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Miyamoto reveals his influences

Easy Rider, Stanley Kubrick and Manzai comedy have all had an impact
Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has discussed his love for rebellious 1969 movie Easy Rider - as he reveals what were the biggest influences on his early career.

Speaking in the first instalment of our giant interview, Miyamoto said that his generation saw the movie as "a bible"- and that writer/director duo Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda had a "great influence" on his life.

When we asked Miyamoto what he looked up to when he was younger - when an established video games industry didn't exist - he told us:

"Yes, I loved The Beatles - but when it comes to music, my particular taste is the American bluegrass music. I think bluegrass music was a great influence upon myself. When it comes to the pop culture in general, the movie Easy Rider was kind of a bible for our generation. I also saw the Stanley Kubrick Space Odyssey movie which was great also.

"A writer or director like Peter Fonda, who made Easy Rider, must have had a great influence upon myself when I was young.

"I was living in Kyoto, which belongs to the Kansai region. In Japan - and in Kansai region particularly - when we were young there was tendency to love certain types of entertainment called Rakugo, which is one storyteller telling you sometimes a sad story, and sometimes one that would make you laugh very much.

"I would also watch the Manzai - which is a comic duo or trio on the stage trying to make you laugh. Those kind of things, as well as Japanese cartoon culture must have something greatly influenced me, so much so that I really wanted to become a professional cartoonist when I was in Junior High."

Click here to read the first part of our Miyamoto interview, in which he reveals what 'makes' a Mario game - and how he's fine-tuned the control system of Galaxy 2.

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