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ICF announces changes to the Olympic and World Championship Programmes

Friday, 18 December 2009

Olympic Programme

In August 2009, the ICF and IOC announced changes to Canoeing’s Olympic Programme for London 2012. These changes were made in direct response to discussions with the IOC, Olympic Broadcasters and many meetings within the Canoeing family. These changes mark the first for Canoe Sprint in 30 years and consolidate it as one of the top 15 Sports at the Olympic Games.


After the initial change, the ICF Board of Directors voted to remove the Men’s C2 500m from the Olympic Programme to make way for the Women’s K1 200m. The changes see more Women athletes in Canoe Sprint (from 29% to 35%) at the Olympic Games in London 2012.


Further, in the interests of keeping the sport exciting and appealing to international viewers, the August announcement included the decision to replace the three Men’s 500m sprint events with 200m sprint events.  


These decisions have been extensively researched over the last three years and discussed at levels within the ICF including its Athletes Committee and ICF Technical committees.


The ICF President and the ICF HQ contacted 49 National Federations to discuss the implications of the changes to the Olympic Programme. The ICF considered the NFs’ feedback and modelled the programme accordingly.


The changes to the Canoe Sprint Olympic Programme will result in the Olympic finals being spread over three days instead of two days and allow for athletes to compete in more than one event should they so desire.


World Championship Programme, Canoe Sprint Changes

As the Olympic Programme has changed so too has the need to change the World Championship Programme. The main components are to keep the 2008 Olympic Games events with the additional 2012 Olympic Games events. The long distance events were added in accordance with the 2008 ICF Congress decision. Due to the success of Relay, Paracanoeing and Women’s Canoe, these events have been added. This makes a total of 28 events for 2010 Canoe Sprint World Championships.

About the changes, ICF President Jose Perurena commented “The ICF is excited about the direction the sport is taking.  The addition of women’s canoe in both Canoe Sprint and Slalom World Championships is a big step forward,” Perurena continued, “The move from 500m to 200m will see some very exciting races at the Olympic Games.”


To keep in line with these changes, the Junior World Championship and World Cup Programmes are also changing. Below are the tables of events for each programme, click on them to enlarge.

Olympic Programme, Canoe Sprint

World Championships Programme, Canoe Sprint

Junior Canoe Sprint World Championship Programme

Canoe Sprint World Cup Programme

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