Lap-by-Lap: Bristol

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LAP 500—CHECKERED FLAG: Jimmie Johnson has won the Food City 500 at Bristol, his third win of the season and 50th of his career.

Lap 499—WHITE FLAG: Jimmie Johnson calls for champagne.

Lap 497 — Jimmie Johnson increases his lead over Tony Stewart with four new tires.

Lap 493 — Jimmie Johnson has cleared the field and taken the lead. Kurt Busch claims the third position.

Lap 492 — Tony Stewart has the lead followed by Jimmie Johnson on the high side.

Lap 491—Jimmie Johnson moves up to third after Tony Stewart holds him off.

Lap 490—GREEN FLAG: Greg Biffle leads the field to green from the outside. 1. Greg Biffle 2. Matt Kenseth 3. Carl Edwards 4. Tony Stewart 5. Kurt Busch

Lap 485—Matt Kenseth moves up to second.

Lap 484 — Greg Biffle has the lead as drivers continue to enter and leave pit road.

Lap 482—YELLOW FLAG NO. 10: Debris on the track. Drivers make their way to pit road. Leaders come in. Ryan Newman gets the free pass. Jimmie Johnson gets four tires, no adjustments. Kurt Busch called for four new tires after Steve Addington asked for two.

Lap 479 — Joey Logano has hit the wall in Turn 2, makes it to his pit.

Lap 477 Jeff Burton moves up to fifth.

Lap 471—Carl Edwards passes Brad Keselowski for seventh. Keselowski gives him room to pass on the low side.

Lap 470 — Carl Edwards moves up to eighth just behind Brad Keselowski in seventh.

Lap 464 — Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson are beginning to separate themselves form the rest of the field, despite fighting their way though lapped traffic.

Lap 452Kyle Busch started the race in 38th. He has moved up to tenth with less than 50 laps to go.

Lap 451 — Kurt Busch reports his car is close to perfect as he and Steve Addington attempt to visit Victory Lane for the second week in a row.

Lap 449 — Kurt Busch increases his lead over Johnson by 1 second.

Lap 447 — Greg Biffle moves up to fourth.

Lap 444 — Kurt Busch fights off an attempt by Jimmie Johnson to take the lead.

Lap 439 Jamie McMurray takes third away from Brad Keselowski, racing on the high side.

Lap 436 — Kurt Busch is finding his way through lapped traffic but maintaining his lead over the field.

Lap 433 — Brad Keselowski holds off Jamie McMurray for third. Jimmie Johnson closes the gap on Kurt Busch.

Lap 427 Jeff Gordon has dropped to seventh. Jeff Burton is passed by Greg Biffle for fifth.

Lap 422 — Jamie McMurray moves into fourth.

Lap 417 — Both Kurt Busch, in first and Jimmie Johnson, in second, both took four fresh tires during their last pit stop.

Lap 415 — Jimmie Johnson passes Brad Keselowski, who gave up the lead to Kurt Busch.

Lap 414 — Jimmie Johnson is up to third on fresh tires.

Lap 412 — Kurt Busch has a strong restart and has moved just behind his teammate and race leader, Brad Keselowski.

Lap 411—GREEN FLAG: Brad Keselowski leads the field to green on the outside. 1. Brad Keselowski 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Elliott Sadler 4. Juan Montoya 5. Kurt Busch

Lap 408—Jimmie Johnson is getting frustrated, claiming the track is in perfect condition and that the caution should be lifted.

Lap 404—Light rain continues to fall at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Lap 400 — Jimmie Johnson says his car has improved since leaving pit road.

Lap 398 — More rain is expected for the area but officials report the heaviest portion of storms is still more than an hour away.

Lap 393 — Brad Keselowski elects not to pit and claims the lead, followed by Jeff Gordon. We’ve had 11 race leaders and 32 lead changes.

Lap 390—YELLOW FLAG NO. 9: Rain has made its way to the track for the second time today. Pit road is open.

Lap 388 — Greg Biffle started the day in 25th and is holding off of Jeff Burton.

Lap 381—Jeff Burton has caught Greg Biffle and is racing hard for fourth.

Lap 380 — Jeff Burton holds off Matt Kenseth for fifth. Drivers and their teams have been sharing their concern for the weather, which is scheduled to move into the areas soon.

Lap 370 Paul Menard passes Ryan Newman for tenth. Jimmie Johnson is closing in on Kurt Busch for the lead.

