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DECREE Num. 116/2.009. dated November 2nd, in which is authorized complete Pardon for Humanitarian reasons to the prisoner SIMON FRANCIS MANN.

Given the provision in article 39, Section K of the Fundamental Law of the State which give the President of the Republic the ability to exercise the Right of Grace, giving freedom to the imprisoned before the completion of the period determined by their corresponding sentence.

Affirming the health condition and need for SIMON FRANCIS MANN, a British subject condemned under Summary Order Number 102/2.008 to receive regular medical treatment and be in the company of his family. Considering that, as much for his attitude observed during the investigative process as for his behavior during the trial and in the Penitentiary Center, the condemned SIMON FRANCIS MANN has given sufficient evidence and credibility of his repentance and will for social rehabilitation.

In virtue of this and at the proposal of the Minister of Justice, Culture and Penal Institutions in the use of the faculties that the legal body confers on me


ARTICLE ONE: We give pardon for humanitarian reasons to SIMON FRANCIS MANN, condemned to 34 years by Summary Order Number 102/2008, for the crime of attempted homicide against the HEAD OF STATE, a crime against the Government and crimes that compromise the Peace and Independence of the State, all in the context of mercenary and terrorist action in Marc of 2004.

SECOND ARTICLE: Once liberty is granted, the condemned is obliged to abandon the country within no more than 24 hours, remaining eternally prohibited from returning to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

TRANSITORY DECREE: It is authorized to the Ministries of Justice, Culture and Penitentiary Institutions, and Security and National Defense, the adoption of whatever means are necessary to fulfill the present Decree.

FINAL DECREE: The present Decree will come into effect as soon as it is published by the National Media Outlets. Thus I decree by the present decree given in Bata, the second day of the month of November of the year two thousand nine.



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