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SMS Marketing

Break through the advertising clutter and use SMS marketing. This technique creates immediate results via SMS text message marketing to your target audience.

Catch your clients right at their cell phones.

It reaches customers on the go, allowing them to get, or send, information, buy your product, enter contests or receive coupons instantaneously.

Direct a marketing sms to your targeted audience to get better and more responses for your money spent.


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Lowest Bulk SMS and MMS costs in South Africa and International


4 Ways to make use of SMSS:

Businesses, Schools, Universities, Institutions, Debt Collectors, Individuals, Artists, Estate Agencies, Professionals, Organizations, Churches, Sports Clubs, Marketing Companies, etc.

1. Bulk SMS credits at the LOWEST prices in South Africa and Internationally (No Set-up fee & we provide a Free platform)

2. Get an Unique keyword(s) for your business/ institution/ school / church, etc, with a FREE reply sms. The BEST way to build your client database! To see if your unique keyword is still available, click here

3. Bulk MMS credits at the LOWEST prices (It's like sending a TV ad to your customers, students, parents, etc)

4. Do you have your own sms platform? We will offer you a secure API with the lowest sms and mms costs Nationally and Internationally. Set up is seamless and takes only minutes. The integrity of your software and platform is never jeopardised. Now have the freedom of using your own system, but get the best prices - guaranteed!

Sms "Testing" to 34050 and experience how quickly your customer will receive a reply sms from your company with our SMSS system, free of charge to you PLUS you receive a sms credit for each sms sent to your unique keyword!

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Advantages of using sms & mms campaigns
(Using SMSS means $ome More $$ for your business!)

SMS & MMS campaigns allow you to:
- Promote your brand
- Create an opportunity to interact with your audience
- Offer an advanced customer experience
- Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns through response rates
- Get instant response at points of interest
- Collect valuable customer data
- Build an effective and legal database
- Connect to your customers on a personal level
- Do target marketing, resulting in higher success ratio's
- Have a customer care system available for your business, 24/7
- Never forget importand dates and meetings again, with our Scheduler system
- Have an automated email system directly connected to your unique keyword and short code number

SMS is the common term for the sending of "short" (160 characters or fewer, including spaces) sms messages to cellular phones, using the Short Message Service. MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service can include not just text, but also sound, images and video. SMSS makes use of 5 short code numbers with different price bands; 31647 (Normal Cell Rates), 34050(R2), 35002(R3), 36100(R5) and 37002(R7.50). SMSS offer annual keywords on all short code numbers, combined with free automated reply sms messages, free email delivery of sms, sms-credits, free database creation, competition platforms, service platforms as well as sms revenue for selected short code numbers. To see if a keyword you would like to use is still available on our short codes, simply click here

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BMW earns extra millions

image BMW campaign

BMW Winter Tires MMS campaign earned an extra 45 million

An amazing BMW mobile marketing campaign in Germany. This tiny messaging campaign was not organized by a crazy tones subscription provider, nor a phony voting scam on TV, nor some outrageously addictive social networking phenomenon. It was that ultimate driving machine company from Bayern, called BMW. The BWM Winter Tyres campaign is an excellent example of excellence in mobile marketing and advertising

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MMS marketing worked for Samsung

image Samsung profits

MMS marketing worked for digital giant Samsung

The first MMS marketing campaign by Samsung Mobile proved to be a success with a response rate of over 15 percent and a conversion rate of 2. The campaign, developed by Enpocket, gave Samsung Fun Club members the possibility to view a preview of the mobile game "Skipping Stone" and then then the chance to instantly download a free demo using a WAP link embedded in the message. Once respondents had trialled the free demo they could then go on to buy the full game from a dedicated WAP site.

