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"In my 3o years as an officer and supervisor, I never encountered an individual more passionate, devoted and qualified for law enforcement than Pat Davis"
-- Deborah Kuidis, Retired Albuquerque Police Department Deputy Chief

The Right Sheriff For Right Now

"The Right Sheriff for Right Now" - Now seen online! 
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Pat Davis Receives First National Endorsement in Sheriff's Campaign: 
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Endorses Openly Gay Sheriff Candidate (March 25)
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Democrat - Bernalillo County - 2010

I am excited to run for Sheriff! 

"Thanks to the support of our community leaders and neighbors, I know that we can make progressive law enforcement work in Bernalilo County. 
In law enforcement, we have an obligation to be respectful of the people we serve, empower them to build up their own communities and to include everyone in problem solving that makes our neighborhoods places we all feel safe to be. "

Respect. Empower. Include.
A great mission for a modern law enforcement agency.

The needs of our neighborhoods are as unique as the communities that make up our county.  From Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, to Cedar Crest, to Nob Hill and San Jose, each of our neighborhoods deserves a crime-fighting strategy that is tailored to its own needs.  And across the county, there are problems on which we can all work together, such as school safety for our children and attacking gang violence with a zero-tolerance approach.

Not only am I an advocate for community-policing, but I have worked hard to put community-based problem solving programs in place, and those programs have brought real solutions.  In Washington, DC I worked with churches and neighborhood leaders to provide safe after-school programs for children seeking an alternative to gangs and drugs.  With the UNM community, I worked to implement the state's first emergency alert system that provided instant text messaging and emails to students, parents and community members during a crisis. With the District Attorney's Office, I sought out and wrote grant applications to bring new funding to target drug-related violence and to preserve funding to prosecute methamphetamine crimes.

Thanks to my diverse background in law enforcement, working in federal, state and local agencies, to my service with the District Attorney's Office, advocating for victims and working with community leaders to keep offenders in custody, I have worked on behalf of our communities in Albuquerque and all of Bernalillo County.

Our next sheriff should be able to build stronger relationships with our communities, advocate in Santa Fe for stronger laws and more resources to tackle big problems, and should be able to bring new technology to the front-lines to more quickly identify offenders and to build the cases necessary to keep them in custody.

I am Pat Davis, and I am running for sheriff because I am the right sheriff for right now!


I have been privileged to serve in some of the most challenging law enforcement environments of our time.  I was a police officer with the US Capitol Police on 9/11, helping to evacuate terrified visitors and staff from the United States Capitol Building.  I have p
roudly served as a cop in some of our nation’s most depressed housing projects and neighborhoods, where police and community resources were far outnumbered by gang members and drug dealers. I have led new divisions and initiatives to keep students safe on our community’s campuses. 

I studied policing and management alongside the world’s best and brightest law enforcement leaders, and brought that knowledge back to New Mexico to make our communities better. Today, I sit at the table, bringing the community together with prosecutors, law enforcement and the courts to target repeat offenders and to identify emerging crime trends before they get out of hand. In each of those experiences, I have been able to see how smart policing, in focus with the community’s priorities can equal success.


When I came to New Mexico, I brought those same lessons with me.  Faced with diminishing resources and expanding responsibilities in the UNM Police Department, I reached out to new communities of students, parents, staff and faculty to learn about their unique concerns; then we focused our efforts towards attacking those issues.  Thanks to community support, and some innovative approaches including computer crime analysis and increased training, we were able to identify problem areas in the community and go after the criminals.  Thanks to our successes, we built new partnerships with APD, BCSO, State Police and more.


Law enforcement should be about a common sense and responsible approach.  Our county is so diverse that no “cookie cutter” approach to policing will work.  Residents of the East Mountains have much different concerns than business owners in our South Valley. Deputies in each area command should be alerted when a repeat offender moves into their area, and businesses should know when a new criminal group or tactic emerges targeting our local businesses. Our approach to policing has to be intelligent – and it must bring results. 


I have seen first hand how valuable community support can be to law enforcement. In Washington, police were often outnumbered, but we stood on the shoulders of neighbors who cared.  When they asked for help, we responded and together we made those neighborhoods safer.  That same approach works as well here as it did there.  I have served on the front-lines and built the connections necessary to make it work.  I have worked alongside Bernalillo County’s finest law enforcement applying the same strategies here. 


Bernalillo County deserves a Sheriff who puts people before politics. Law enforcement is a tough job, and it takes a serious leader to set the agenda. The “Zero Tolerance” approach we must apply to gang crimes may not always be appropriate in cases where collaboration and cooperation can do more.  Police officers and deputies today have to be social workers, teachers, health care workers and more.  We can be compassionate when appropriate, and tough when necessary.


Residents deserve to know when a serial burglar targets their neighborhood, and they should share in our successes when our deputies arrest a drug dealer in their block.  This type of community-based law enforcement is based on two-way communication – when the Sheriff is willing to tell residents about crime and ask for their help, and residents are empowered to provide the tips necessary to go after the criminals.

Bernalillo County is ready to move into the next generation of law enforcement. We are ready to build on our reputation and successes as the premier law enforcement agency in the Southwest.  Our deputies are the brightest and best trained in the state.  Its time we empower them to do more.


I believe that it is time for our county to shed its reputation as a dangerous community. 

I live here, I love it here, and I want all of my neighbors to feel safe here!


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