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Functional Responsibilities


Advance Planning

      Is responsible for the development maintenance and update of the General Plan.

    Is responsible for implementing state and local regulations, providing the general public with information and assistance regarding land use related issues and process entitlements.

General Plan Map 

General Plan Documents

Current Planning

       Is responsible for implementing state and local regulations, providing the general public with information and assistance regarding land use related issues and process entitlements.

       Provides information to the public about planning services. Information typically provided includes property size and dimensions, general plan and zoning designations, future street locations, zoning regulations and procedures, distribution of departmental literature and documents.

Residential History

Residential Building History (1980 - Current)

Residential/Commercial Valuation (1997 - Current)

Growth Percentage (1997 - Current)

Current Residential  Activity

Current & Proposed Tract Development (Map)

       Reviews development proposals for compliance with zoning regulations and conditions of development upon project approval.

       Assists the public and development community in processing applications for the General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Conditional Use Permit, Variances, Tentative Parcel Map, Tentative Tract Map, Annexation, Site Plan Review, Home Occupations Permits, Sign Reviews, as well as Landscape Reviews.

Zoning Map   

Residential Development Standards 

Land Use Control

       Land Use control administers and implements the zoning ordinances, the Subdivision Map Act, California Environmental Quality Act and other state and federal regulations. 

Housing Programs

       There are various City, County, and other housing programs available to assist Selma property owners in the development, improvement and maintenance of affordable housing in the Selma community.

Entitlement Processing

The Planning Division administers the implementation of the Zoning Ordinance gives rise to eleven (11) principal activities:  Annexations, General Plan Amendments, Zone changes, Conditional Use Permits, Zone Variances, Precise Plans, Subdivisions, Site Plan Reviews, Home Occupations, Landscape and Sign Reviews.

Selma Disposal Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration

2035 Selma General Plan DEIR

2035 Selma General Plan Draft EIR Document

Rockwell Pond Final EIR

Rockwell Pond Final EIR

Mitigated Monitoring Program

Historical Evaluation

Rockwell Pond Commercial Project DEIR

Notice of Determination

Rockwell Pond Draft EIR

Air Quality Impact Assessment - Nov 2007

Archaeological Study

Bio Study - June 2007

Bio Study - October 2007

Bio Study - May 2008

Noise Impact Assessment

TIS - Rockwell Pond

Water Supply Assessment

Wetland Issues and Areas

Agency Letters


Planning Applications 


Architectural Design

Conditional Use Permit

Home Occupation Permit

Initial Study

Lot Line Adjustment

Preliminary Map Review

Project Review Application

Public Necessity

Minor Modification

Sign and Banners

Site Plan Review

Tentative Parcel Map

Tentative Tract Map

Zone Change Application

Zoning Ordinance Text Application

Zone Variance

                                     Development Standards 



Vacant                                   Director



Vacant                                  Associate Planner



Bryant Hemby                        Assistant Planner



Jerry Howell                           IS/GIS Supervisor



Dan Ruiz                                Building Inspector



Cesar Vasquez                      Code Enforcement Officer




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