We are not your weapons – we are women

By Amanda Kijera, civic journalist and activist in Haiti

Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I started to write what I thought was a very clever editorial about violence against women in Haiti. The case, I believed, was being overstated by women’s organizations in need of additional resources. Ever committed to preserving the dignity of Black men in a world which constantly stereotypes them as violent savages, I viewed this writing as yet one more opportunity to fight “the man” on behalf of my brothers. That night, before I could finish the piece, I was held on a rooftop in Haiti and raped repeatedly by one of the very men who I had spent the bulk of my life advocating for.

It hurt. The experience was almost more than I could bear. I begged him to stop. Afraid he would kill me, I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face. Overpowered, I gave up fighting halfway through the night.

Accepting the helplessness of my situation, I chucked aside the Haiti bracelet I had worn so proudly for over a year, along with it, my dreams of human liberation. Someone, I told myself, would always be bigger and stronger than me. As a woman, my place in life had been ascribed from birth. A Chinese proverb says that “women are like the grass, meant to be stepped on.” The thought comforted me at the same time that it made me cringe.

A dangerous thought. Others like it have derailed movements, discouraged consciousness and retarded progress for centuries. To accept it as truth signals the beginning of the end of a person–or community’s–life and ability to self-love. Resignation means inertia, and for the past two weeks I have inhabited its innards. My neighbors here include women from all over the world, but it’s the women of African descent, and particularly Haitian women, who move me to write now.

Truly, I have witnessed as a journalist and human rights advocate the many injustices inflicted upon Black men in this world. The pain, trauma and rage born of exploitation are terrors that I have grappled with every day of my life. They make one want to strike back, to fight rabidly for what is left of their personal dignity in the wake of such things. Black men have every right to the anger they feel in response to their position in the global hierarchy, but their anger is misdirected.

Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are. Because women–and particularly women of color–are forced to bear the brunt of the Black male response to the Black male plight, the international community and those nations who have benefitted from the oppression of colonized peoples have a responsibility to provide women with the protection that they need.

The United Nations, western women’s organizations and the Haitian government must immediately provide women in Haiti with the funding that they need to build domestic violence and rape crisis centers. Stop dividing Black families by distributing solely to women, which only exaggerates male resentment and frustration in Haiti. Provide both women and men with job training programs that would allow for self-sufficiency as opposed to continued dependency on whites. Lastly, admit that the issue of racial integration might still need addressing on an international level, and then find a way to address it!

I went to Haiti after the earthquake to empower Haitians to self-sufficiency. I went to remind them of the many great contributions that Afro-descendants have made to this world, and of their amazing resilience and strength as a people. Not once did I envision myself becoming a receptacle for a Black man’s rage at the white world, but that is what I became. While I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I’m grateful for the experience. It woke me up, made me understand on a deeper level the terror that my sisters deal with daily. This in hand, I feel comfortable in speaking for Haitian women, and for myself, in saying that we will not be your pawns, racially, politically, economically or otherwise.

We are women, not weapons of war. Thankfully, there are organizations here in Haiti who continues to fight for women’s human rights like, MADRE, SOFA and Enfofanm.

Rather than allowing myself to be used in such a fashion, and as opposed to submitting to the frustration and bitterness that can be born of such an experience, I choose to continue to love and educate instead. My brothers can be sensitized to women’s realities in Haiti and the world over if these are presented to them by using their own clashes with racism and oppression as a starting point.

They must be made to understand the dangerous likelihood of the oppressed becoming the oppressor if no shift in consciousnesses takes place and if no end to the cycle of trauma occurs. I intend to see that it does…by continuing to live and work fearlessly with justice in mind, through the creation of a safe space for women in Haiti and by creating programming for Haitian men that considers their needs, too. Weapons annihilate, dialogue bears fruit.

It’s the fruit I’m interested in now, no matter how strange or bruised it might appear.


A document Haitian Women’s Rights Organizations worked on (available only in French):

Pour la cause des femmes, avançons !
Un modèle de plaidoyer dans la lutte des organisations de défense des droits des femmes haïtiennes

(Onward for Women! An Advocacy Model in the Struggle Waged by Haitian Women’s Rights Organisations)


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Read more Haiti Watch, Press Watch.

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  • fisheagle
    Pomfret. Yeah, those statistics are shocking and I don't doubt the gravity of the problem of sexual abuse/assault. Here in South Africa, one in four men ADMITTED to raping someone - some even more than once - during an anonymous survey. But a male (or female) that has never been guilty of abusing someone will never feel remorse if it happened. It's only realistic to expect sympathy from them.
  • britishbyblood
    If White women can't see this woman as fucking insane, then they're insane too. You cunts really can't see why White men go to Asian women in droves. You're all batshit insane. You completely fail to recognize the threat that niggers post. Unbelievable, this happens time and time and time and time again, White women go to shitty neighborhoods trying to connect with the negroid and wind up getting fucking raped. You deserve it. You wanted this matriarchy, go and reap the rewards.
  • oscar1609
    this woman is dangerous to other women. If any women read this dont take her seriously. You could get killed thinking like this multi-cultural/leftist lemming. What a stupid b*tch. That negro did not give a dam that she supported the "revolution" or that she was into Malcom X. He saw her as a dumb white b*tch who he was gonna teach a lesson to. DUMB!!!
  • leemil4
    One has to wonder why the black man who was raping this woman didn't stop after she declared her solidarity with and commitment to Haiti. Or why he slapped her in the face and told her to shut up after she tried to enlighten him on the circumstances of his "oppression", or that she was a "Malcom X scholar" (whatever that is). The answer is pretty clear and simple, and the author touched up on it: the man didn't care.

