Everybody loves the sunshine. But every year we set our clocks so that we get less of it in our lives, sleeping through the sunlit mornings while we use expensive, polluting electric lights to keep out the dark nights. Lighter Later is a campaign to brighten all of our days, by changing the clocks so we are awake when the sun is out.

The idea is simple: we shift the clocks forward by one hour throughout the entire year. We would still put the clocks forward in spring and back in autumn, but we would have moved an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, when more of us are awake to enjoy it.

Lighter Later is also the best proof yet of 10:10’s bright idea – that cutting carbon and making life better can and should go hand in hand.

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3,500 brighter tonight

Today we unleashed the awesome power of 10:10s mailing list. In short, the response has blown us away. In under 9 hours we’ve added a stonking 3,500 new supporters to the call for Lighter Evenings. Tuesday has also seen an incredible array of new organisations flying the flag from the RAC to Horticulture Weekly to the late night crowd over at the Dark Age of Camelot forum.

Meanwhile, we were also featured all over the front page of the Independent, bagged p.11 in The Guardian and scored big in the  The Evening Standard. Tuesday was also a day of local coverage from Coventry to Devon and Cornwall, to BBC Radio shows in Manchester, Sheffield, Wales and Scotland, all topped off by a piece on Radio 4’s iconic PM. I’m loosing track! Funny spot of the day goes to Lighter Later’s first parody courtesy of Low Carbonara: New 10:10 campaign launches but fails to spot major flaw.

Meanwhile, quote of the day goes to Thomas Cowley on our facebook wall who says: “As someone who’s milked cows for a living I wouldn’t give two hoots if I have to get up in the darkness, as I’d get another hour of light time in the evening when it can be USED. As I now work 08:30-17:30 in an office I also think it would deliver a huge psychological boost to office workers to go home for far more of the year in the light. GMT +2 has been run successfully in the UK before (during WWII was it?). Let’s have it again and enjoy it!” Speaking of farmers, does everyone know that the NFU (National Farmers Union) no longer opposes the move? In fact, we’re hard pushed to find any organisations who disagree with Lighter Later!

Still feeling active? Here’s three suggestions for whiling away the afternoon:

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And we’re off…

Phew, what a 24 hours! The press office phone been ringing off the hook and Lighter Later has been featured by everyone from Mumsnet and MSN to the Scotsman, the Daily Mirror and on the front page of the Observer. We’ve also been rocking the airwaves on radio shows across the country, even managing a brief stint on the  Andrew Marr Show.

Meanwhile, Lighter Later’s been going down an absolute storm online. The idea’s spreading like wildfire across Twitter (or “the tweetsphere” as one colleague insists on calling it) and our Facebook following is doubling by the hour. The best bit, however, is the incredible response from our new supporters, best summed up by Jake Bland on the Lighter Later Facebook page: “The more i think about it the more i think ‘why dont we do this already?!’ Its one of the rare occasions where a Facebook page/group seems like a good idea and/or is useful in some way. I fully support.”

All of this comes before we’ve even managed to get around to telling our own 60,000-strong 10:10 mailing list yet! We’re braced for serious chaos when the message goes out first thing tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Lighter later launches today!

Today sees the launch of Lighter Later, 10:10’s brand new campaign for Daylight Saving Time reform.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’re going to be updating this page, launching brand new stunts, competitions and events so make sure that you’re signed up to the site are following us on twitter and have joined our Facebook page for the very latest.

As Franny Armstrong – 10:10’s founder and Director of The Age of Stupid – says:

“Hands up who doesn’t want our country to be safer, lighter, more prosperous and with less pollution? And who doesn’t want to save money on their electricity bills without lifting a finger?”

We couldn’t agree more. The times they are a-changin’.