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This page is no longer updated, it represents the status on 31st March 2008

Information on depositing digital resources with the AHDS

The AHDS collects and encourages the reuse of high quality digital resources of long-term interest to scholars and students in the Arts and Humanities. The AHDS invites individuals, projects and organisations that are creating digital resources in the arts and humanities to deposit them with the AHDS and ensure their long-term future.

Why Deposit. Information on why one should deposit with the AHDSForms and Lists. Forms for depositors, plus lists of suitable deposit formats
How to Deposit. Step by step instructions about how to deposit a digital resource with the AHDS.
Waiver of Deposit. Information on how to request a waiver of deposit, if you are required to deposit with the AHDS

Contact the AHDS Deposit team for more help