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In the last 12 months, AK Press published around 20 new titles. In the next year we should be able to publish even more. Right now several exciting projects are ready to be printed. But, money is tight, while the need for our books is greater than ever. We need your help to keep these crucial materials available.

Becoming a Friend of AK Press is a way in which you can directly help us to realize these and many more such projects, much faster. Friends pay a minimum (of course, we have no objection to larger sums) of $25 per month, for a minimum three month period, into our AK Press account. Money received goes directly into our publishing. In return, Friends automatically receive (for the duration of their membership), as they appear, one FREE copy of EVERY new AK Press title. Secondly, they are also entitled to a 20% discount on EVERYTHING featured in the AK Press Distribution catalog. Read more about the Friends of AK Press program | Become a Friend

AK Press Bookmobile
Just as the DIY ethic enables the underground music scene to thrive against the bland, boring, sterile major airplay crap, the Bookmobile cruises past the corporate "book" stores and brings the books directly to the people.

The Bookmobile is a network of tablers and activists around the country - there are bands, roadies, travellers, students... who are involved in this grassroots distribution. You can get together with others and table at local shows, rallies, marches, fairs and clubs.
Read more about the AK Press Bookmobile and see where it is going to be next and how to join!