Praji, Tannon

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    1.8 meters
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    Galactic Republic

From the Expanded Universe

The Chair of the Coruscant Ministry of Ingress (CMoI) was often forced to make difficult decisions in his mandate to preserve both the security of Coruscant, but also its reputation for unlimited opportunity to offworlders. When the strains of war complicated things, both aims ran counter to each other and it was up to First Minister Tannon Praji to reorganize the organization to operate within the Republic government's agenda.

Praji worked tirelessly to ensure that the Capitol remained safe and secure among the horrors of the Clone Wars and the Separatist crisis that preceded it. The responsibility of his office is to ensure that only those citizens loyal to the Republic gain entry to the capitol and those who are suspected for treason are imprisoned or deported.

Praji, himself from an influential Core World founding family, was appointed to the CMoI early in Palpatine's chancellery. For years he maintained a steady equilibrium between the immigration and emigration on the capitol world. As the Separatist crisis began to come to light, however, it was Praji who closed Coruscant's borders to newcomers, and billions of displaced immigrants were turned away, leading to masses of refugees crowding Coruscant's spaceports. He became a frequent political target of such altruistic organizations as the Refugee Relief Movement, who used his wealth to paint the image of an uncaring trillionaire coldly determining the fate of many of the galaxy's impoverished and disenfranchised. Such incendiary claims pained Praji, who did not relish the difficult decisions he had to make.

After the Clone Wars began, Praji, along with countless other government officials, caved to pressure from the newly formed Commission for the Protection of the Republic (COMPOR), to deport members of species who's homeworlds had sided with the Separatists. Observing the executive safety measure to the letter, it meant deporting vast communities of Quarren, Aqualish, Koorivar, Neimoidian, Gossam and more.

Although he was lauded by Palpatine for ensuring peace and security on Coruscant, Praji was the target of several assassination attempts by dissidents.

Praji's only escape from such stress came from opera and ballet. A man of sophisticated tastes, he would travel to the Galaxies Opera House whenever his work schedule allowed it, however, he never traveled without his disguised bodyguard following the attempts on his life.

Praji is a member of the prestigious Praji family, which has long held great influence on Coruscant. Majority shareholders in the Bank of the Core, the Praji family has produced many who have insinuated themselves into top government positions.

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