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Buying 30 day Concord Pilot License Extension through the EVE Online website

How to purchase a 30 day Concord Pilot License Extension through the EVE Online website and redeem it through your EVE Online account or use it to reactivate your account.

Rules & Conditions

  • We currently only accept payment via credit cards for this service.
  • Prices are $34,99 or €34,99 depending on your location.
  • Players in the EU have to pay in Euros as CCP has to pay VAT to the EU. This VAT is taken off the amount paid by the player.

    European Union E-commerce Directive 2002/38/EC, Regulation 792/2002 stipulates that all EU residents must pay a Value Added Tax (VAT) on electronically supplied services including online games. CCP is thus obligated to add a VAT on all payment transactions for customers living within the EU.


Step by Step Guide
This is a step by step guide on how to purchase and redeem Pilot License Extensions in EVE Online.

  1. Log into the account management page on the EVE Online website under My Account and click on the Buy PLEX link. This will take you to the PLEX purchase form.

  2. Select how many PLEX you wish to purchase. You currently have a selection of purchasing 2, 4 or 6 PLEX at a time.

  3. Fill out the personal and payment information and click NEXT. There will be an extra confirmation button which you must accept to finish the transaction.

    Please note: For security reasons there may be up to one hour delay in PLEX delivery after purchase
  4. Log into the EVE Online client.
  5. At the character selection screen there will be a Redeem Items button in the lower right corner. Select the character you wish to receive the PLEX and press the Redeem Items button.

  6. Check the box next to the PLEX you wish to redeem for that character in the confirmation window and press the Redeem Selected Items button.

  7. You will receive a confirmation window that informs you which character is receiving the PLEX and in which station they will be deposited. They are always deposited at the character's current location. PLEX can not be redeemed if the receiving character is not docked in an NPC station.

  8. Click Yes to accept the confirmation window if you are happy with your decision.

  9. Log in to that character and make use of your PLEX.


Reactivate the account with a Plex through Account Management

If you have an account that is disabled but you have a Plex that hasn't yet been redeemed, you can use it to reactivate the account.

  1. Log into Account Management.
  2. Choose to reactivate the account from the 'Common tasks' menu or by going to the 'Subscription details' section.
  3. On the page where you choose the payment method an option will be given to redeem a Plex and reactivate your account.


How to reverse the redeeming process.

If you have a Plex in your hangar you can move it to your redeemable items by right clicking the Plex and selecting 'Return to redeem items'. This way you can reactivate your account at a later date through the account management page by choosing Plex as a payment method.

For more information about Plex's and the reverse redeeming process, please refer to the following article: EVElopedia article on 30 day Concord Pilot License Extension

Special Notes:

  • You may only make one transaction through this system per 24 hours. That transaction may be 2, 4 or 6 PLEX.
  • Take extra care that you input your personal and credit card details correctly. In case of either a mistake or a failed transaction, please try again in 24 hours. If you still are unable to finish the transaction then please contact Customer Support, either through an in-game petition, the webform on the EVE Online website or directly at support@EVE-Online.com.

EVElopedia article on 30 day Concord Pilot License Extension

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