Bridge on China-North Korea border being renovated



By Michael Rank

A 70-year-old bridge on the Chinese-North Korean border is being renovated to improve transport to and from the North Korean port of Rajin 라진 (Rason [Raseon]/Rajin-Sonbong) which a Chinese company has taken over on a 10-year-lease, a Chinese website reports.

The bridge over the Tumen river near the city of Hunchun 珲春 in Jilin province will be reopened at the end of June after almost five months of work. Built during the Japanese occupation in 1938, the bridge is 535 metres long and 6.6 metres wide, and joins the Chinese border post of Quanhe 圈河 with the North Korean town of Wonjeong 원정. The report gave no details of costs but said it was being renovated under a deal between the cities of Hunchun and Rason 라 선. It said the bridge would help to boost trade in both Hunchun and Rajin and in the region generally.

The refurbishment of the bridge is part of a reported $44 million plan to modernise the road from the border to Rajin.

Ahn Byung-min, an expert on North Korean infrastructure at the Korea Transport Institute, was quoted by the Korea Herald  as saying a senior Chinese local government official had told him that the governor of Jilin had signed an agreement to invest 300 million yuan in expanding and paving the road to Rajin .

A Dalian-based company named Chuang Li agreed in 2008 to revamp the road in exchange for leasing a pier at Rajin. “Chuang Li isn’t a company big enough to afford the road construction, so the Jilin government took on the direct investment instead,” Ahn said.

The existing 60-km road is mostly unpaved and prone to frequent accidents during rain.

The coordinates of the new bridge are  42°34′3.97″N, 130°31′16.91″E. You can see it in Wikimapia here. Thank you for the tip, Mr. Cha.

There are a couple of more bridges in the area: here  (which looks like it has been unused for some time) and here.

Photos of the construction opening ceremony are here.

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  1. CHA Says:

    I’m cha daewoon, south korea yonhap reporter.
    Both location is not that bridge. 42.34.04N, 130.31.18E is the bridge called `원정리다리’ you find. I hope I can help you.

  2. darksoju Says:

    wikimapia updated with location of wonjong border immigrations office

    42°33′59″N 130°31′5″E

  3. Bridge on China-North Korea border being renovated | – North Korea News & Information Resource Says:

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