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The Revolution x16 Server

Enterprise Benefits with Revolution x16

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To Find Out More About Our Revolution x16 Server.

The Revolution is here! And just in time.

Escalating energy costs, security threats, and increasing demands on server resources necessitate a new breed of servers.

Unmatched for high-performance networked storage, secure Web servers, databases and applications, the Revolution x16 offers:

  • An ultra high-performance 16-core, 64-bit MIPS processor that executes almost 20-billion instructions per second
  • Power-consumption of just 50 watts
  • 70% reduction in electricity bills
  • Advanced, multi-purpose architecture that puts an end to reliance on single-function servers
  • Encryption in hardware that frees up processing power for other applications.

Multi-Purpose, Flexible Architecture

This Revolution puts an end to the days of buying one server for your applications and one for your storage. By design, the Revolution can easily allocate its significant resources to all the diverse functions in your data center.

By dedicating processor cores to your networked storage needs, your Web server, and your database engine, as needed, it offers ultimate flexibility and performance – and, it can do all this while encrypting and decrypting your data on the fly in hardware, not cycle-consuming software.

Highest Performance, Just 50 watts

Unlike the old-style processor incumbent in most of today's servers, the Revolution leverages a new chip designed for swiftly and securely moving data around the network – running circles around the competition.

The Revolution uses the powerful OCTEON™ CN3860, a 16-core, 64-bit MIPS processor, which can execute nearly 20-billion instructions per second. Using less than 50 watts of power, Revolution enables unmatched efficiency, at the lowest cost.

Accelerating the Revolution

The OCTEON processor includes hardware accelerators that efficiently perform encryption, compression, and TCP packet processing – functions that other servers must do in software.

To help power the Revolution, Movidis surrounded the OCTEON with up to eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 8 Gigabytes of DDR2 SDRAM, an 8-channel SATA/SAS RAID controller, and a 133 MHz/64-bit PCI-X expansion slot.

Open Source

Linux is burned into the on-board flash, along with development tools and applications available pre-installed and ready to run on the internal hard drives.

Benefits for the Enterprise

  • Unmatched high-speed network storage – almost 400 Mbytes/sec
  • Integrated encryption hardware offers secure communications, without the increased latency, extra capital expenditures, power consumption, and rack space.
  • Reduced power consumption – saving 300 watts on a server that operates 24/7 saves 5.4 KWH/day (assuming 50% extra power for cooling), or almost $300 per year (at $0.15 per KWH). In five years, that is half of the cost of a server.
  • When large enterprises need to add storage, instead of just installing new racks, it's much more economical to just replace existing servers with the Revolution, increasing storage in Tbytes per cu. foot, and reducing power consumption.
Benefits for Small & Medium-Sized Business

  • Performance that was once available only to large enterprise is now attainable for the SMB market, yet in an easy-to-manage, Ethernet-only (no FC, no SAN, no iSCSI) network.
  • Experience the efficiency of a high-performance server that can provide state-of-the art networked storage, and still have enough cycles for other applications, like the web and email server.
  • Low power consumption means unmatched savings and efficiency.
  • Open source makes it easy – Linux is burned into the on-board flash, along with development tools and applications available pre-installed and ready to run on the internal hard drives.