More info revealed from Jo's reading in NYC
More info revealed from Jo's reading in NYC 2,000 lucky fans had the opportunity to interact with JK Rowling this evening at Carnegie Hall. The reading was rather eventful, as Jo revealed a lot of new information previously unknown about the series.

The most notable news of the night was the revelation of Dumbledore's sexuality. Jo says Dumbledore was gay and in love with Gellert Grindelwald. JK, in response to the audience's reaction, said "If I had known this would have made you so happy, I would have told you years ago."

Not quite as head-turning, but equally significant, Jo announced Neville Longbottom's marriage with Hannah Abbott. Hannah became the new landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.

Other heart-warming (ha!) news was revealed about Petunia Dursley. The night Harry left Privet Drive, Petunia wanted to tell Harry, "I know what you're up against and I hope it turns out okay."

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

EDIT: Click HERE to see MuggleNet's Emerson Spartz discuss the news on At Large with Geraldo Rivera... and subsequently get parodied on Jimmy Kimmel.
Posted by Ben on Oct 19th | 2685 Comments
Visitor Comments
Posted by greenphoenix Oct 19th 2007

I knew it....

Posted by Ravleen Oct 19th 2007

About I would have never guessed!

Posted by christianaeg Oct 19th 2007


Posted by de_lycanthrope Oct 19th 2007

...I KNEW IT! Oh man, wait 'till I show this page at school!

Posted by hermyohknee Oct 19th 2007

YESSYESS HOW DID I NOT SEE IT BEFORE!? And "Abbott" is spelled wrong. No big deal, but just saying. Top 5?

Posted by ahill Oct 19th 2007


Posted by Bre_bre_1991 Oct 19th 2007

Amazing! I knew it! haha.

Posted by snarkeh Oct 19th 2007

I was wondering when you guys would post this. Leaky beat you to it though =[. I'm glad I've got connections with people at the event though.

Posted by peabrain7 Oct 19th 2007

i knew it! i always had a feeling...

Posted by christianaeg Oct 19th 2007

i'm in shock......

Posted by loyal_draco Oct 19th 2007

i always knew i liked Grindledore...

Posted by Potti Oct 19th 2007

Im in shock also . Its pretty cool of her though . The dumbly thing , I mean .

Posted by gandalfxj9 Oct 19th 2007

Never going to look at dumbledore the same way again. Out of all the people in the HP books to turn gay it was Dmbledore??? Now people are going to call HP fans hope it doesn't come to that!! But man this is shocking...I fell off my chair I was so schocked!! Lol but it sort of funny....and I guess gay people will be happy.

Posted by blue4815162342 Oct 19th 2007

omg! when i first heard this i thought was a joke! anyhow it doesn't change my opinion of dumbledore. and the neville thing is different, never would have thought of him marrying hannah.

Posted by gracie_lou13 Oct 19th 2007

umm...i guess i now understand why dumbledore spent so much time with harry alone in his office.... :/

Posted by Duffanator Oct 19th 2007

I knew it! Just like Snape loved Harry for his eyes, Dumbledore's love was for Harry because he was an old dude stalker! lol Dumbledore's Army forever!

Posted by Firebolt215 Oct 19th 2007

OMG! wow! I didn't see that one coming! I guess I always thought of Dumbledore as asexual, lol. I definitely want to know all of the other stuff she said!!!!!!!

Posted by gandalfxj9 Oct 19th 2007


Posted by Blankey Oct 19th 2007

Why did she have to come up with this? More publicity? I'm just going to ignore this. No offense to anyone who has that life style, but I don't want to picture him being gay.

Posted by LaurenWeasley Oct 19th 2007

AWW. that's so sweet about Aunt Petunia. and Neville MARRYING hannah abbot? weird.

Posted by LindsayS Oct 19th 2007

Gellert? Laura Mallory is going to have a FIELD day with this!

Posted by loyal_draco Oct 19th 2007

lol..i personally love it. gives you a whole new reason on why he couldnt face grindelwald to defeat him... he was in love with him.. =] haaha

Posted by camilo_hp Oct 19th 2007

That's insane!! I had no idea. But it's cool though. Abbille or nevott? -camilo

Posted by maki Oct 19th 2007

WHAT??!! omgg!!!! DUMBLEDORE?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by kmn1988 Oct 19th 2007

Dumbledore? Gay? Re-he-heally? That's interesting...good for him. More power to him. But the point of releasing Dumbledore's sexuality is? Neville married Hannah huh? That's cool.

Posted by wougal07 Oct 19th 2007

wow... that's crazy... I didn't expect that of Dumbledore but whatever floats your boat right? and Neville and Hannah? Cute lol! And wow about Petunia.... wow

Posted by HannahWeasley Oct 19th 2007

Um I think I could have lived without that info about Dumby....eww!!! bad pictures!! TMI, Jo!!!!!

