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Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies, fire and EMS agencies thrive on information. They need it to respond to emergencies, anticipate what they will encounter when they arrive on-scene, and help predict incident trends and patterns. Microbus mobile data solutions, gives officers access to a host of information in the vehicle, allowing officers to spend less time requesting information and direction from their  

 Public safety 

time  requesting information and direction from their control room and more time responding to and taking command of incidents. Microbus Ltd has a proven track record in providing high value, purpose-built hardware for safety-critical mobile information to UK and international clients across the public sector. Microbus’s flexibility in design has been a significant factor in the successful bids to supply various clients including London’s Metropolitan Police Service, the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Lancashire Constabulary. With tried, tested and approved installations of Microbus systems in place, many public safety users worldwide are utilising Microbus's rugged In-vehicle computers for a variety of applications including command and control, database access, computer aided dispatch, incident reporting, GIS/mapping and digital video recording.

Sint-Niklaas Police, London’s Metropolitan Police Service, the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Lancashire Constabulary, Sussex Police, Police Service of Northern Ireland, West Midlands Police, Dyfed-Powys Police, Greater Manchester Police, West Mercia Constabulary, North Wales Police, Fife Constabulary, Staffordshire Police, Lothian & Borders Police, Norfolk Fire, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, London Fire Brigade, Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
Microbus Benefits
Over 15,000 Microbus units are in operation daily within the public safety market. Benefits include improved response times; providing mission critical data on site and in a timely fashion; increased accountability and efficiency; and providing address details with fastest routing information & Hazard Management databases. though the introduction of Microbus mobile data systems, working practice can be streamlined thereby improving messaging and information management. Allowing electronic forms be completed at the scene, reduces the need to return to base resulting in increased visibility of the field agent. The ease of installation of Microbus computers, ease of use, our first class customer service and the comprehensive pre- and post-sales technical support has also contributed to some of the reasons why Microbus systems are well suited for the public safety market. 


Case Studies

Mobile computing solution provides huge benefits for Lancashire Constabulary


“The reliability and ease of use of Microbus vehicle PCs, and the technology within them, such as Intel, have been a key factor in the successful implementation of mobile data systems. Our officers now have access to a wide range of information in the field which has had a huge impact on the way they work. They have the ability to access the Police National Computer to do searches for information about suspects and can spend less time at the station doing unnecessary paperwork. Officers can send and receive images of missing persons and suspects, as well as having the ability to handle emails and deal with their reports. Having information at their fingertips means officers can make more informed decisions, increasing the number of arrests as well as helping to ensure their own safety.”


Head of ICT

Lancashire Constabulary

lancashire constabulary 



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