Why are you telling me this?

We are in the process of trying to get health insurance. During the interview process I was asked some questions that I didn’t know the answers to. I needed to follow up with my doctor and get back to them. No problem.

I call my doctor’s office on Tuesday and speak with a lady who is very pleasant on the phone. I explain what I need and she says, ?No problem. Come in to the office on Thursday between 9 and 2 and I’ll get you everything you need.’ Excellent!

Thursday morning I show up at the doctor’s office at 9:20. The place is empty except for 2 ladies doing paperwork behind the reception counter. I’m greeted by one of them who I recognize as the lady who answered my phone call on Tuesday. I explain who I am and she remembers exactly what I need. She hops up, runs to the back where the patient files are and begins looking for my file. 5 minutes later she returns asking when my last visit was. Armed with this information she heads back again for another 5 minutes or so.

Before getting there, I fully expected to be there for about 30 minutes. So a 10 minute delay at this point isn’t bothering me at all. I’m thrilled that there is nobody else in the office and I’m basically getting all of their attention.

She returns a few minutes later stating that she can’t find my record. She punches some keys on the computer for a minute or two, but finds nothing to clue her in as to where it would be. She takes down my cell number and tells me she’ll call me when she finds it. This really isn’t what I wanted to hear. I’d really like to get this taken care of. But, assuming she does actually find it in the next few hours, I’m not going to complain. I assure her it’s no problem, I thank her and I head to the bagel shop before heading home.

As I’m paying for my bagels my phone rings. She has found my file and I can come back anytime. Excellent, I say and thank her again. I grab my bagels and head back to the doctor’s office.

When I get there a second time, the place is still empty. Perfect. She hands me a stack of copies (about 20 pages) of some of my records. I ask a couple questions about them and she realizes that she forgot a couple. She quickly copies those, we add them to my stack and I thank her again telling her how much I appreciate the effort, etc, etc, etc… And as I’m turning to walk away she says, “You are lucky you got me. Anybody else would have charged you a dollar per page.” I thank her again and I walk out.

I needed the information she gave me. Had she told me ahead of time that it was $1/page I would have paid it without a second thought. But instead, she made a choice to not charge me. Maybe it was because I was pleasant the entire time. Maybe it’s because she made me leave the office and come back. I don’t know why, but she made that decision on her own. I did not ask for free copies. So why then, after I have already thanked her at least half a dozen times did she feel compelled to tell me that she did me this extra’ favor?

Sometimes people confuse me…

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2 Responses to “Why are you telling me this?”

  1. I'd guess it's because she was justifying her screw-up of losing the papers in the first place. She felt better saying it, and perhaps thought you would feel better by hearing it too!

  2. I'd guess it's because she was justifying her screw-up of losing the papers in the first place. She felt better saying it, and perhaps thought you would feel better by hearing it too!