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World’s expiry date: 21 December 2012?

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Posted: Sep 25, 2009 at 1242 hrs IST
World end

London The world will end on 21 December 2012, claims ‘web-bot’ technology that has pushed apocalyptic prophecy into the internet age.

According to web’s conspiracy theorists, the bots accurately predicted the September 11 attacks and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and now they believe that a cataclysm of some sort will devastate the planet on 21 December, 2012.

Developed in the 1990s to predict stock market movements, the software is similar to the “spiders” that search engines use to index web pages.

The bots crawl through relevant web pages, noting keywords and examining the text around them. The theory is that this gives an insight into the “wisdom of crowds”, as the thoughts of thousands of people are aggregated, as reported.

George Ure, the project’s “co-mind”, says that his system predicted a “world-changing event” in the 60 to 90 days after June 2001, and on 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks happened.

Despite the vagueness of this prediction, many believed it to be genuine.

Now, the latest prediction is that 21 December 2012 signals the end of the world, possibly through a “polar shift” – when the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field is reversed. Believers claim that as well as the bots, the 2012 apocalypse is predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar, the Book of Revelations, and the Chinese text I Ching.

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going to happen after 3 years. by amit_a on 20 Jan 2010

1 to 1000000000000.................? a toz..........? life to haven. 2012 21st December.

adg87 by antonio on 12 Jan 2010

hey guys ihate to say that but i think they are right all ancient civilisations predict the end even christian ana i think that the world has already finished once dono nobody know

end of d world by deep shikha mohla on 06 Dec 2009

oh now m not gonna believe in all dis idiotic stuff. lots of such kinds of rumours are spread all ovr d world.......

hi by santoshpatil on 17 Nov 2009

dont take tension be happy all will guerenty die

Are they God? by ali on 03 Nov 2009

ho ho, look whose predicting about the future, they cant predict about themselves for the next second and they are predicting what is going to happen after 3 years........

web-bot by Vikas on 30 Oct 2009

web-bot predicts what it reads. It has been keep reading 2012 hoax from last 10 years, So, after reading lots fake data, it could conclude only estimation fake output from fuzzy logic.Read hoax => apply fuzzy logic on hoax data collected through bot => Output is hoax only.

Great propaganda by columbia Pictures by abhishek on 21 Oct 2009

World will not end, It is all an Ad campaign by columbia pictures for their new movie to be released in Nov-2009.For everything trace the route of Money you can get answers.

What all of us have agreed here by Vijay on 21 Oct 2009

Hi, This dooms day scenario/prediction and mass hysteria clearly shows that we are not happy with what we are doing today. First let us agree on What we should be doing and let us move this earth from what we are today to what we should be.Rather than being pessimistic, let each one of us look at it and change ourselves by 5% rather than holding others responsible. Really we can make the poles turn.

Book Excerpt: Provided for 2012! Jabes Rodriguez - Brazilian by Jabes Rodriguez on 18 Oct 2009

Provided for 2012!Jabes Rodriguez "Men will faint from fear, in expectation of which would threaten the inhabited world, because the powers of heaven shall be shaken." (It means that there really scientific confirmation that the magnetic and gravitational forces will be moved.) The beautiful is as following these words of Luke 21, 26 ... "And then shall the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When you start these things happen, stand erect and raise your heads, because it is close to your liberation. " Nations and peoples of the earth freedom is shaping the heavens, is coming King and Lord Jesus, our freedom is near, glory to the heavens and the angels will strengthen us in this brief watch. I trust these words "And then, the son," are perfect, because we have the certainty and confirmation that threatens the world, however, does not necessarily have to be fulfilled, because

Book Excerpt: Provided for 2012! Jabes Rodriguez by Jabes Rodriguez on 18 Oct 2009

Book Excerpt: Provided for 2012! Jabes Rodriguez Now the nations and all peoples on earth knows the disclosure of the years 2012 and scientific confirmation (geophysicists, physicists, astronomers, metaphysical, etc, and geologists say categorically that the Earth is passing through the end of a cycle of 11,500 years) cycles to complete and phenomena occur (in focus in the media: Nostradamus, the Bible code and the Koran, American Indian legend of the Hopi, Tibetan Monks, Maya, the secret of the Sphinx and oRiun cycle, solar flares, inversion axes sun and earth, etc.), and meeting will be a prophecy spoken by the Lord Jesus says: "The men faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Or in other words more correct: "Men will faint from fear, in expectation of which would threaten the inhabited world, because the powers of heaven shall be shaken." (It means that there really scientific confirmation that the magnetic and gravit

Book Excerpt: Provided for 2012! Jabes Rodriguez - Brazilian by Jabes Rodriguez on 18 Oct 2009

Provided for 2012!Jabes Rodriguez And once I heard:Transcribe this vision, given to men of faith and courage, as a livelihood and to insist that the sky will respond to what on earth is signed...The time is soon! Your Holiness, if it causes scandal to 15hs mark on Friday of the Passion, pleading for the coming of our God in power and glory, you shall say to the blind and hard of heart, which is the chaff to the wheat? Hear and understand someone is saying, "Soon Break forth and the Coming of the Lord! And you ask why should I cry? However, all flesh is grass, and all his benevolence is equal to the flower of the field. Dried up the grass, the blossom has withered, as it blew over the very Spirit of the Lord. Surely the people are grass green. Dried up the green grass has withered to flower, but as the word of our God, it will last indefinitely. Is 40, 6-8.The straw and wheat? Both burn in the sun, but the word of our God stands forever:Then the glory of God will be revealed and all

2012 by someone on 09 Oct 2009

Get a life idiots



End of the world by Aiden on 06 Oct 2009

i really dont think the end of the world is near.! its jst a buncgh of bogus. maybe if we all get out of the internet maybe half of the world wont believe its the end! the internet is jst a bunch of bull crap. filled with nothing but nerds and slacky hakers! ppl of earth do not believe!

Reader by RandomReader on 01 Oct 2009

Now how did you decide it was going to be NewYork? I guess you are 'predictor Jay'?

about thisq by anoop on 29 Sep 2009

hay this how can be true no one has see tomorrow it may be tomorrow or laden may attack again if this is true he should die first who claiming that if i say tomorrow worlds end then nobody will believe but he say then it is believable haan thats bad ok do what ever you want or world will end on that particular day. enjoy the life before that or after dying in heaven you will think that i have not done nothing so try to do as much as u can

Rai by Rai MP on 29 Sep 2009


No crowd is wise by shunmugham on 26 Sep 2009

This is based on "wisdom of crowd?". No crowd is wise! Crowds live in fear and wants. As they are run by MIND, they can foresee nothing NEW. Are never creative.They are plagued by the horrors and violence of the ugly past of humanity...and the nightmares that it creates !

knowldge of 21 December 2012 is world by lovely on 26 Sep 2009

what is this of 21 December 2012

Dont waste your time and ours by Jay on 26 Sep 2009

Why the hell do you guys want to post these kind of articles? it is just a waste of your and our time. Some Jac A** is taking a movie on this stupid speculation. Even though polar shift happens, nothing will happen to the human kind. Possibly the coastal areas like Newyork wil be destroyed, there is 70% of the other population living in non-coastal areas.

Funny Post! by Musing Gal on 25 Sep 2009

Well well, even with technology instead of moving towards accuracy human tend to move towards speculation and that too about destruction and not construction. A great poet of temil once wrote "It pains to see foolish people like this..." on a different context, but I remembered that reading this post. So much for technology!

mr by peter lee booton on 25 Sep 2009

is not the ibot technology just compiling all other comments around the word ref 21/12/2012

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