- 15th April, 2010

Celebrating South Park's 200 episode: Five of the best

South Park celebrated episode number 200 yesterday so we have gathered up five of the best, and the most controversial, episode's from Matt Parker and Trey Stone.

A clip from the South Park episode 'Scott Tenorman Must Die' A clip from the South Park episode 'Scott Tenorman Must Die'

Guitar Queer-O

The boys become obsessed with Guitar Hero in 2007's most-watched episode. Featuring an awesome performance of Kansas' 'Carry On My Wayward Son' from Stan's dad Randy, it's worth watching just for the thirty seconds of aural joy.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

This season ten episode mocked MMORPG Warcraft in a wonderful portrayal of computer game addiction. After a 'super geek' becomes too powerful for the world of Warcraft the boys take to 21-hour days of gaming, becoming foul chair-bound sloths in the process.

Ginger Kids

This episode sparked controversy due to allegedly inspiring violence against fair skinned kids with red hair. Cartman becomes a Nazi-esque cult leader after his hair is dyed by Stan and Kyle, before manipulating his followers into ever more extreme measures. This episode showed off Matt Stone and Trey Parker's social commentary at its best.

Trapped In The Closet

Scientology comes under fire in this episode, which also features Tom Cruise. The episode almost never made it to air after Issaac Hayes departure, and alleged pressure from Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise later denied any involvement with Comedy Central's decision to pull the episode.

Scott Tenorman Must Die

Featuring Radiohead could either make or break this episode for you, but regardless this episode has gone down in South Park history for it's hilariously over the top ending. We don't want to spoil it for you, but the episode is consistently voted as one of the most controversial episodes of the animated series.

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