News: Jets sign OT Michael Turkovich

Although there has been much focus on the Jets new acquisition, Nick Folk, Michael Tukovich was quietly sneaked onto the roster by New York today. Turkovich was another Cowboy kicked to the curb after suffering a knee injury.

The Jets have signed … free agent offensive tackle Michael Turkovich.

Turkovich, a former Notre Dame standout, was in training camp with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent last summer but was released after injuring a knee

I found a bit of information on Turkovich that can be found after the jump:

Turkovich is a good-sized tackle (6-5, 300 lbs) that can keep ”his feet moving, blocks with leverage and strong at the point of attack. Stays square, fights with his hands and gets movement run blocking. [However, he] lacks balance, on the ground too much and struggles blocking in anything other than a small-area.” 

We knew both the O-Line and the D-Line could use depth and with limited picks in April, it looks like Trader Mike is trying to stack the roster early. Turkovich does bring with him a decent resume and could develop as a strong backup for the O-Line after working with Bill Callahan.

15 Responses to “News: Jets sign OT Michael Turkovich”

  1. He has good tangibles atleast

  2. This is where having Callahan as the line coach is so great. He has the ability to get the most out of guys by explaining the position the way they understand it. If this kid can play, Bill will get him playing. Now that we have a couple of young guys to back up the two older linemen I want to see at least two good defensive FA signings before draft. We really don’t need to go hog wild, which is good considering as a member of the final four….we can’t.

  3. Surprisingly, finding young OL talent to backup our superb starting lineup has been our biggest struggle under Callahan/Schottenheimer/Tannenbaum.
    Garner, Bender, Kracalik, Daniels, McKee, Parenton, Montgomery and Oldenburg have all come and gone over the past couple years. Turner and Hunter have stuck and hopefully Slauson can develop. Still, this is an area of concern.

  4. This is a good grab for depth. I like this move.

  5. Eastside – Parenton is still with the team. The fact they kept Hunter, Turner and Slauson over some guys who’ve started elsewhere (Garner, DeVan) is interesting. Are they superior to those guys or was this a player evaluation error? We’re sure to find out eventually.

  6. Seems like were taking over all the cowboys left overs. Think they can send us anything decently good?

  7. Sounds good? Let’s see if he pans out.

  8. More training camp Fodder?

    He was rated as an UFA and lived up to that rating, failing to stick. He played at ND the season that their O Line was considered a big weakness.

    Big body, upside is as a back up, will need a few injuries to stick.

    O Line is the most difficult position to judge the second string since they do not get any time in a rotation, so really we have no clue how good those guys are but sooner or later we are going to find out.

    Hard to judge the need so hard to decide whethar they should use the second round pick on a true possible future starter, but on the face of it I think they should.

  9. Certainly can’t ever hurt to have depth. I like how he’s being proactive.

  10. Bent, you failed to mention the best of the bunch that left, Oldenburg. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he one of the best OL on New Orleans this past year?

  11. We have a lot of UDFA on our team so I am not going to kill the Jets for some that got away.

    If one of these guys stick on the OL …. its a great find.

  12. Pete – I think you mean Jonathan Goodwin, not Oldenburg. I didn’t mention him because he was a pre-Tannenbaum guy, so it’s not like any of the guys here now were selected ahead of him.

  13. Will be a great asset to the team. Callahan is reaching into the depths and will line him up as a starter in no time

  14. The Turk

  15. If he plays better in “small spaces” is there a possibility that he would benefit us more as an OG?