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Emergency Preparedness Threatened By Pillars Of The Earth

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You have to be an intuitive person. If you are a low gician, then goa way and don tread this.

There is reason to believe, that the same folks, who sponsored and promoted the upliftin of the book

Pillars of The Earth

, are the same folks, who mean to make disaster and emergency to happen.

Let me put it differently. There is reason to believe, that the folks, who planned -- but not who did -- the upliftin of Pillars of The Earth...

...there is reason to believe, that they are the same ones who have planned to brin, against us, emergency and disaster.

For instance, it has come to light, that these same critters have had access to research and technology that gives the ability to create and direct hurricanes and earthquakes. Also, til lately, they have had the money to pay to use the said technology.

I will not make the details of the argument here. The outline of the argument is in another blog, The Solution Vs. Pillars Of The Earth

In Deuteronomy 28, it is revealed to us the successful method to prevent emergency and disaster. The blog postin, lincqued above, demonstrates that the book, Pillars Of The Earth, is under suspicion of openin the door to another book, the sequel. No problem there, except that the sequel appears to try to kindle against us doubts, that we might not heed the Bible;

...and the success or appropriateness of our Emergency Preparedness may actually be dependent upon our followin the directions in The Bible.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Janet Evanovich, Mass Mind, And Your Survival List

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By Tru Keesey!

Are you composin for yourself an emergency preparedness survival list? May I make a recommendation? Don't just include stuff, like MRE meals, or solar power energy. On the top of your survival list, compose "team".

If you are goin to form an emergency preparedness team, it is important to be able to recognize who intends to be an infiltrator, and who not. Be not fooled, there are more infiltrators nowadays, than there are decent folks.

When you think about the conversation, that has arisen from this article, profoundly, you will then see that, combined with other information, it will help you to identify who can be trusted for your team. Having formed your team, you will be then able to compose your survival lists more intelligently.

I found a truly interestin article around

Janet Evanovich,

and her role in the movement of


The title of the article is Why Janet Evanovich Is Not A Real Person. You can click on the title, if you want to see the whole article.



by one Henry Bland, known to all as "The Slawmeister", makes some excellent points, which provoke further thought upon the matter.

This article covers a lot of territory, and, so, much research I believe is needed to give color to the claims of the writer.

Here is a direct quotation, and I DO mean DIRECT: "The question of whether


reflects or dictates values is a false dichotomy that ultimately limits a understanding of what is at stake by framing the limits of the question."

Now, right there is an intelligent and, truly, a deep statement. In fact, the roots of the statement, the world-realities upon which its truthfulness is based, need to be stated, and I feel it should be done in great detail. (Is "great detail" an oxymoron?)

If it is a "false dichotomy", then what is the REAL dichotomy? Or is it a mono- or multichotomy?

What truths are barred from consideration, by the way, in which the question has been framed?

Here is another direct quotation: "How does the mechanism that chooses one from a thousand other mystery


function and what are the interests of those who control that process."

Great Question! I would LOVE to see a detailed expose of how that is done, with even the names of who are the ones who have been doin it, corporations, specific offices, &to. (and the others).

Here is another great question, from The Slawmeister's insightful article: "And second, how does a particular


end up in a persons hands. Here what is needed is a description of the various systems and processes of distribution.

"This would include factoring in advertisement, critique and more obvious forms such as shipping. Of course to answer that fully the interests of the people who control these process would also need considered."

Of this question, too, would I like to see the detailed answer.

Her publisher is St. Martin's Press, one of the largest U.S.A. publishers. They own also:

- St. Martin's Griffin
- St. Martin's Minotaur
- Picador
- Thomas Dunne Books
- Truman Talley Books

Their current editor-in-chief has been named "George Witte".

St. Martin's Press is owned by Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC, which is owned by

Verlagsgruppe George von Holtzbrinck

in Stuttgart, Germany. Verlagsgruppe George von Holtzbrinck is owned by a family. They own also other U.S. and German publishers, includin:

- Farrar, Straus and Giroux
- Holt Publishers
- Tor-Forge Books
- Droemer, Kindler, Rowohlt
- S. Fischer Verlag
- The retail book division of Holt, Rinehart and Winston (now Henry Holt Book Company)
- Scientific American magazine
- 70% majority interest in The Macmillan Group

I recognized that name, St. Martin's Press, as the publisher that published the shockin expose of the mossad,

BY WAY OF DECEPTION, by Victor Ostrovsky (false name)

While researchin the family that owns Janet Evanovich's publisher, I discovered that it is under suspicion of usin Scientific American magazine to cover up biological warfare doins on an Army biological warfare lab, called "Plum Island".

The suspicion is owin to a) the magazine appeared to try to cover up a National Socialist and Plum Island connection to the spread of lyme disease in the U.S.A., and b) The owner of appears to be of a National Socialist background.

Combine together a and b, above, and there is a stron hint of collusion. Here you can find the article

"Stephanie Plum."

This is "too much a coincidence to be a coincidence". The lead character of Janet Evanovich's most popular mysteries is also named "Plum".

The Slawmeister restates the aforesaid complex questions, in a number of elucidatin ways, then adds a further question, which is largely psychological in its nature (or am I mistaken?):

"The mystery waiting to be unraveled is why readers, who have original, complex and nuanced, emotional and intellectual lives would choose to spend time with characters who represent stereotyped values and situations?"

To research the answer to this question for yourself, check out available new and used copies of Janet Evanovich's 3 latest books, click on the image now:

Janet Evanovich's Latest Mystery

Janet Evanovich's Previous Mystery

Janet Evanovich's Next Previous Mystery

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