Lap 368 — Greg Biffle is back up to fourth.

Lap 360 Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in 12th position and is complaining to his team about the speeding penalty. Earnhardt is told to take a deep breath and to relax.

Lap 359 — Jimmie Johnson holds off Jamie McMurray for second as Kurt Busch holds the lead. David Ragan is back on the track after making repairs.

Lap 358 — GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch continues to lead and takes the field to green. 1. Kurt Busch 2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Matt Kenseth 4. Jamie McMurray 5. Jeff Burton

Lap 347 — NASCAR reports 13 cars involved in the wreck. Marcos Ambrose, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Mark Martin, Greg Biffle, Joey Logano, Kevin Conway, Jeff Gordon, Juan Montoya, Brian Vickers, Martin Truex Jr., David Ragan and Ryan Newman

Lap 346—Reports are that Greg Biffle’s radio was unplugged and he didn’t hear his spotter, moments before putting Mark Martin in the wall.

Lap 342—YELLOW FLAG NO. 8: A large wreck has several drivers into the wall, starting with Greg Biffle and Mark Martin connecting in Turn 2, sending Martin into the wall. A chain reaction forced several more drivers to collide as they attempted to elude the accident.

Lap 336 — Jamie McMurray is up to fourth. Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards are racing for 17th position.

Lap 332 — Kurt Busch gets a strong jump off the restart and increases his lead over Jimmie Johnson, in second.

Lap 331—GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field to green. 1. Kurt Busch 2. Greg Biffle 3. Matt Kenseth 4. Jimmie Johnson 5. Jamie McMurray

Lap 329 — Dale Earnhardt Jr. is penalized for speeding on pit road.

Lap 325 — Kurt Busch wins the race off of pit road. Dale Earnhardt Jr. asks his crew not to make any changes.

Lap 323—YELLOW FLAG NO. 7: Regan Smith has tire troubles and is into the wall.

Lap 318 — Jamie McMurray is fighting off Dale Earnhardt Jr. for fifth as the two make their way through lapped traffic.

Lap 317 — Marcos Ambrose is now running in tenth.

Lap 314—There are now 26 drivers on the lead lap.

Lap 312 — Kurt Busch is dealing with traffic as he continues to put drivers a lap down.

Lap 311—Tony Stewart is running in eighth, fighting off Jeff Gordon for the position.

Lap 309 — Despite being penalized twice on pit road, Marcos Ambrose has worked his way back to 11th.

Lap 300—Kurt Busch continues to lead as teammates Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson battle for second.

Lap 291—Mark Martin is trying to make a deal with Kurt Busch in order to save tires later on. Kurt Busch hasn’t responded.

Lap 290 — Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to move toward the front, passing Jeff Burton for sixth.

Lap 284 — Jamie McMurray has moved to fifth and clarified that it was the fumes from the jet dryers that made him sick.

Lap 282—Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes Juan Montoya for seventh.

Lap 277 — Kurt Busch continues to hold off mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson for the lead. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has moved up to eighth.

Lap 274 Kasey Kahne is back in the race.

Lap 272 — Jimmie Johnson passes Greg Biffle for third.

Lap 271—GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch won the race of of pit road and leads the field to green. 1. Kurt Busch 2. Mark Martin 3. Greg Biffle 4. Jimmie Johnson 5. Juan Montoya

Lap 265 — Jeff Gordon gains two spots after leaving pit road.

Lap 263—YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Kyle Busch has tire troubles and slams the wall in Turn 1. Pit road is open. Greg Biffle says his car is a hair tight, Kurt Busch reports a strong car and tells them no changes except for tires and gas. Mark Martin reports tire is still a little on the tight side. Juan Montoya gets a track bar adjustment.

Lap 261—Travis Kvapil has to pit under green while racing on the lead lap, asks for tires.

Lap 259 — Despite some sickness from the fumes, Jamie McMurray moves up to eighth.

Lap 256—Marcos Ambrose is back up to 26th after being caught for speeding on pit road twice today.

Lap 251 — Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart continue to do battle for the ninth spot. Jeff Burton has moved up to sixth.

Lap 246—Brad Keselowski has ran in the top 10 for most of the day, currently in ninth. Carl Edwards is running in 19th.

Lap 245 — Brain Vickers passes Tony Stewart for tenth.

Lap 243—Approaching the halfway mark, 29 cars are on the lead lap.

Lap 234 — Paul Menard maintains his position in the top 10, currently in ninth.

