Las Colinas Detention Facility

Las Colinas Detention Facility

9000 Cottonwood Ave.

Santee, CA 92071

(619) 258-3176



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The Las Colinas Detention Facility (LCDF) serves as the primary point of intake for women prisoners in San Diego County.  This facility began as a juvenile facility in 1967 and was converted to an adult women’s institution in 1979.  LCDF is the department’s second oldest facility.

LCDF rests on 15 acres of land and has 11 housing units.  Of the 11 units, seven are “dormitory” style, meaning the inmates share a common living and sleeping space. The rated capacity is 750 beds.

LCDF processes and houses all classification levels of inmates, from the minor misdemeanor offenses to violent offenses. LCDF also has a Psychiatric Security Unit.

LCDF runs a 24-hour a day medical operation including weekends and holidays.  In addition to daily nursing rounds, contracted physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, Planned Parenthood, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics and Internal Medicine visit the facility daily.

The Detention Services Bureau contracts with the Grossmont School District to provide educational programs for the inmates.  Inmates may participate in the Clothing Manufacturing, Computer Graphics, Office Occupations (data entry), Landscaping and all GED programs. The programs are designed to give the inmates exposure to the skills for future employment opportunities.

LCDF has a complete kitchen staffed by senior cooks, a supervisor, and inmates. The Food Services staff prepares an average of 2,300 meals per day to feed the inmate population. The LCDF Food Services Unit is prepared to and will provide meals to Law Enforcement and volunteer personnel during a county critical incident (i.e. Search and Rescue Missions and Natural Disaster incidents.).