    No amount of activism by Westerners overcome with white guilt is going to lift these populations out of the mess they're in. That must be done by the populations themselves. Every time white activists go to places like Haiti to help, they risk having an experience like the author. This is not to say that the author brought the rape upon herself; that's absolutely untrue. But don't try to turn the experience into a platform from which you rant about white oppression and call for international "racial integration" (something that hasn't worked ANYwhere).

    The author is lucky to get out of that experience alive. Others are not so lucky.

    Better get yourself tested!
  • pomfret
    Early in this discussion I commented that genetically there is virtually no difference between a black man and a white man. We're all humans - period. It was white men in power in the southern states who wanted to "justify" that black men and women were less human and less deserving of equality in order to uphold the concept and practice of slavery for their financial gain. They were quite effective as evidenced by the shameful history of racism in this country ever since. Many of the comments above merely expose the fact that they were effective long after slavery ended.

    The crime committed against Amanda Nijera was rape by a man. Except for how different people view racism and white vs black in society, the crime and the insult to Ms. Nijera was done by a MAN. Makes no difference whether he was white or black - we only need to know that he was a MAN. The nasty comments above merely support my original statements that men who foist themselves on women in any context are not real men. They are poor excuses for men. And their hate toward women and blacks is all too apparent in their comments.

    Next they will be saying that Ms. Amanda Nijera "asked" for their nasty comments by writing about what happened to her. But then, rapists, whether they are physical rapists or accusatory rapists, always say that the woman asked for it. They seem to have no sensitivity that they are continuing the rape of a woman with their hateful language. Or, perhaps they do realize it and that is why they contintue to try to denigrate her. That's what it's all about for rapists, isn't it. Power and hate toward women.

    Take Ms. Nijera's terrible experience out of the black-white realm - take it out of Haiti, and realize that rape can and does occur anywhere in any country in any society. Men rape women. They do it over and over again. Men don't care at all about the racial or educational background of the person they rape. They just rape. They not only rape women and girls they rape altar boys, sometimes they rape their own children, and some men rape their wives.

    But, we all know that our own children, our wives and altar boys are just askin' for it - don't we!

    And just so that there is no mistake about my moniker - I'm a white man, 76 years old, been around the block in this world. And, I know from history that until very recently, men have always been in cahrge in this world - they were the priests, the physicians, the lawyers, the money lenders, the slave owners, the husbands - they had all the power from the get-go.
  • britishbyblood
    What a pussy. You know damn well there's a clear genetic difference between negroes and whites. You know it with 100% clarity. The negroes are as separate from the aborigines as they are from East Asians. 99% DNA correlation, give me a break, we have 98% the same DNA as chimps and 66% the same as fucking house plants.

    Your daughter is probably married to some piece of shit nigger that just wanted to ruin her genetics. You're trying to validate it now, huh.
  • pomfret
    I'm British By Blood also - but you can't be the real thing. You're a
    disgrace to Britain. If you knew British history and British literature you
    would quickly recognize the derivation of my moniker.

    But, then I never took you for being learned, you wanker.
  • britishbyblood
    Oh please, Britain now is a joke. You can't control your borders (which happen to be entirely coastline), your children are falling down drunk in the streets, your women are lusting after low IQ black morons and getting acid thrown in their faces while you sit back and give the perp 3 months in a prison resort, you're drunk half the time whether in London or in Spain, you're a bunch of degenerate freaks that managed to conquer 80% of the globe and are nothing more but a bunch of racial has beens who've converted your natural supremacy to some kind of wistful moral supremacy that's wiping you out quicker than Hitler ever could. Get real. I don't need your literary references to recognize that you've gone from creating the world's best and most intelligent men on the face of the plane to a bunch of illiterate football fans and women in miniskirts and dyed hair, worthless to whole lot of you. At least in America the Anglo Saxon still has an ounce of self respect and understanding of the natural hierarchy. Jeez louise you're dense.
  • pomfret
    From: "Disqus" <>
    To: <>
    Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 3:49 PM
    Subject: [alternetblogs] Re: We are not your weapons – we are women

    britishbyblood wrote, in response to pomfret:

    Oh please, Britain now is a joke. You can't control your borders, your
    children are falling down drunk in the streets, your women are lusting after
    low IQ black morons and getting acid thrown in their faces while you sit
    back and give the perp 3 months in a prison resort, you're drunk half the
    time whether in London or in Spain, you're a bunch of degenerate freaks that
    managed to conquer 80% of the globe and are nothing more but a bunch of
    racial has beens who've converted your natural supremacy to some kind of
    wistful moral supremacy that's wiping you out quicker than Hitler ever
    could. Get real. I don't need your literary references to recognize that
    you've gone from creating the world's best and most intelligent men on the
    face of the plane to a bunch of illiterate football fans and women in
    miniskirts and dyed hair, worthless to whole lot of you. At least in America
    the Anglo Saxon still has an ounce of self respect and understanding of the
    natural hierarchy. Jeez louise you're dense.