Posted by snarkeh Oct 19th 2007

You guys realize she only told people he was gay because someone asked if he had ever found love, right? She didn't just randomly say it, she was answering a question.

Posted by Catie Oct 19th 2007

I always sort of suspected, honestly. But I don't really get why people are freaking out. Considering we never hear a single thing about Dumbledore's love life, I don't see why it really matters, or why people are freaking out. I mean, he doesn't have a 'special friend' he's always hanging out with. Why does it matter?

Posted by LemonDrops Oct 19th 2007

WHAT THE HECK! he's GAY! dumbldedore was gay! omg..

Posted by lemondrop89 Oct 19th 2007

omg...never would have guessed that. but i guess it makes sense. huh. that really surprised me.

Posted by HRHFOREVER Oct 19th 2007

I can't believe that Dumbledore's ! I mean, I guess I can because I never thought of him actually in a relationship. Interesting!! And I love that Neville married Hannah, that's so cute!!!!!!!

Posted by GABZx3 Oct 19th 2007

LOL, slash fans must be going crazy now. Neville/Hannah? Hannah's such a random character...

Posted by seventysix Oct 19th 2007

Catie, People are just homophobic. That's the way the world works.

Posted by Ruffles Oct 19th 2007

I so didn't see that one coming...but its actually pretty cool. Glad to hear that Neville ended up happily married, I was wondering about that...

Posted by Catie Oct 19th 2007

I suppose, seventysix, but it's rather lame! Especially considering Dumbledore never made a move on Harry or anything. Maybe he also had a big problem with ingrown toenails. That would matter about as much, I think!

Posted by indiejane Oct 19th 2007

uh, it's pretty insulting when people say just because Dumbledore is gay that it changes his relationship with Harry. Being gay doesn't make him a pedophile. Just so you know.

Posted by lisamz Oct 19th 2007

I think Rowling's just starting to make up crazy stuff at this point. She is going to have to write an encyclopedia, after all. Dumbledore is gay? Is it necessary? Who cares about his sexuality and why assign him a sexual preference at all? It's totally irrelevant to the story.

Posted by MUHAHAHA Oct 19th 2007 shock...and speechless..........PS. Which House was Hannah in? Hufflepuff?

Posted by blue4815162342 Oct 19th 2007

good comment catie, and i agree it really doesn't matter.

Posted by tonksinlimegreenflipflops Oct 19th 2007

So much for all the Dumbledore/McGonagall shippers and fanfics. I think that really does put a different view on Dumbeldore, and wasn't really necessary, but i guess it's her way of showing your sexuality doesn't matter- you can still be great no matter. (Not that I ever thought that, but there are people in the world)

Posted by iwantorlando05 Oct 19th 2007

I KNEW IT!! I knew he was gay! That explains everything, the soft voice, the bright clothes, the COCKroach clusters!!! It all makes sense now!! Hahaha! you can't fool me old man~!

Posted by txRABbit Oct 19th 2007, preference, turning gay.... I knew the Trekkers had their share of anti-gay ignorant phobes, I just never really suspected it with the Potter crowd. How very sad for you all. Apparently, you read thebooks, just never understood them.

Posted by MUHAHAHA Oct 19th 2007

i have to agree with tonksinlimegreenflipflops ...........the ........

Posted by dobby_rocks Oct 19th 2007

To say this wasnât a shock would be a lie. I wonder if the COS forums will now allow people to have homosexuals in their fan fiction.

Posted by rachpheonix Oct 19th 2007

Pft. Dumbledore, I knew alllllll along. Oh, and I still thing Neville should have married Luna, oh well. :D

Posted by Sonja Oct 19th 2007

Perhaps Dumbledore's sexuality is not relevant enough or appropriate enough to be put in the books, but is still relevant enough to be answered as a question. We know why Snape is single; we may suspect that Slughorn just doesn't want to share his decadent luxuries items with a mate (though people could certainly speculate about him and his Slug Club), but I've always wanted to learn about spouses, or lack thereof, of Hogwarts professors. Perhaps we'll learn, trickle by trickle. That's cool.

Posted by nevilles_soulmate Oct 19th 2007

Think of all the fanfiction this is going to launch... I'm kinda bummed about Neville and Hannah, though. I'm a big N/L shipper. : (

Posted by Catie Oct 19th 2007

txrabbit, ignorance has no limits, it goes pretty much everywhere. Although to be fair, I haven't seen any really bad comments. Seems like everyone is at least trying to be cool with it, so hey, PROPS!

Posted by Tony_the_Terrible Oct 19th 2007

Surely this is a joke, right? For me, this ruins the whole series if it is true. I don't think this is an issue Jo would really want to bring up. It would alienate a good deal of her fans.

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