Xingshan county is located at the worldwide attractive Changjiang Three-Gorges water conservancy project area, to the north side of Xiling Gorge.The new county seat-Gufu Town is only 176km away from Yichang City, and 97km away from Three-Gorges Dam, and 60km away from Shenlongjia Forest Region—Muyu Town to the north that has been approved as Changjiang Three—Gorges Economic Development Zone by the State Council .Xingshan County is a key tourism area of Three-Gorges, and also a key route way of Changjiang Tree-Gorges, Shenlongjia and Wudang Mountain golden tourism line. The county has total 6 towns and 2 administrative rural areas,108 villages, with a population of 180,620,and a state owned area of 2,327 square kilometers. The county was firstly found in 260 A.C. , it has a history of 1,743 years. Xingshan has beautiful scenery, with a lot of mountains covered with the green and wood; The rich land has brought in a abundant cultural resources, clear streams flow between green river banks at both sides, wandering downstream. Clear and transparent waterfall run downward with magnificent view. Water energy, minerals, forestry and tourism resources are extremely rich..

       Xingshan is the hometown of Wang Zhaojun, one of the most beautiful ladies in Chinese history, and also the hometown of Qu Yuan, one of the greatest famous scholars in the world history. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, particularly since reform and opening to the outside world, according to the thinking of starting from water and electricity, breaking-through in minerals and achieving results of forest , fruits and special produces, weexert ourselves and work very hard, and have realized the change from the traditional single agricultural economy to multiple economy. Taking water and electricity as the starting industry for the economic development, we have built 47 power stations of different sizes, with a generation capacity of 180,000KW,its average generation capacity and electricity usr volume for each person is at the front at ther county level in China, and we have realized preliminary electrification in the countryside. Taking the development road of firstly building small hydro-station, electricity carrier exploiting the road and developing vigorously deep-processing industry, we have exploited and used more than 10 kinds of mineral resources, and formed pillar industries of phosphor us chemical industry, metallurgy and building material, Xingfa Chemical Industry Group, taking phosphorus chemical industry as the leading one, has a total assets of more than 2,000 million yuan, the products have been sold to Europea, America, Asia for more than 30 coutriesand regions, earning an annual foreign currency of 50 million dollars; We have vigorously developed forest and fruits industry, and developed ZhaoJun oranges, shaddock, gingkgo, eucommia, Chinese goosebeery and other special produces, 600,000 mu forest and fruits base has become ther green bank of getting rich for farmers; Concentrating on the construction objective of mountain, water garden city, tourism cultural city and ecological environment city, the new county proper has become one of the most beautiful counties in the province. We give prominence to infrastructure construction by taking traffic and communication as the key item, it has currently 1,300km of high way mileage, 90% connect to the highway, the newly built Xiakou Port with an annual throughput of 600,000t cargoes ant 300,000 passengers has been put into operation, Lan-Hang Expressway under planning passes through Xingshan. The programmed telephones in the county reach 28,000, and 8 towns and administrative areas have numeral mobile telecommunication,and the county proper has the wide band information network,various sorts information can be received and sent to everywhere in the world 24 hours a day, TV coverage rate of the county reaches 100%.
         In the 15th Five—Year Plan, according to the strategy of the powerful county in project, flourishing county through sci-tech, energizing the county by opening, and rich county in ecology, we will strive to realize 4 large projects, namely nationwide known rich electrified county, nationwide known most powerful county of phosphorus chemical industry, the county earning most foreign currency in the city and the strong economic county in Three-Gorges Dam. Expecting the future, the hometown of Zhaojun will be more prosperous and wonderful. The hardworking and faithful Xingshan people warmly welcomeboth domestic and international guests to visit Xingshan, to invest in industries and jointly create a bright future.

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