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  • fisheagle
    Then it is an issue that Nijera should take up with the man that raped her.

    I think she's making two terrible mistakes. Firstly, she's pursuing a cause at a time when she is incredibly vulnerable. She should be using this time to heal. Nijera has used the incident to further her cause, which is a cause that many people don't agree with. If she is willing to risk herself, after she endured such a terrible atrocity, then she needs to be prepared to put up with the attacks on her person. I don't think anybody can cope with such strain. Secondly, I don't agree with her political views. Frankly, I'm not going to argue them because as a rape survivor, I know what she's going through right now. No doubt others will, though. Of course people will try to silence someone when they don't agree with that person's cause. Why should she get special treatment as a political activist, huh?

    You make it sound like every man on the planet is a rapist. Wow. Next we're going to blame her trauma on humans, in general. Maybe all humans are rapists. Why stop at men? By the way, I have not felt ANY hatred towards women when reading the comments. The hatred was aimed at Nijera, and people like her. I will be so bold as to say that she certainly did ask for the nasty comments by making it a political issue. Need I say this again? For her sake, she should not politicize her own rape.

    I agree with your comment that men have always been in charge of this world. They have had more power. So, what's your point? That because of it, all men are rapists? News flash. It's powerlessness that causes men to rape. Not power.
  • pomfret

    I never implied that all men are rapists. I don't believe that for one moment. I spoke about men who foist themselves on women, on their own children, and on altar boys. Only those men. Unlike some of the above responders I do not lump people into categories based on gender or race. I try to be very careful about that. My mother taught me better.

    Whether Ms. Nijera is making a mistake about going public with what happened to her is something for her, and her alone to judge. Some people take their problems and their feelings and their hurt to a friend, or partner or individual therapist to work out. Some take to the airwaves to express their feelings and their outrage. We all try to find solutions in different ways.

    Whatever her motivation, even to use her experience as a teaching moment, she does not deserve slander, racism, anti-feminism and verbal rape in return. Constructive discourse, constructive disagreement, but not visciousness.

    To conclude that because men feel powerless they rape seems a specious argument or JUSTIFICATION for their behavior. It is my belief, which I am asking no one else to agree with, that men who rape, who bully children and women have been themselves victims of bullying in their own childhood. It is also my belief that men who grow up in loving homes seldom learn bullying or rape as reactions to feelings of powerlessness. Believing that he gains power with rape is fleeting - that's why many rapists continue to rape - over and over again.

    From time immemorial many women have felt powerless. They didn't turn to rape to gain power. Most human beings encounter feelings of powerlessness at points in their lives whether from parents, bosses, partners.............................
  • fisheagle
    A black Haitian man raped Nigera. That's all there is to it. We have to pick up the pieces now, as HUMANS, not as blacks, whites, men or women!
  • fisheagle
    To quote your comment, "Men rape women. They do it over and over again. .....They just rape....." Hmmm, not a very positive portrayal of men. You didn't express yourself very well, but I'm relieved that you don't believe that all men rape. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I totally agree with you that it is Nigera's decision to make, about how to find the solutions to her predicament.

    There have been very hurtful responses following the article, but at least there is an expression of people's emotions about the accusations that have been made against the white race. If you deny people that, then you also deny Nigera's right to express outrage about what happened during her rape. Rage has never been pretty. But instead of expressing her outrage, she tried to reason about it. Frankly, I don't have much confidence in people's judgment when they have just experienced such a traumatic event. And my opinion - a complete stranger to Nigera - counts since it's become a political issue where my interests, and the interests of other white people is at stake. If she chose to keep it a personal issue, my opinion would have had no weight at all.

    Making an observation is not the same as justifying something. If I observe a girl buying an ice-cream, that does not mean that I justified it. Jees. I'm not God!!

    I agree that rapists have been "themselves victims of bullying in their own childhood" and been subjected to some form of abuse in the past. Don't make the mistake to think that women are incapable of harm themselves though. That is a gross generalization that is so completely wrong. Women have also sexually abused men, even women. Any abuse, whether it's abuse of men or women, can make a person feel so powerless that they become capable of abuse themselves. That's the vicious cycle of abuse that continues to repeat itself, generation after generation, in many families.
  • britishbyblood
    TLDR; all negroes are rapists. Not all men. Get your fucking head out of your PC fucking ass. I'm sick of this shit.
  • britishbyblood
    'Humanism' is what got us into this 21st century that is a pure living hell for anyone who bothers to stop and look around and say 'what the hell is going on.' As the saying goes, god is dead now, there is no morality, there is nothing to control these people, it's a free for all, total chaos, rampant degeneracy, and thus must rise the ubermensch, the superman, capable of making the decisions that none of us can in our pitiful "humanity." Humanity is diseased and disgusting, now, especially in America, land of the sick, selfish, sexually aggressive, degenerate, filth-minded, brainwashed, self-centered, arrogant. You can't reason with these people, you can't convince them what they're doing is insane, you can't stop the destructive forces. I've washed my hands clean of humanity a long time ago.
  • fisheagle
    I guess I meant to say you don't have to convince me anymore, in my last post. Just go vent somewhere more appropriate. You've effectively stepped up to take the bait of responding as "the white male" and left your humanity behind somewhere.
  • fisheagle
    You don't have to convince me. Although I would never consider your opinion if I was in a position where I could make the decision about a way forward to solve the problem. You have way too much hatred in you.
  • britishbyblood
    Look brah, spare me the PC stuff. There is a possibility that blacks, for whatever reason, are more prone to the primitive attitude of taking sex when they want it. I mean, look at their hair. no other racial group on earth has that hair. Now google a picture of Homo Erectus. They're clearly a subspecies of humanity. They are so different from even, say, Indians, that look like dark skinned caucasians, that it's impossible to truly think they're just tan white people. How long are we going to keep blaming black violence on their "lack of egos or self esteem" or other things when we treat them with kids gloves when black men have literally EVERYTHING on earth handed to them on a platter and are some of the most arrogant people in the USA. I mean rapes happen in Scandinavia and are uniformly performed by the negroes, and I can't recall the last time Norway invaded anyone. Let's get real before your own daughters get raped.
  • fisheagle
    Oops, never meant to click on the 'like' tab for your post. Wish I could undo that. Lol.

