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Mercedes-AMG: unique, top-quality model line-up is popular worldwide
Apr 10, 2000
  • Approximately 5,000 Mercedes-AMG models sold worldwide in 1999
  • Managing Director Dr. Bernhard: "Strongly placed on the market in 2000 with new, top-flight performance cars"
Geneva/Stuttgart — For many years now, the three letters AMG have spelt top-flight engineering and superlative performance. With its steadily unfolding success of recent years, AMG is also a high-growth, profitable company. Mercedes-AMG GmbH, which has been integrated into DaimlerChrysler AG since the beginning of last year, did good business in 1999. Some 5,000 AMG-Mercedes models were sold, maintaining the highly successful showing of 1998. For Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, joint Managing Director with Domingo Piedade, this performance is proof that the company has made the right choices: “The repositioning of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and the integration into DaimlerChrysler AG create the ideal basis for a strong position in all our main markets. Mercedes-AMG GmbH is a highly competent company with sharp reflexes, which can respond extremely quickly to all customer requirements and is now backed up by the global strength of the DaimlerChrysler Group.”
A workforce of 420 generated revenues of 200 mill. Euro in 1999.
Cornerstones of success: the C 43 and E 55 AMG eight-cylinder models
In 1999, as in the previous year, the C 43 AMG and E 55 AMG models proved particularly popular. Meanwhile, the strong response to the S 55 AMG exceeded all expectations. Instead of the 150 units anticipated at the beginning of the year, some 500 of these luxurious sports sedan models were actually sold
Forecast for 2000: unique new models will provide strong impetus
Regarding the year 2000, Dr. Bernhard sounds a very optimistic note: “Business this year promises to be particularly good for Mercedes-AMG GmbH – thanks to our offensive and expansive model policy. With the ML 55 AMG, the E 55 AMG 4MATIC and the CLK 55 AMG cabriolet, we are sending three all-new, and above all unique, performance vehicles into the fray.” The sales target for Mercedes-AMG GmbH in 2000 is some 6,500 vehicles. Further aims for the future are to offer sporty AMG models in virtually all the Mercedes model series. The launch of the sporty, exclusive AMG versions in a particular series will be timed to coincide with the launch of the other models.
The most important markets for AMG vehicles are the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan.
Phased take-over will be completed in 2009
Since 1999, DaimlerChrysler AG has held a 51 per cent shareholding in Merce-des-AMG GmbH. It has been agreed that by the end of 2008, DaimlerChrysler will take over the remaining shares. The phased takeover of this vehicle tuning company based in Affalterbach, near Stuttgart, will secure for DaimlerChrysler the expertise, experience and manpower of a partner whose name has for many years been a byword for top-quality, high-performance vehicles and sporty design.
At the operational level, the cooperation between DaimlerChrysler and Mercedes-AMG GmbH remains affected by the changed shareholding structure. Affalterbach is responsible, in consultation with Stuttgart, for the development of high-performance and luxury vehicles, and for sporty design. Mercedes-AMG is involved in the development of new model ranges right from the start – from the drawing up of the specifications book through to full-scale production. This ensures that the sporting ambitions of Mercedes-AMG drivers are taken into account in the design of the basic vehicle and that the customary high Mercedes quality standards are fulfilled at all times.
Customer vehicles are built in tandem by the DaimlerChrysler manufacturing plants and Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach, where all the necessary facilities are available to build either small-scale series or individually customized vehicles hand-crafted to the customer‘s specifications.
Mercedes-AMG models come with the full range of services
Customers enjoy the added advantage of being able to order their AMG-Mercedes via the Mercedes-Benz sales organization. Since every AMG Mercedes is a fully-fledged Mercedes-Benz, the full scope of Mercedes-Benz service and warranty applies to all AMG products. All new Mercedes-AMG models also come with the Mercedes-Benz lifelong mobility and corrosion warranty, mobilo-life. The corporate aim of Mercedes-AMG GmbH is to offer customers tailor-made Mercedes-Benz vehicles of the highest quality.
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