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Specification Documents 

Bluetooth Technical Specification documents are made available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). If you have an idea for a new use case or for specification enhancements, please email Member Relations.

For proper viewing, you must use Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or higher. This software can be downloaded here at no cost. Files over 2MB in size are compressed in .ZIP file format.

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 Bluetooth Core SpecificationsPublish Date
Core Specification v4.0 17-Dec-2009
Core Specification v3.0 + HS 21-Apr-2009
Core Specification Addendum 1 26-Jun-2008
Core Specification v2.1 + EDR 26-Jul-2007
Core Specification v2.0 + EDR 10-Nov-2004
Volume 4: HCI Transports 01-Jan-2006
 Bluetooth Profile SpecificationsPublish Date
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile 1.2 16-Apr-2007
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile 1.0 04-Jun-2003
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile 1.4 26-Jun-2008
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile 1.3 16-Apr-2007
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile 1.0 04-Jun-2003
Basic Imaging Profile (BIP) 25-Jul-2003
Basic Printing Profile (BPP) 1.2 27-Apr-2006
Basic Printing Profile (BPP) 1.0 10-Feb-2004
Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP) 22-Feb-2001
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