Jowil, Augara "Augie"

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    1.85 meters
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    Great Municipal Band

From the Expanded Universe

The galaxy often forgets that the Gungans are generally a proud people with a rich cultural heritage. In addition to their Grand Army, another source of extreme pride for the Gungans is the Great Municipal Band, a group made up of the finest musikagungs drawn to Otoh Gunga from the many settlements across Naboo. While the Great Municipal Band performs at all Gungan events of major significance, its purpose goes far deeper than that.

Under the direction of its leader, the Municipal Band serves as the keeper and teller of great Gungan histories in the form of symponiks, epic musical pieces designed to chronicle the past for future generations. Thus, the symponiks form a critical part of Gungan oral history.

At the time of the Battle of Naboo, the Great Municipal Band's leader was Augara "Augie" Jowil. As a prodigy from the Lianorm Swamp, Augie always showed great musical talent. Her parents sent her to Otoh Gunga to study under Beezar Pert, the aging bandleader best known for composing the Symponika Crunchen-Grand, which chronicled the formation of the first Grand Army. When Beezar retired, the Municipal Band's members unanimously elected Augie as its new leader, despite her relative youth.

While she never dreamed that she would one day chronicle events of even greater import than her predecessor, this changed on the day when Queen Amidala appeared before Boss Nass in the Gungan sacred place near the Gallo Mountains. Augie, as bandleader, was present for the event, and was stunned to see the Gungans' human neighbors prostrate themselves so respectfully and humbly. Augie knew then that she was witness to an unprecedented cultural shift in Naboo society, and immediately began composing in her head what would later be called the Symponik Nabooalla, the epic for all of Naboo.

The first movement of this piece debuted to thunderous applause before a vast crowd of humans and Gungans following the Trade Federation's defeat at the Battle of Naboo, cementing Augie's place in history as one of the Great Municipal Band's most significant leaders ever.

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