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  • The spring is the largest spring of it's kind in the world, it releases 2.5 million gallons of water a day and fills the 8 acre Hot Lake.
  • Hot Lake lies over a fault line extending along the base of Craig Mt.
  • The mineral springs averages 208 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Enough water flows from the spring to fill a 90' x 60' x 6' deep pool everyday.
  • The mineral waters contain sulfur, calcium, aluminum, magnesium sulfate, sulfides, phosphorous, and iron.
  • The brick structure is currently standing survived the 1934 fire due to an overhead sprinkler system.
  • The x-ray machine used to Hot Lake pre-dates the x-ray machine on display at the Smithsonian Institute.
  • The elevator in the brick part of the hotel is the second oldest elevator on the west coast.
  • Under Dr. Phy, arthritis, tuberculosis, alcoholism and venereal diseases (especially syphilis) were treated at the clinic. Dr. Phy believed that the syphilis organism could not withstand repeated sulfuric hot baths. Arthritis was treated by putting the patient in a mud bog. By heating up the body it opened the pores and then cleared the body of bad toxins by rapidly cooling the body.
  • The current brick hotel is 65,000 square feet and originally contained 105 rooms.
  • Hot Lake was well established as the Mayo Clinic of the west.
  • Hot Lake was referred to as a Holy Ground by Native Americans.
  • This Grande Ronde valley is the largest valley completely surrounded by mountains, perhaps in the world.
  • THe Manuel family purchased Hot Lake in November of 2003 and are restoring the site.
  • The large white barn on the hill is NOT a part of the current property known as Hot Lake Springs.
  • Hot Lake Springs project is open and will continue to open new areas as they are restored.


  • 1810's White man creates community.
  • 1840's Oregon Trail becomes route of choice
  • 1860's Wooden structure built (gift shop to West)
  • 1880's Chinese construct railroad
  • 1900's Townhouse and brick structure begins )bank and post office to East: current gallery)
  • 1910's/20's/30's "Hay days of hot Lake:
    • 1st floor businesses.
    • 2nd floor resort.
    • 3rd floor hospital.
    • outbuildings;
      • barns, blacksmith, laundry, farms, residences.
  • 1934 Fire destroys most of original 1860's structure and devastates community:
  • Hot Lake demise begins
  • 1950's Nursing home takes residence on 3rd floor
  • 1970's Vacancy begins

Restoration Project

2003 Privately owned family project begins;
  • No Roof.
  • All 368 windows are missing.
  • Two years of physical and legal cleanup.
  • March 2008 entire West SWing collapses.
  • 2010 "Grand Opening" as restoration continues.

Operations at Hot Lake Springs

Manuel Historic Museum Collection
Native American - Military - Oregon Trail
20 Room Bed and Breakfast
Magnoni's Italian Family Style Restaurant
Hot Lake Bronze Foundry
Art Gallery and Market Place
Restore Spa / Salon
Outdoor Sculpture Garden

Cherokee Designs, LLC