Lap 233 — Jeff Burton moves up to seventh.

Lap 231 — Kasey Kahne is behind the wall with his hood open.

Lap 230 — Kurt Busch widens his lead over Greg Biffle.

Lap 225 — Dale Earnhardt Jr. reports a strong car and hasn’t asked for many adjustments during his pit stops today.

Lap 223 — Kurt Busch continues to favor the low side of the track and is trading the lead with Greg Biffle.

Lap 216 — Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves up to eighth.

Lap 215—Kurt Busch fights for the lead with Greg Biffle for the lead, followed closely by Juan Montoya and Mark Martin.

Lap 213 — Kasey Kahne is back into the wall and is limping to pit road and the field continues to race under green.

Lap 212—Kurt Busch passes Greg Biffle for second. Juan Montoya maintains the lead.

Lap 210—GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya won the race off of pit road and will lead the field to green. 1. Juan Montoya 2. Greg Biffle 3. Mark Martin 4. Kurt Busch 5. Jimmie Johnson

Lap 205 Denny Hamlin gets the free pass. Greg Biffle pits, no adjustments. Mark Martin reports his car is tight, calls for a chassis adjustment. Juan Montoya reports the car is running strong. Juan Montoya is first off of pit road, inched ahead of Greg Biffle.

Lap 204—YELLOW FLAG NO. 5 — Kasey Kahne reported problems with tires and brakes, scratches the wall and brings out the caution.

Lap 200 — Mark Martin, running in third, passes Denny Hamlin, who continues to race a lap down.

Lap 198—Marcos Ambrose has caught Kurt Busch and is currently in fifth place.

Lap 195 — Greg Biffle retakes the lead from Juan Montoya. Jimmie Johnson drops another spot to seventh.

Lap 193David Reutimann reports he and the team will not be back today.

Lap 191 — Juan Montoya takes the lead from Greg Biffle as the leaders approach the back of the field on the track.

Lap 189—Brad Keselowski has moved up 29 spots and is currently running in seventh.

Lap 179 — Jimmie Johnson drops down another spot to fifth. Kurt Busch continues to hold him off and maintains the fourth position.

Lap 175 — Greg Biffle is fighting off Juan Montoya for the lead as Montoya continues to make a move on the low side.

Lap 174—Jeff Gordon drops out of the top 10 and he’s fighting Matt Kenseth for 12th.

Lap 173—Mark Martin moves up to third.

Lap 160 — Brad Keselowski battles with Jeff Gordon for sixth.

Lap 158 — Jimmie Johnson attempts to pass Greg Biffle on the low side of the track.

Lap 152 — Jamie McMurray reports fumes entering the vehicle, making him sick.

Lap 143—GREEN FLAG: Greg Biffle leads the field to green. 1. Greg Biffle 2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Kurt Busch 4. Juan Montoya 5. Jeff Gordon

Lap 138—The track continues to be dried with brighter skies on the horizon.

Lap 132 — Track officials report light rain with dry air to the west of the track. The bulk of the heaviest rain is still an hour or more away. Blowers are on the track.

Lap 127—YELLOW FLAG NO. 4 — Rain is falling and over the track as a cold front reaches Bristol.

Lap 126—Jimmie Johnson passes Kurt Busch for second.

Lap 124 — Greg Biffle takes the lead from Kurt Busch.

Lap 123—GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch leads the field to green on the inside. 1. Kurt Busch 2. Greg Biffle 3. Jimmie Johnson 4. Juan Montoya 5. Jeff Gordon

Lap 115— YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Denny Hamlin is into the wall in Turn 2. Drivers start to pit. Jimmie Johnson gets a chassis adjustment for the Turns, Kurt Busch gets tires, Jeff Gordon gets an air pressure change, chassis adjustment. Juan Montoya gets a wedge adjustment.

Lap 113 — David Reutimann drops a cylinder and is headed to the garage.

Lap 112 — Jeff Gordon drops two positions and is fighting Juan Montoya for sixth.

Lap 106 — Greg Biffle moves up to fourth. Jeff Gordon is racing in fifth.

Lap 104 — Joey Logano lost three laps during his green flag pit stop but has made it back on the lead lap.

Lap 103 — Kurt Busch finds some room and increases his lead of Jimmie Johnson and David Reutimann.

Lap 100 — Tony Stewart moves up to seventh.

