A Scary return to WAR!

Posted by Scarybooster on Saturday Mar 27, 2010 Under Games, Humor

I’m writing this late at night after going to Roller Derby. It is one of the coolest sports ever invented. I feel like the typical dirty man looking at thr derby girls in skimpy outfits. Something about rollerskates, black lace stockings, and sweaty women beating on eachother, is hot. Not just hot, but smokin’ hot. What made it worse was my sons’ art teacher was a derby girl. What man has never dreamed of a half naked teacher rollerskating? It doesn’t natter if the teacher is pretty or not, it is the fanasy that makes them hot. I might have to go again.

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DAW: and the Lifetime Achievement Award goes to…

Posted by Scarybooster on Friday Mar 26, 2010 Under Games, daw

…wait a second! I need some dramatic blogging filler before I announce the Lifetime Achievement Award for DAW. I know you could just skim down the post and find his name, but you’re not going to do that, right? Read the filler first, it might be fun.

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DAW: The Unknown Developer !?

Posted by Scarybooster on Thursday Mar 25, 2010 Under Games, daw

I am dedicating today’s DAD (Developer Award of the Day) to a developer I don’t know by name. He/she is a great man/woman that has changed the face of MMORPGs forever. The person I speak of thought of the quest icon. It could be a !, ?, a ring, a symbol, or a glowing NPC jumping up and down like he is about to pee his pants with excitement. I don’t care what alerts me, as long as I know there is a quest to be started.

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DAW: AAA Special Edition

Posted by Scarybooster on Thursday Mar 25, 2010 Under Games, daw

Today, is a special edition of Developer Appreciation Week. I am proud to hand out a special award. Today’s award is called the Amazing Appreciation Award or AAA. The AAA is a team award. It is given out to the team I think is amazing. Don’t worry, I will be giving out an individual DAD today, but I wanted to reconize a team that has inspired me the most. First, I would like to give you a little background story.

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DAW: A Side Note

Posted by Scarybooster on Wednesday Mar 24, 2010 Under Games, daw

I good amount of bloggers are giving their thanks to developers this week, because I came up with a fake holiday. I wanted to thank you all for your support. I’m sure the developers appreciate it even if they don’t come on your blog and personally say thank you. They are out there reading your stuff, don’t worry.

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Notorious R.I.V…er

Posted by Scarybooster on Wednesday Mar 24, 2010 Under Blog Talk, Humor

I would like to take a break from Developer Appreciation Week (DAW) for this public service announcement. I would like to spread some love to one of my favorite bloggers out there, Notorious R.I.V…er. This man has HUGE balls.

Imagine yourself at try outs for a porn. You step out from the changing room and find a line of men standing in the room, waiting for their turn to show the director what they got. You slowly scan the men to see where you measure up. Your eyes stop on a guy with huge balls. He doesn’t look nerves at all and he already, has a boner and it is not even his turn. He is playing with his bellybutton and scratching his ass. You know he doesn’t care what others think of him. He is just there to have his balls cradled.

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DAW: Wes Platt

Posted by Scarybooster on Wednesday Mar 24, 2010 Under Games, daw

Wes Platt is the man! He is the only developer brave enough to do an interview with me. This would not be a proper Developer Appreciation Week, with out me thanking Wes Platt. I am very grateful for the time he took to answer my question. He even answered the silly bonus question. If you haven’t read any of his interviews check them out here:

1. MMOGamer

2.Werit’s Blog

3. Scarybooster Personal Interview and Game-Related Q&A

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DAW: Carrie Gouskos

Posted by Scarybooster on Tuesday Mar 23, 2010 Under Games, daw

What can I say about Carrie that can do her justice? Brilliant, extrodinary, creative, spectacular, and a whole bunch more fancy words. Carrie Gouskos was the Lead Designer for the Tome of Knowledge for the game Warhammer Online. Her design was revalutionary. People say it was like the Xbox 360 achievement system or Lord of the Rings Online’s Deed system, but on roids. The ToK changed the face of gaming. It took those other two achievement system to the next level.

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DAW: Rob Pardo

Posted by Scarybooster on Monday Mar 22, 2010 Under Games, daw

Most of you can tell just by the name in the title, what game I am going to talk about. Rob Pardo is a huge influence in the MMOG world. Not only was he the Lead Developer for World of Warcraft, he also had worked on Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition, Diablo 2, and produced several other games. The man has a brilliant mind for game design.

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Commenting Fraud

Posted by Scarybooster on Saturday Mar 20, 2010 Under Blog Talk

I was thinking this morning. I will pause for your shock…

I know a lot of different bloggers. I visit their blogs. I see their contact info in the side bar I visit different blog and see the blogger I just visited, in the comment section. Most of the time, their handle name on their blog is the same as their comments on other blogs.

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