"Conversion rates are more immediate and more dramatic when brands market to customers on the same device where mobile content is downloaded and consumed".
Mike Baker, President and CEO, Enpocket

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KLM offers cell phone check-in

image MMS check-in

Checking in with your mobile phone

Air France KLM has been trialling electronic boarding passes on Amsterdam-Paris routes for the last six months. Passengers receive a 2D barcode on their mobile phone or PDA via email or SMS. The barcode is read by cabin crew and security staf via handheld scanner. The system has proved popular and reliable so from today it will be optional on KLM and Air France fights from Paris and Amsterdam to most major European cities.

"It is our aim to offer as many passengers as possible a comfortable and hassle free travel experience without any unnecessary paperwork, said Martijn van der Zee, Air France KLM's e-commerce veep.

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YourAreaCode launches Wexting for bars, clubs

image YAC's wexting

Underground mobile marketing via YAC's short code

YourAreaCode has launched Wexting, a marketing and advertising technology that helps businesses communicate directly with consumers via their mobile phones. By using one data platform that has a simple user interface, businesses can provide instant, real-time information and updates for the whole of their Web presence and extend it to mobile. Wexting is a combination of technologies deployed simultaneously to three key marketing arms: social networking sites, widget technology and text messaging.

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Dream Interpretations!

Monday, 08 February 2010 22:22
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  • Send bulk sms messages to your database on your PC from anywhere, using a short code, one sms and your cell phone only
  • Whenever you need to send bulk sms messages and you don't have Internet access, this is the solution
  • Typically used whenever a school group might be travelling. Send an arrival confirmation sms, to every parent instantly
  • Please change your group names to be one word first (example: group name: Grade 7 should be changed to Grade7)
  • Wherever you are; simply sms the following to 34050;
  • G followed by your username followed by the group name (one word) and then the message.
  • The SMSS system will send the message to all in that specific group for you, without you being close to a pc or an Internet connection


  • To make it easier for you in the future to purchase credits, simply click on "buy sms credits" when logged in
  • The system will conveniently send a free sms to us directly for your purchase request



Beef Empire Steakhouse

Hi there SMSS

I write this testimonial with the greatest of pleasures, as your system has transformed my business beyond expectation! My customers, suppliers and staff have never been so "connected" with my business as a direct result of us using your SMSS system. The functionalities not only help us to know exactly what people want, how they feel and how they experience our service and food, it created a usable and credible database, it does the reminding FOR us with the scheduler function, provides one of the best, if not the best marketing tools with sms messages and notifications. I can truly say we only realized the potential of your system, once we started using it the way it was designed to be used. GREAT service, and we thank you kindly.

Brad Kingsley

ABS Carpets

Hi Derek
I am writing this mail to describe the favourable experience we have had in using your service. When I took over the marketing for our business we were spending a large part of our advertising budget on exposure in caxton papers and the like there of. The shortfalls with these mediums is that firstly they are  very costly and secondly a lot of our competitors are using them as well. I have found smsing to be a great medium to advertise as it is cost effective and we getting calls from genuine customers as appossed to people merely shopping around. We are also able to keep our customer base by reminding them by sms every now and then and have find a remarkable increase in customer loyalty, come back work and referals.I would also like to point out the simplicity of using the sms platform and the great features to upload our data bases , I have used other platforms and can without a doubt reckomend smss as one of the , if not the best platform out there. We are a domestic and commercial ceaning service ,offering great service at reasonable prices andachieving perfect results. If anybody needs a quote on carpet or upholstery cleaning ,please feel free to call us on 0733686102 or mail us at

Thanks  Dean Beifus (ABS Carpets)


Delivery Xtreme Mossel Bay:

Derek, thank you for this wonderful system! We were "attacked" last night with calls after we made use of the bulk sms service of SMSS. It's the best system we have ever used, and I will certainly recommend it to everyone I know that will benefit from it. Well done!!

Avroy Shlain

As a Direct Selling company it is crucial to have constant contact with the field, this is such a pleasure to sms in a few minutes my whole downline to let them know of the newest specials, changes etc.Minette Avroy Shlain Cosmetics Area distributor Lowveld



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