Lap 98 — Kurt Busch finds Jimmie Johnson in traffic, Johnson gets slowed by Robby Gordon and loses the lead to Busch, who made his move on the low side.

Lap 94 — David Reutimann takes third away from Jeff Gordon.

Lap 92 — Juan Montoya up to fifth.

Lap 90—David Reutimann is on the bumper of Jeff Gordon for the third.

Lap 88 — Joey Logano is falling off the pace and has dropped to 12th.

Lap 86—Greg Biffle is up to sixth after starting 25th.

Lap 81—Brad Keselowski started in 36th position and has moved up to 11th.

Lap 79—David Reutimann continues to make a move, up to fourth.

Lap 74—Kurt Busch battles Jeff Gordon for the lead, can’t make the pass on the outside.

Lap 73—David Reutimann moves up to fifth.

Lap 65 — David Reutimann passes Tony Stewart for sixth place. Teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon continue to run 1-2.

Lap 62—GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads the field to green. 1. Jimmie Johnson 2. Jeff Gordon 3. Kurt Busch 4. Joey Logano 5. Brad Keselowski

Lap 60—Few drivers decide to pit under caution.. Jimmie Johnson will lead the field to green.

Lap 58—YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Clint Bowyer slams into the wall and is headed to the garage with a blown engine. Robby Gordon gets the free pass and is back on the lead lap.

Lap 55 — Jeff Gordon passes Kurt Busch for second, Johnson leads by more than 1.5 seconds.

Lap 53—Jimmie Johnson reclaims the lead.

Lap 46—GREEN FLAG: Brad Keselowski leads the field to green. 1. Brad Keselowski 2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Jeff Gordon 4. Kurt Busch 5. Joey Logano

Lap 44 — Brad Keselowski did not pit with the majority of the field and is in the lead.

Lap 42 — Drivers pit. Joey Logano reports being tight, gets an adjustment, Jimmie Johnson says he’s too loose. Kurt Busch wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 40—YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Dave Blaney has a flat tire. Travis Kvapil gets the free pass.

Lap 38 — Jeff Gordon has caught Jimmie Johnson and is trying to pass for second position. Kurt Busch increases his lead.

Lap 31 — Jimmie Johnson reports the need for an air pressure adjustment.

Lap 30 — Kurt Busch has caught Jimmie Johnson in traffic and takes the lead.

Lap 28 — Five drivers are now a lap down.

Lap 27 — Jimmie Johnson and Kurt Busch continue to race at the front, more drivers go a lap down.

Lap 19 — Kevin Conway goes a lap down. Jeff Gordon and Joey Logano battle for third.

Lap 18—Jimmie Johnson is about to put a few drivers a lap down.

Lap 14 — Jimmie Johnson widens his lead over Kurt Busch and the rest of the field.

Lap 10—Joey Logano has dropped back to fourth position after starting on the pole.

Lap 6 — Jimmie Johnson has moved up to catch Busch and takes the lead.

Lap 4 — Kurt Busch continues to lead the field.

Lap 1 — Kurt Busch takes the lead from Joey Logano.

1:16 p.m.—GREEN FLAG: Joey Logano brings the field to the green for the first lap of the Food City 500.

1:14 p.m.—Terry Cook will start the race from the back after missing driver introductions.

1:12 p.m. — The cars are rolling off pit road for warm-up laps.

1:08 p.m. — Steve Austin gives the command: “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

1:04 p.m.—Rev. Mike Rife of Vansant Church of Christ gives the Invocation.

1:01 p.m. — The musical group 4TROOPS performs the national anthem.

12:48 p.m. — The musical group 4TROOPS and Lee Greenwood perform for those in attendance.

Noon — FOX’s pre-race coverage of the Food City 500 is under way.

11:43 a.m. ET—It’s a beautiful morning for Cup Series action at Bristol Motor Speedway. It’s currently 63 degrees under mostly sunny skies with a chance of rain increasing this afternoon. Joey Logano is on the pole when the green flies at 1:13 p.m. ET.

Sprint Cup Series Standings

Pos. +/- Driver Points Behind
1.Kevin Harvick774Leader
2.Matt Kenseth773-1
3.+1Jimmie Johnson760-14
4.-1Greg Biffle750-24
5.+3Tony Stewart685-89

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Food City 500

Pos. Driver Make
1.Jimmie JohnsonChevy
2.Tony StewartChevy
3.Kurt BuschDodge
4.Greg BiffleFord
5.Matt KensethFord

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