vote Don Hooper in the primary and then in the November election.

Joe| 3.23.10 @ 10:04AM

What about the other 5 members that changed to yes along with Stupak? What are their names and who is running against them?

richard| 3.23.10 @ 5:09PM

Tom Stillings is the viable conservative candidate vs Stupak, visit and on Facebook add as a friend and share.

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