Master's Thesis Published

It took a while, but my master's thesis has now been published. It can be accessed through the download page or through the Royal Institute of Technology: Real-Time Head Pose Estimation in Low-Resolution Football Footage.

Master's Thesis Completed

I have spent the past half a year working on my master's thesis. It deals with the problem of real-time head pose estimation in low-resolution football footage. In other words: how to tell where players are looking during football matches. In practice, that amounts to a computer vision problem that I try to solve using machine learning (my main area of interest).

The thesis has finally been completed, but has yet to be published. I will make sure to post a link once it has been published, although that might take a while.

End of the Line

Darkfall Crafters was started about four years ago. In other words, four years before the game Darkfall actually launched. During that time my life has changed and I have moved on. Thereby I'm not going to play Darkfall nor maintain a website dedicated to the crafting aspect.

It has been a useful experience though. It helped develop much of my web interest when it comes to the finer details such as clean code, search engine optimization, maintainability and separating contents and presentation. That was four years ago, but the lessons learned still seem as valid as ever.

A month or so ago the forums were merged with Darkfall Merchants Association into the forums located at That part will continue to live on. In fact, is now redirecting there.

New Examples Added

I have begun including example models published in Håkan Kjellstrand's Constraint Programming Blog in the Gecode/R distribution and website. Only a few of the models have been included so far. The blog itself contains, at the time of writing, about 25 example models. Hence it is well worth checking out for anyone interested in Gecode/R.

Exploring phpBB3

I picked phpBB as forum software for the forum on Darkfall Crafters. There are plenty of forum software these days, so the choice is by no means automatic. To me phpBB however represents a solid piece of free (as in speech) software that is built for customization and has many user-created extensions. The only thing I miss is support for threaded discussions.

Overall the forum was fairly easy to integrate with the rest of the site (although that site, and this one, are long overdue for a graphical overhaul). There are several modifications left to do (better integration, SEO, adding handy utilities/tools), but I'm saving those for later since there is no point in spending time on them now if it turns out that the demand for the forum is low.

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