    Britishbyblood, there are sites that allow venting, which you clearly need. Your emotions are getting in the way of your thinking. You can't expect people to believe all black men are rapists. But I'm sure there are studies that illustrate that black men are more likely to rape than white men. If you want to do something constructive, instead of just spewing hatred, look it up. Also, you have provided no reasons as to why it may be happening. I don't think anyone would disagree that black males have more feelings of helplessness than white males, which is something that could lead to more rapes being committed by blacks. But I don't believe the reason is colonialism or oppression. That's a whole other issue that I'm not willing to go into now.
  • pomfret
    I thought I cleared up the fact that I wasn't lumping all men when I wrote a
    sentence like: "Men rape women. They do it over and over again." That
    sentence pretty much discusses the history of rape - rape is a male on
    woman, male on child, and male on altar boy act. In my limited experience I
    don't recall ever having read about females raping others - but do
    understand that a few woman do molest (rape) children, but again, I believe
    that they are invariably under the influence (control?) of a man at the
    time - trying to please the man or do what he says..

    I am not blind to the fact that women (OKAY, OKAY, OKAY, SOME WOMEN) can
    abuse men or children, or other women. I know enough lesbian women who have
    informed me of women abusing other women, NOT ALL WOMEN, BUT SOME WOMEN.

    I said that I wasn't a lumper about gender or race. But then you parse my
    words again. You are quite capable of doing the same thing as when you
    write: "Women have also abused men, even women." MMmmmm, not a very
    positive portrayal of woman. I assume you meant SOME woman do those things.
    Is my assumption right?. Could you also have assumed that that was what I
    was saying?

    Some of this conversation reminds me of a police training program I was told
    about (by a woman), the design of which was to make policeMEN more sensitive
    to issues of rape and women being battered - even by husbands, partners or
    teenage boyfriends. One Cro-Magnon cop said: "Oh yeah, I know of situations
    where women abuse and hit men." In his defensiveness?, or misogyny? - what
    the hell was he saying - what the hell was his point? In the context of the
    training program who gives a good goddamn what he privately thinks.

    When all is said and done - I don't think you and I are too far apart.
  • fisheagle
    I agree that woman probably don't rape others as much as men. My point was that it could happen though. Slightly off topic. When a woman sexually abused me (I was a small child), her lover caught her red handed in the act. In his fit of rage, he raped me. My point? ANYTHING is possible. Men and women are equally capable of having evil intentions.

    You were right. I did mean, "some women do those things."

    Maybe the point that the policeman was trying to make was the same point that I was making. By identifying certain "groups" of people as the culprits for individual incidents, the person making the accusation is causing division amongst them and pitting them against one another. Instead of dealing with their pain and expressing their feelings of outrage. Such a person, like Nigera, is actually weakening their chance of recovery by creating a hostile social environment instead of recruiting support.
  • pomfret
    We're in a place in this discussion where I have no experience (haven't been
    physically abused nor have I physically abused), so I won't conjecture.

    I do know that 1/3 of all females experience sexual abuse during their
    lifetimes - invariably by males. I do know that 60% of all females in state
    mental hospitals (when they existed) were sexually abused. I do know that
    sexual abuse of people, both male and female in state schools and hospitals
    for people with developmental disabilities was routine.

    I don't know of any studies and statistics on female sexual abuse against
    children or female sexual abuse of female partners.
  • wjg1
    Haitis problems started on the day they wiped out every white man woman and child on the island - don't blame the Whites now...
  • motombonbdele
    where da white women at

    and da gold

    I want the gold
  • britishbyblood
    No wonder the noggs get away with so much TNB, because the fags and the women say "oh, it's just them expressing their rage at white repression," when your average jig goes around muhdikking and rubbing anything he can find and beating the shit out of white wimmenz when the white wimmenz don't love them no mo, shit like that. We let them get away with it. Fuck you people, sleep in the bed you made. I'm wiping my hands of humanity.
  • slappyo
    If you wanted some black cock you could have just as easily gone down to da street coanah and begged the first darkie you saw to rape and humiliate your stupid white ass.
  • Arakiba
    The white male patriarchy did not force that man to rape. He did it himself, of his own volition. Her making excuses for him is ridiculous...and unfortunately it will probably lead her to hating white men even more, even though it was someone of her own race that raped her.
  • toppster
    I can't believe she tries to justify that guy's actions as "misdirected rage from his position in a white man's world"

    Bitch, he's a bad guy who wanted to rape somebody. Stop trying to bring racism into everything. But I guess that's what you get from a Malcolm X scholar...
  • Tirade
    "He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar."

    NO KIDDING! The chances of your average poor and uneducated Haitian knowing anything at all about Malcom X are slim to none.
  • bobdodds
    I think he was not a stranger but a close associate for a long time.
  • 11246
    White South African men have no reason to be hopeless and helpless. They dominated and ravaged the local economy and its people for more than four decades. If one of them commits rape, you cannot compare the act or the motivation thereof with that of a black man in Haiti or South Africa, especially in these horrendous times. That is not to excuse any form of rape. It is abominable and the perpetrator should suffer for his crime. It is fascinating, however, that white Americans will not accept the historical fact that slavery, oppression and economic exploitation has its effects on cultures as well as individuals. The first step towards salvation is acceptance of responsibility for one's actions. Perhaps that is the fear that Thomas Jefferson felt when the slaves in Haiti overthrew their masters -- fear of retribution.
  • fisheagle
    Well, apparently one white South African did feel hopeless and helpless, whether you believe he had reason to or not.

    Of course slavery, oppression and economic exploitation will have effects on cultures and individuals. I don't think anyone will deny that. But people are rightly questioning whether these things were responsible for Kijera's rape. Just like you would be questioning my reasoning if I argued that my rape was caused by a cultural phenomena, like the exploitation of white, minority South Africans.

    Don't pick and choose the facts about rapes that suit your political agenda.
  • dominic2
    My political agenda : Man rapes woman. He is rapist. Society and culture around him is terrible but he is still a rapist. Man is white he is rapist, man is black he is rapist. Any and I mean ANY excuse white or black about their upbringing culture history etc DOES NOT MATTER from the simple fact that they commit the act of rape.

    Yep I'm a real spin doctor.
  • fisheagle
    Agreed. Absolutely NOTHING excuses rape. To make a trade and sacrifice black agency for the sake of political gain by some whites is absolutely shocking. Manipulation at its best.
  • dominic2
    Yet the rapist was not white, yet you are defending the rapists actions, yet you will not allow the black man to be held accountable for his actions and make excuses about culture. Eloquent and completely wrong
  • ahfgeasgfafhhgfdh134123
    So I herd you liek multiculturalism? Good for you. And just think what good you have done, you have saved someone who has awakened to reality from the same fate.
  • britishbyblood
    Man, you should see some of the awful comments over at the Occidental Dissent, a supposedly "Western" website...

    These people have no heart. Seriously.
  • Ernest74
    No heart? At least they have a brain. This women epitomizes the delusional and dangerous mind of liberals/Marxist. It almost got her killed too but yet she learned nothing. The real problem however is she and all of her borg believing compatriots wish to subject us all to this make believe utopia that exist only in their mind but of course it doesn't exist yet only because of the evil white man. She just a got a real dose of what is and in her warped sense of self-righteousness she refuses to acknowledge it and blames it on everything except herself and perpetrator. I feel sorry for her in a way because she is obviously not a well person but not so sorry that I will allow her or the likes of you to put me or my family in harms way to assuage your truly sick sense of guilt & self important 'compassion'.
  • britishbyblood
    Hey nigga I was just kidding. I was just trying to get people to read those comments in case there was censorship on this website. Your mentality is good. We must all develop a familial understanding towards the West in these times. It is us against them. That means that the West must surpass all things, and morals go out the window. Meaning that if we have to chose, somewhere down the line, between the West and the rest of the world, that someone will be able to make that decision.
  • ohailol
    National women's day!? WTF? Who let the bitch out of the kitchen!?
  • dominic2
    While what this woman suffered through is terrible and should never happen to anyone. She has clearly jumped the shark and is not worthy of sympathy beyond her rape. If anything she needs someone to knock some sense into her and her own racial conspiracy theories which she apparently builds her entire worldview around. I want to sympathize with her but I honestly can't support her justification of her own violation.
  • redwhiteblue2
    The average IQ in Haiti is 67. That is not a joke, it is a fact.

    If you want to know why Haiti is screwed up, you don't need any other information. And no amount of education is going to fix that.

    It is the reason for Haiti's crime, poor infrastructure, corrupt government and police. The society isn't intelligent enough to take care of itself in any modern way and must be ruled by a group of people with at least an average IQ.

    Some would see that as exploitation but the country would collapse if run by its near moronic inhabitants. And I don't say moron to slam them, a moron's IQ is 50-69. I am simply stating the facts. You can Google up if you think this thread isn't accurate.
  • The idiocy of people of the modern age never ceases to amaze me. Was history simply not taught at the horrid American public schools these imbeciles attended? Haiti has been a hell hole since the French pulled out, and will remain that way until it finally crumbles into oblivion. Perhaps I should blog about spending time with Alaskan Polar Bears, and cry when my limbs are torn off.
  • BlueTigress
    This column reminds me of an episode of "All in the Family" when Archie and the son-in-law were home during a break-in by a couple of black guys. The son-in-law was using similar logic and language to show he understood the reasons for the break-in. The housebreakers spent as much time mocking him as they did Archie.

    I don't understand where the author is coming from on this. The only thing I can think of is that she is still in shock and is desperately trying to come up with a way to not demonize the guy who raped her. Sorry, he is evil and she's wasting her brainpower.
  • 11246
    The so-called black psychopath is eminently guilty for his crimes and should be punished, as I indicated. For anyone who wants to read about Thomas Jefferson's attitude and policy toward Haiti, a former slave colony that he viewed as threatening to American slavery, go to: For another article, see: Remember the intricacies of the relationship between France and the USA go back to the American Revolution. The relationship between the USA and Haiti have been complicated ever since the slave revolt. Yes, Europe (France's) system of slavery and colonialism does have a role to play in this tragedy, whether European Americans would want to take responsibility for it or not.
  • CharlesMartel100
    The Rothschild banking cabal wanted to be compensated for the unpaid debts incurred by the displaced plantation owners of Haiti just as theCuban expat community in Miami wants to be compensated for the nationalization of their assets in Cuba. So what?

    Jefferson had good reason to fear Haiti. The extermination of the whites probably sent a shiver down his spine.

    The same thing happened in Europe after the Jewish Bolsheviks exterminated 11 million Ukrainian peasants in the Holodomor. The Germans feared they would be next.

    Jews fear the latent possibility of extermination after what happened in the Holocaust.

    Palestinians legitimately fear that Jews will extermiate them.

    This is a perfectly natural and healthy fear. But it has no bearing on this woman's rape.

    The animal who raped here did so because he wanted to and because he thought he could get away with it. That's all there is to it.
  • CharlesMartel100
    This woman has been indoctrinated to hate whites. It means absolutely nothing to her to blame innocent white men. Blaming a guilty black psychopath however is strictly verboten. Her teachers, preachers, and professors should be quite proud of her. Her indoctrination is complete.
  • bobdodds
    Politics at such a time?
  • William_JD
    Why are you asking Charles? She's the one who politicized this.
  • 11246
    I can't believe the insensitivity of some of the comments here - to her and the trauma she sustained, and to the people of Haiti, who fought for their independence and have been kept in an economic straitjacket by the white-dominated American and European nations going back to Thomas Jefferson's administration. There is little difference between the attack she sustained and the crime visited upon black women in the inner city and Rwanda. All of these incidents can be traced back to the helplessness and hopelessness of the men who see their sisters as an outlet for their frustrations. The misogyny of the Hip Hop culture is also a reflection of that. That is not to absolve them of their responsibility in these matters. Rape is abhorrent and should be punished. But to ignore the history of Haiti and the economic conditions that contributed to this nation's inability to prosper is to fail to take reponsibility for the role Europeans have played in this tragic scenario.
  • toppster
    Yes. Everything is the mean 'ol white man's fault. If a black guy rapes someone in Haiti when there's no evidence to suggest that rapists are restricted to poor/minority classes then it's the white man's fault.
  • fisheagle
    So because I was raped by a white South African, does that mean the white men of South Africa were also helpless and hopeless? Which political history contributed to my rape? Get real man. This article is a shameless attempt at emotional manipulation, which is something that victims of abuse usually learn to master very quickly. The best way to help, if that is what you are serious about, is to express sympathy for the rape victim.

    The author should NOT BE ON ANY crusades or causes at such a time, after she was just raped. It is MUCH TOO SOON for any real, honest forgiveness and therefore I cannot accept that the motivation of the rape victim is sincere. She needs to stop whatever she's doing or risk causing damage to all the societies that have been involved - including Haiti society and western, white nations that were accused as the ultimate guilty party.
  • CharlesMartel100
    This has nothing to do with the imagined "helpessness and hopelessness of men who see their sisters as an outlet for their frustration." It is an opportunistic crime of sexual aggression perpetrated by sexual predator.

    The blame lies squarely with the rapist. The misogyny of hip-hop culture, the history of Hati and the economic failures it has sustained since it exterminated the white population have absolutely no bearing on her rape.

    Only a demented and dyed-in-the wool caucasaphobe would think such a thing.
  • PNUT1
    I think that the blame lies squarely on the sub-human who raped her, not rich nations, or anything else. Blaming the rest of the world for Haitis problems solves nothing and just isn't true. Haiti has been systematically looted from the inside, it's not Whitey coming and stealing everything, it's Haitis leaders.
  • pomfret
    At the age of 76, and a white male, I cannot fathom the vitriol of the above comments. A woman was raped - whether she was white or black, whether the so-called man was white or black, is beside the point. Rape by men of women is the crime here. It is a so-called man using the power of his physical strength to subjugate and batter a woman - to humiliate her in the worst sort of way. The piss ant who raped her wanted to humiliate her because he has such a weak hold on his masculinity.

    Real men don't rape - they treat women as equals and with respect. As for the black vs white issue - get over it. 3/4 of one percent of the DNA of all human beings is what differentiates blacks from white or any of us from one another.
  • jimdonaldson22
    And 2.5% of DNA makes the difference between a human and a chimpanzee. What is your point? That within a species, .75% is insignificant? Perhaps you need a biology refresher course.

    As for this woman's attempt to blame white men for the suffering she now faces, perhaps she should look at the race of the man who actually raped her, rather than trying to fit it into her political world-view. To continually blame white men for the "patriarchy" when everywhere white men hold sway women (of any race, and men of other races, for that matter) have been granted relative freedom they are not granted ANYWHERE else, is ridiculous. Wherever her politics holds true in this world, you will find white men few and far between. On the other hand, maybe we SHOULD become just as she imagines us to be. Then we wouldn't sit and listen to ourselves be blamed for every failure of all other people on this entire planet.
  • Jim_JonesII
    Hey pomfet,

    Did you not read this part? "While I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I’m grateful for the experience."

    She's grateful she was raped, and the rapist presumably enjoyed it, otherwise he wouldn't have raped her. Seems like all the parties are satisfied.

    Real women don't blame innocent men when they are raped by savages. Why should normal people have the slightest shred of sympathy for some brainwashed weirdo who is (allegedly) raped by one of her pets and enjoys it? It wouldn't surprise me in the least if this fool made the whole thing up.
  • bobdodds
    Yes, Pomfret, I would dishonor myself if I did not honor women's choice. An abuser is attempting to externalize or cast out his own dishonor, but only honoring another would ennoble him.
  • CharlesMartel100
    Shame on Alternet.

    This woman has yet to realize how tragic what happened to her is or how truly pathetic her rationalization of it is. When she comes to her senses she will be angry at Alternet for exploiting her plight by using it to make a callow and illogical political argument about whites' purported exploitation of blacks.

    She might also be angry at herself for grasping at any straws - even imaginary ones - to rationalize her choice to imperil her own well-being in order to better the lives of these ungrateful blacks . But she is not to blame. For, she is apparently still in a psychologically vulnerable state and clearly has not come to a sound judgment about what happened to her.

    Having just recently been raped, it would be too soon to admit her whole mission in Haiti has been a fool's errand. Instead she has come up with some cockamamie and completely implausible rationalization where her rape was a consequence of the "white male patriarchy" and of historical exploitation of blacks. Telling herself this can be psychologically healthy - especially when she is an emotionally traumatized state. It salvages her lofty opinion of her own moral character and of the value of her work. But it is simply illogical on its face.

    The man who raped her probably didn't know of or care much of the larger world around him or the historical narrative of white exploitation which Amanda Kijera has internalized. Like most blacks in Haiti, he was probably poor, poorly educated, knowing little of the larger world beyond Haiti's shores and caring even less about it.

    Haiti has been ruled by blacks ever since time of slave revolt in the 19th century, when all the whites and mulattos in Hait were exterminated. In Haiti, blacks are not exploited by whites. The few whites that are there are outsiders, and do-gooders like herself, not exploiters.

    The notion that the black man who raped her did so "in response to [blacks'] position in the global hierarchy" is idiotic. Moreover, if such a thing were true, the one thing she could best do to salvage the dignity of these blacks is to refrain from condescending to them by pretending that they need the wisdom, moral authority, and hard work of a white woman like her in order to ameliorate their intellectual, moral, and material impoverishment.

    The account we are given is little more than sanctiomonious twaddle. Amanda Kijera may earnestly believe it for the time being. And thinking such things certainly elevates Amanda's opinion of herself and of the merits of her work. But once this woman comes to grips with what happened she will begin to realize how illogical it is to blame anyone else but her rapist.

    Alternet should be ashamed of itself for exploiting someone in such an emotionally fragile and slightly addled condition.
  • LightningJoe
    What ignorance here parades as knowledge!

    Haiti has repeatedly tried to raise itself with self-chosen governments, and every time has been slapped down. By whom, you ask? Why, by a long succession of American Presidents, starting roughly with Madison, but continued in force by your (doubtless) hero Reagan.

    Every democratically-elected President of Haiti has been removed by American military action, and you imagine that the average Haitian is UNAWARE of this history??? Just how much American Koolaid must one consume, to hold such an attitude?

    And then (ho hum...) you shift to (yet again) blaming the victim for their own rape -- or to be charitable, you MERELY say that their opinions are now valueless for having gone through such a thing. If only, you say, she would have been smart and uncaring enough to just stay home -- as you do -- she wouldn't have been in that position. True, but neither would she have been doing any good, either -- as you aren't.

    And then, from the heights of your self-proclaimed wisdom, you opine that she can't have healed yet, even enough to have a valid opinion. That she blames the centuries of Haitian colonization (call it what it looks like) by America on white attitudes affecting the blacks there, you call a result of her trauma. Bullshit.

    How does one make an impression, on willful ignorance of the scale you demonstrate? If one goes to help, one is being foolish? If one complains of the bad things, one is not being properly selfish enough (to stay safely home and let the world die on its own)? If one says different things than you do, one is uninformed?

    Do me a favor; don't look in a mirror. You won't like what you see.
  • fisheagle
    Lightning Joe, by making this a political issue at a time when Kijera may be experiencing an enormous amount of shock and depression, she may be trying to find some good in her existence. But the number one rule of rape recovery should be this - DON'T HELP OTHERS WHEN NOT CAPABLE OF HELPING YOURSELF. You must be living in a complete dream world if you think anyone can recover from rape in just two weeks. Your ignorance about rape is absolutely astounding.

