Please sign our petition to the organizers of Live Earth

You’re part of Live Earth because you genuinely, passionately want cleaner, safer water for everyone on earth. For you it‘s not just fine words and empty promises. But all your effort, passion and concern are being hijacked by a giant corporation which has done more probably than any other to poison life on this planet, and whose victims as you read this are suffering and dying in their hundreds of thousands.


Dow Chemical and its subsidiaries have contaminated water across the globe (click on the map for details). They have shown themselves indifferent to the plight of their victims, and stubbornly refuse to spend a cent on cleaning up their toxic mess. Instead Dow spends money trying to clean its image. Dow's dirty dozen.

For an $81 billion corporation, the cost of sponsoring Live Earth is a trifle. By associating itself with a noble and important cause that it in fact despises, Dow wants to bury its terrifying secrets (and with them its victims' hopes for justice). By presenting itself as a 'green' and trustworthy organisation, Dow plans to grab a chunk of the global water commodity market, cashing in on a problem that it itself has helped to create. Online exhibition: Damaged by Dow


If you're prepared to run six miles, you are surely committed enough to spend a few minutes checking that what we are saying is true. If what you discover fills you with horror and concern, we think you will not betray your ideals by quietly accepting Dow’s sponsorship of Live Earth.

Please sign our petition to the organizers of Live Earth

These pages give you the facts and tools you need to expose Dow Chemical and make sure this can’t ever happen again. Please take a look at what else you can do. and spread the word as widely as possible.  share1 share2 share4 share3 ShareThis