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In today's high tech world where almost everything is remote controlled, it's difficult to image life without batteries, but let's be honest, batteries are not a product that immediately create an emotional response.

In Duracell's case however, that is exactly what happened when the company introduced Duracell Bunny to the world.

It began in 1973, when breakthrough advertising was developed to communicate that Duracell alkaline batteries lasted much longer in than ordinary and inexpensive zinc carbon batteries. A small pink, fluffy bunny was created, who, powered by Duracell batteries, was able to outlast all others in an array of colourful challenges.

The Duracell Bunny made his debut appearance in the US 35 years ago, in a commercial that included a group of drum-banging pink bunnies. The winner was the Duracell Drumming Bunny, the message was loud and clear - powered by the long-lasting Duracell battery, he's unstoppable.

From 1973 through to 1980, the Duracell Bunny starred in a toy campaign, which was later rolled out around the world.

Throughout his successful career, the Duracell Bunny has embarked on numerous sports and cultural activities :

  • He excels on drums which he has been practicing since 1973
  • With unparalleled endurance, the Bunny's a natural at skiing, kayaking, boxing, football and marathons; he always performs at the top.

For over 33 years, Duracell has followed a coherent advertising strategy continuing to evolve the bunny to keep up with the consistent improvements in quality and power of Duracell batteries. 35 years old, 35 years of high performance and the Duracell Bunny is still going strong.

Today the Duracell Bunny is one of the Top Advertising Icons of the 20th Century.

The Duracell advertising strategy has now changed. The Duracell Bunny does not want to compete any longer with Zinc-Carbon Bunnies, as the Zinc Carbon category is less and less important. The Duracell Bunny has now come to the real world to highlight the power of the formula of the best Duracell ever, Duracell Ultra AA / AAA.

In celebration of our Most Powerful Alkaline Batteries Ever, we have recently unveiled our NEW "Power Bunny." He has the same engaging personality, but is represented in a "herd of bunnies" coming together to form metaphors of power and strength.