    Charles Martel gave EXCELLENT advice, showing genuine concern for Kijera. You completely missed the point. If I were raped (again), I'd avoid your opinion at all cost.
  • willfromaustin
    I find this comment completely offensive. Why is it that no black nation can succeed without aid and dependence on a white nation such as America? Do you really think so little of Africans and blacks worldwide to think that they are not strong, resourceful, or dedicated enough to improving themselves?

    It must be a very confusing world you live in, because if we don't have anything to do with them people like you accuse us of ignoring a problem, but when we actually go do things for them in their country you yell and scream about how we're 'oppressing them' and using them as 'our puppets'. Will all white males need to fly over to Haiti to be raped on a rooftop before you consider that there is no 'white male patriarchy' somehow oppressing Haiti when white people haven't lived on that island for almost 200 years after being EXTERMINATED by the blacks there?

    As someone earlier in the comments said, there were only 2 people on that roof. Who should take the blame, President Madison? Are you kidding me?

    I say the same to you; don't look in a mirror. You won't like what you see.
  • bobdodds
    LightningJoe, quite right, and I have even heard the racist US news cast Haiti's history of actively rebelling every year or two over hundreds of years of resistance and self-determination effort as, yes, Haiti's "violent history". Again, the book Lord of the Flies with its violent little people papered over Ayitian efforts to be free of foreign domination, to say once again, bad little children on an island need foreign white supremacists hired-archicalist haters to come and point guns at them so give the billions to Garda World and Blackwater. Remember New Orleans post-Katrina, "looters", 20,000 troops to guard 5000 remaining "looters"? How about a few dollars for these native Haitian democratically ACCOUNTABLE male security guards for women's bathrooms and showers and tents? Compare to Iraqwar's $500/day foreign security guards to guard foreign engineers while Iraqi civil engineers remained unemployed. Look deeper, folks!
  • PNUT1
    I don't think that Alternet should be ashamed, the rest I tend to agree with. Haitians are Haitis biggest problem, not Whitey.
  • colehampton
    I'll tell you right now, the temptation of taking and raping a woman has crossed my mind. I resisted that temptation because of fear: The fear of God. That is the wisdom, that is the personal belief that can be realized in the heart of every man that can end the oppression of the weak, and create the social change Amanda is looking for.
    "Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, body and soul, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
    Lack of respect for God and His commandments leads to the massive egotism that is present in the Bilderburg community and the black man that raped Amanda. Morality cannot be legislated. Greed, hatred and lust are too powerful for any man made set of laws. We've seen them flourish in the most socialist, controlled societies. A Godless liberal (socialist) program of "education" and "welfare" is powerless in the face of the legion. However, Christianity is a philosophy that has proven it's ability to create the population of moral people necessary to form a moral state. The natural outgrowths of that state have been liberty, racial tolerance and womens' rights. The gospel can raise respectful neighbors and it can raise an army of people who will resist and if necessary fight the warlord oppressors who insist upon their desires unmindful of the cost to their fellow man.
    Jesus Christ is the answer.
    The philosophy of Malcolm X is not.
  • PNUT1
    I am an Atheist and it has NEVER, EVER for even a second occurred to me that I might rape a woman. I was raised to see people, all people ,as humans , not an object to be used or violated. I cannot imagine even thinking about violating a persons dignity like that, I would hate myself so much that I could not live. If you need to fear an imaginary spirit to keep yourself in check, there's a lot wrong with you that believing in ghosts will never fix. Jesus Christ is a fictional character in a book of stories, if you're asking questions and he's the answer, you're asking the wrong questions. Jesus was Harry Potter for his
  • kelethian
    wow, your fear of your psychopathic deity is the only thing that keeps you in line?

    You need to be in the institution.
  • William_JD
    Stop the outrageous scapegoating of Whites.
  • Bertie_Wooster
    I can't help but laugh at the author's self-righteous ignorance. She foolishly chose to ignore the crime statistics and the myriad news reports depicting the astonishing level of rape and violence in Haiti because they conflicted with her political beliefs. The lesson for the kids: willful denial of reality is always dangerous.
  • bobdodds
    Bertie_Wooster, there were only two people there on the roof--no statistics were present and neither were you and your understanding has not visited there yet, which is very weak and slow on your part(yes I mean mentally very "slow").

    The author tells what it is to be physically abused, and then has the courage to tell us several dimensions such as general cycle of abuse repeating itself,"oppressed oppressing", and that black men in Haiti, and I would add poor men in US cities and latin men who are refused jobs at globalist maquiladoras, so that men are denied employment and housing, so then they feel like empowering themselves somehow and some of them do in an ill way. Very many women are even killed very close to the US border at Mexican maquiadoras, and male predators may even by travelling to get there, and this may happen in Haiti. Since Dyncorp abuses women and US military men prey on US mil women on way to bathroom and shower, then kill whistleblowers, we can be thus informed and suspect Canadian Garda World security firm in Haiti. Only the above Democratically Accountable Indigenous security is going to work for women, not foreign unaccountable billion dollar security con men Bertie_Wooster is advertising by his Lord of the Flies pro-pagan-da of savage little children on the island in need of hired-archicalist hater big people to come and point guns at them! Be a man and apologize to women, Bertie.
  • kelethian
    correct... she probably was one of those ivory tower sorts who believed all the reports of crime and rape down there were nothing but racism.

    Anyone else think we should evacuate Haiti and make it a nature preserve? Its obvious that people cant really live there.
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