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This is a list of software and utility web sites that support games based on the d20 System. Please keep descriptions fairly brief. List should be kept in alphabetical order. Where applicable, please list supported operating systems and prices.

Please Preview your changes before submitting them and provide a short Summary of the changes you made.



Modern Dispatch 
Expand your GM toolbox every week with a steady flow of adventure material from the leading d20 modern publishers.
Cherry pick individual issues (starting at $1.25) or get them all for a discounted subscription rate (12 issues/3 months for $12).

Art & Graphics

Character Artist 
Add-on to Campaign Cartographer that lets you make portraits, counters and stand-up figures for your characters.
Character Sketcher 
Character portraits created from pre-drawn facial features.
Daz Studio 
Free Software, Free Models, and content for sale that allow you to create character portraits, counters, icons, maps, and other graphics to enhance your gaming experience.
Windows or Mac
Allows you to easily create a Token using any image you drag and drop into the program. Intended for use with MapTool by the same author, but can also generate PNG files which you can use in other programs or print out.
Java 1.5

Campaign/Session/Combat Management

These are now located on the GM Applications page.

Character Creation

This section has been moved to it's own page Character Creation Tools

Character Sheets

Now located on its own page Character Sheets

Die Roller

Java 1.5
Virtual Dice Tray 
Description Here
ViewingDale, Dice
The dice application from the ViewingDale tools suite is given away for free. Its a virtual dice table rolling 3D animated dice. You can enter a throw sequence such as (3d8 + 4) * 2 and assign up to 50 of these to the buttons. Its also fully networked so that a party can roll dice over the net with selectable dice visibility.
Windows 2000, XP, XP-x64

Maps and Map Making

This section has now been split up into the following pages:

3D Terrain 
3 dimension terrain of various materials
Maps you can purchase or download
Map Creation Resources 
Images and files you can use to create your own maps
Map Creation Software 
Software for creating your own maps

Music & Audio Software

RPG Audio Mixer 
A music and sound effects application written in Java.
PC (Mac eventually, Linux hopefully...)
RPG Sound Mixer 
Description Here

Music Resources

Arcanum Soundtrack 
Music from the computer game Arcanum. Free MP3 downloads.
Buy and download the Guild Wars, Morrowind, Oblivion, Dungeon Siege II soundtracks and more in Windows Media format. Soundtracks are burnable.
OverClocked Remix 
Unofficial Game Music Arrangement Community
The Longest Journey Soundtack 
Music from the computer game The Longest Journey. Free MP3 downloads.

Online Stores

Game Outfitter 
D&D, d20 Modern, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars RPG, Star Wars Miniatures.
Miniatures can be bought in bulk (cases) for discounted prices.
RPG Now 
At RPGNow we sell paper & pen roleplaying games, software, music, and accessories. Products are sold for immediate download unless otherwise specified.
RPG Now Edige 
RPGNow Edge showcases products from small press companies.
RPG Shop 
Description here

Online Tabletop

These programs are now listed on the Virtual Tabletop Software page.

Paper Models

Description Here
WorldWorks Games 
Description Here

Player Locators

This sectin has been moved to the page Player Locators


Andargor's HQ 
D&D 3.5 SRD in XML, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, HTML and Windows Help formats.
Dungeon Index 
An Excel spreadsheet of Dungeon issues and their contents.
Hypertext d20 SRD 
Description Here
On-Screen DM-Screen 
Description Here
System Reference Document 
Description Here


Daylight Calc 
Description Here
Inspiration Pad Pro 
List generator for things like character names, town information, encounters, treasure, etc.
PC, Linux, FreeBSD
Intelligent Item Creator 
Description Here
Item Designer 
Description Here
Description Here
Description Here
Potion Generator 
Description Here
Description Here
TableSmith eXpress 
Description Here


Any tools that have yet to be investigated or acategorized can be put here.

d20 Spellbook Generator
RPG Sheets' Random NPC Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Sword Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Item Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Plot Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Encounter Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Traps Generator 
Description here
RPG Sheets' Random Riddle Generator 
Description here
GM Master 
GM Mastery series is a collection of sourcebooks designed for role players who want to perfect and improve their skills in the art of game mastering.
The Meade Hall 
The Meade Hall is an online experiment in collective storytelling that takes place every Monday night, starting about 8PM Eastern Time, and running until around 10PM. Using Internet Relay Chat, we have created a unique role-playing experience only available here.
WotC Tools 
Description here
Palm Utilitiles 
Description here

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