Trident Submarines Are Killing Machines Unparalleled In Human History.

The Hiroshima bomb, at 12.5 kilotons, killed 140,000 people.

Today’s Trident II (D-5) missile warhead has 475 kilotons. This is equal to 38 Hiroshima bombs (12.5 times 38 = 475).

There are eight 475 kiloton warheads on each D-5 missile, about 3,800 kilotons.

With 3,800 kilotons, each missile carries the equivalent of 304 Hiroshima bombs.

The D-5’s 304 Hiroshimas (times 140,000) means a single D-5 Trident missile with eight warheads can potentially kill 42,560,000 people.

Each sub can carry 24 missiles so a single Trident submarine, with 24 D-5 missiles (192 warheads) is equal to 7,296 Hiroshimas or the death of 1,021,440,000 (one billion) people.

The United States has 14 Trident submarines which today threaten more than 14,300,160,000 (14 billion) people -- 2 1/3 times the earth’s population. email: